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Class 1 – Y2



After a lovely long Easter break we returned to school in our pyjamas (that's right....our pyjamas!!!). We were celebrating the end of our 'I Love Reading' challenge, it was so much fun coming to school in our nightwear, though all the adults complaining it was making them feel sleepy! Mrs Peart led an assembly at the end of the day to draw winners, she had some super special prizes. Evan in our class won the Year 2 prize, we were so proud of him!!!


This half term we will be celebrating who we are and the country we live in. We have begun some work on British Values and what it means for us and our community. It is very interesting, especially all the stuff we have been learning about different types of laws.


As the term goes on we will be learning all about Christopher you know who he is? We will also be 'travelling' to different continents and learning all about famous places, food and about people from around the world.  Watch this space to find out what we get up this half term.

Jungle Adventures


After a short half term we are now back at school learning all about jungle animals. Mrs Razaq has let us choose what we would like to write about for our literacy animals reports, we chose all kinds of animals that live in jungles from tigers to green anacondas. We have had to research our animals and find out different information about where they live, eat and fun facts. We are using our reports to develop our ICT skills and creating a Power Point all about our chosen animal.  It's fun learning to change the font, insert pictures using clipart and choosing different slides. Mrs Razaq has said that when we finish our Power Points we can learn how to create fun effects and add sounds too, WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!


As part of our work on animals we have been to Doncaster Wildlife Park, we kept our fingers crossed for good weather....luckily there was no rain but it was  a little cold brrrrrr. We had an amazing day, it was so much fun to see the animals we had been learning about and finding out more about them. Whilst we were there we also had some time on the classroom where we stroked a REAL snake and a giant land snail! Mrs Razaq was particularly excited when we went to the giraffe house, she loves giraffes. The funniest bit was when we saw the tiger chasing a duck (though I don't think the duck found it very funny!!!!!).


In March we celebrated World Book (despite all the snow!), in Year 2 we all dressed up as characters form Roald Dahl books, we spotted a few Oomapa Loompas ! . We also launched our 'I love Reading' initiative, we had to read books in some unusual places including in the bath!  You may have seen some photos of us reading on our school Twitter page.  Everyone had a brilliant time completing the reading challenges, some people even took photos of themselves in exotic places like Spain and Mauritius!





The dinosaurs are in town! We kick started the new term and New Year with a topic about dinosaurs. We have had lots of fun learning about all types of dinosaurs and also learning about how we know all about dinosaurs and their existence. Did you know there are many different types of fossils, not just ones found in rocks? We created reports all about dinosaurs and we made our own fossils using salt dough.


On February the 6th we were lucky enough to have a visitor from the DinoStar museum, we got the opportunity to look at REAL dinosaur eggs and fossils. How cool is that! Mrs Green took lots of fantastic photographs of us exploring all the different artefacts, we all had a fantastic time.


February also marked Safer Internet Day, Ms Weston lead a special assembly about staying safe and then we followed it up with fun activities about staying safe on the internet and when using technology. We now know what we need to do to stay safe including not giving out our private information to anyone online and to tell a grown up if we see anything  that may be inappropriate for our age.



Watch out the baddies are about!!!!!! We started this half term with an exciting new topic 'Heroes and Villains'.  It was all fun, games and super powers the first week back when we all dressed up as our favourite goodies and baddies. Mrs Razaq and Mrs Peart were partners in crime (luckily for us not literally!!) as they came as Woody and Buzz, they were very cautious around Class 2 as rumour was Sid was about!!!  It was a very fun packed day we went around school and took part in different exciting activities in different classes. Miss Weston had a fabulous Superhero training camp assault course set up in the hall, Ms Griffiths had all the school looking for the Sitwell Superhero Owls, they had been kidnapped by the Joker and Mrs Smith had us decoding secret mathematical messages.  Everyone was exhausted at the end of the day, no one told us being Superheroes and Villains was such hard work!!!!


This half term we have been practising for our special musical performance of The Twits (Mrs Green has been a superstar, doing all the hard work at the beginning of the working week!!!). The composer has been in several times over the last term helping us to perfect our performance. We are all looking forward to going to Magna to perform, watch this space for the photos.  As well as practising for The Twits we are also in full blown Christmas rehearsals for our very own personalised Christmas play 'Sitwell Superheroes Save Christmas', it stars our very own Sitwell Superhero Owls.


This half term we also learnt about and celebrated Anti-Bullying week, we have been learning all about treating others with respect and not being a bystander but being an UPSTANDER. Mrs Razaq worked with Class 1 to create an Anti Bullying video for a special showcase event, we were lucky enough to get invited to New York Football Stadium to share our work with other schools GO CLASS 1!!






Grimm Co 'The Twits'



Wow what an amazing summer we have all had and now we are back at school ready for our first half term in our new class. We are starting the year off with an exciting new topic 'Fish and Ships', we will be learning all about the seaside, materials, comparing Rotherham to Cleethorpes and finding out all about pirates AARRRRRRRRRR!


We started off the new topic with a very wet but fantastic visit to Cleethorpes. The sun came out long enough for us to eat our sandwiches and play on the beach. In the afternoon on the way for ice cream Mrs Razaq had to find us shelter under the leisure centre roof, luckily we had Class 4 for company.  The rain held out whilst we ate our scrumptious ice creams and then we hopped onto the train and took a ride down the promenade, it was so much fun (we think secretly Mrs Razaq was glad she didn't have to walk all the way back down).


We have learnt lots of interesting vocabulary in science this half term including transparent, durable and elasticity (we all got a little tongue toed saying that!). We have also looked at lots of different materials and looked at their properties. We planned and carried out an investigation to find out which material would be the most suitable for the RNLI new life jackets.








Oh We Do Like to Be Besides the Seaside.......

Farm to fork


We are already enjoying exploring our new topic.


We have been finding out information about farms and the animals that live on them. We have used the internet to research the various animals and have found out some interesting facts. Did you know that hens don't have any teeth?


In science we have been classifying animals. During this work we learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We discovered that most people are omnivores.  Class 1 researched about farm animals teeth and found out that they have different types of teeth depending upon their diets. Did you know that sheep have flat teeth called molars to chew the grass?


In D&T the children have designed their own farm machinery. Construction is now underway. Watch this space!

Welcome back to our new topic - Enchanted Kingdom.  


We are looking forward to our visit to the Doncaster Forest School and learning new skills.


In Maths we have already been learning about multiplication and we have now moved on the division. We will also be learning about fractions and time.


Our literacy for the next couple of weeks is going to based around the Gruffalo and a recount of our visit. We are continuing to learn about the different types of words - nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.


During this term we will be exploring natural sculpture in art and thinking about the types of resources we could use to create our art work.

World Book Day

We all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters from stories. We had lots of different Super Heroes, The Mad Hatter and Where's Wally to name just a few!


The Chimpanzees of Happy Town.

We have been busy learning the songs for our visit to The Civic Theatre in Rotherham and today was the day we found out if we had remembered them all.

We had great fun acting out the songs and adding silly faces when we were singing!

Destination Outer Space


Our new topic is about Space!  


In Literacy lessons, we are starting off with some brilliant Space poetry. We will also be writing non-fiction texts about our Solar System. We are also linking Science to stories about aliens and outer space. Watch out for our underpants investigation linked to 'Aliens love underpants!'



Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants 1

In Maths we will be learning more about place value, multiplication and division.  We will also be focusing on shape, direction and movement.


In Art we will be learning how to use paint to explore texture and colour and we will study Van Gogh's famous painting called 'Starry Night'.

Van Gogh's Starry Night

Van Gogh's Starry Night 1

Cold lands


This half term we are learning about the Arctic and Antarctica.  The children in Class 1 have already brought in some fantastic homework about the different types of penguins!

Picture 1

Eid Celebrations


We had a brilliant time at our Eid celebration. We have found out all sorts of information from our classmates.  We especially enjoyed sampling different foods in the afternoon - which all quickly disappeared!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The Wonderdome

On  Monday 16th January something amazing is coming to Sitwell.  The Wonderdome!  We can't wait to find out more about it!

The Wonderdome!

The Wonderdome! 1

A street scene based on Lowry's paintings.

A street scene based on Lowry's paintings. 1

Cold Lands Homework!

As part of our topic on Cold Lands we will be learning about where the polar regions are and we will learn the names of the world's seven continents and five oceans.  We will find out about the impact of 'Global Warming' and we will think about ways to care for our planet.


In Maths we are learning about geometry, fractions, time and also solving addition and subtraction problems.   In Literacy we have been enjoying our work on poetry linked to Bonfire Night.  Next we will be basing some work on Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and we will also be practising our End of term performance- Penguin Pete.


In Art we will be finding out about the work of  Kenojuak Ashevak a Canadian artist.  We will also experiment with levers to make a moving picture.

Through the Keyhole

Welcome to Class one.


Our topic this half term is all about homes and houses both in this country and around the world.

We have already completed some fantastic learning about Victorian homes, especially during our visit to Clifton House, which we all really enjoyed.


In Literacy we have been learning about character descriptions and the use of adjectives. We have learnt about different types of sentences and we are getting really good at recognising them!


In Maths we have been investigating numbers and place value and are now moving on to addition and subtraction.


We have found out about the artist LS Lowry and have used his work as a basis for a giant collaborative picture of our own which is AMAZING!!!!