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Celebration Assembly

Every Friday in school we hold our special 'Celebration Assembly' where 1 child from each class is chosen to share some work that they are proud of. They sit at the front of the hall and talk about what they have been learning about and the different skills they have used. 


We also celebrate other good news such as children who have been awarded raffle tickets and who have been added to our 'Always' board (click here to see), along with certificates for best attendance and lining up awards! Sometimes we even sing a song for the parents and grandparents who have come to watch!


Special Mentions:

In Celebration Assembly each week we are now sharing a 'special mention' for children who have achieved something special outside of school. This could be something musical, sporty, an achievement at a club or something else! Recently, we have had children who have been invested into Beavers, children who have won a Blue Peter badge and children who have been like Pippa Positive and kept trying hard at something until they could do it. All things to be very proud of!


Next time in Celebration Assembly:

On Friday 14th July 2017 at 10am, Oliver in class 2, Ayesha in class 4, Danyaal in class 6, Molly and Roshen in class 7 and Luca, Eden, Zikra and Isaac in class 8  showed their work.  This was our last celebration assembly for this academic year. 


Here is a picture of the children who have taken part in assembly recently. We are very proud of them all!

Previous Assemblies & Special Mentions