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Class 2 - Y2

Hello! Welcome to the new school year everyone!


What a fantastic start Class 2 have made so far! We certainly have been VERY busy. 


This term our brilliant topic is called 'Fish and Ships'. We started our topic off with a lovely visit to sunny Cleethorpes. On our visit we compared it to our local area and thought about why people like to visit the seaside. We loved playing in the sand (searching for shells and buried treasure), eating our ice creams (even in the rain) and riding along the sea front on the train. Have a look at our pictures! In Literacy we have produced some super letters to tell someone all about our exciting day out! We hope you enjoy reading your letter! 


We have started the year off with a very special kindness week. We had a special visitor that spoke to us about the importance of being kind to others. Mrs FJ had found a small owl in her garden and wanted a new home for her owl so the children of class 2 wrote her a letter to tell her all the ways they could help care for her owl. Working in small groups we also wrote kindness poems, learnt a special song and carried out acts of kindness throughout the week. On Friday we performed a special class assembly to share all our hard work with our parents. 


We are looking forward to the res of our half term. In Maths we are learning about place value and the number system. In Science we are learning about materials and in History we are learning about seaside in the past and pirates. 


We are starting to produce our own seaside paintings by trying different techniques and learning how to mix colours. Watch this space for our finsihed pieces!!!!






Our visit to Cleethorpes

Our visit to Cleethorpes 1
Our visit to Cleethorpes 2
Our visit to Cleethorpes 3
Our visit to Cleethorpes 4
Our visit to Cleethorpes 5
Our visit to Cleethorpes 6
Our visit to Cleethorpes 7
Our visit to Cleethorpes 8
Our visit to Cleethorpes 9


Farm to Fork


In Science we will find out about different farm animals and their young. Label and compare animal’s and human’s body part and also find out about what animals and humans need to survive and be healthy. We will be doing some cross curricular non-chronological reports all about farm animals. To gather our information we will learn how to use search engines to research farms and also work together to write and send an email to a working farm. 


As design technologists we a farm vehicle and build it using wheels and axles. Evaluate our work and explore how to make it a stronger structure. 


In Maths we will be using our reasoning skills to make estimations to calculations. We will also learn how to check our answers using the inverse operation. This will be really helpful for our Sats later in the month!


In art we will be preparing a new piece for the Picture this exhibition. This year we will be looking at a very famous playground picture. When our master piece is complete you will be able to visit it on display in a gallery at Magna! How exciting is that!


Picture 1 mole
Picture 2 squirrel
Picture 3 fox
Picture 4 hedgehog
Picture 5 toadstool
Picture 6 flower
Picture 7 hedgehog



Wow! What a wonderful half term we have had learning all about a new topic called, 'Enchanted Kingdom'. 


In Literacy we loved reading one of our favourite stories by Julia Donaldson, The Gruffalo. We wrote our own descriptions of the Gruffalo and recreated the story but this time changing the characters in the story. We also enjoyed instruction writing this half term and created our own imaginative recipes. These included how to be the world's best footballer, how to turn into a dragon and even how to breathe under water! 


We learnt all about natural sculptures and in design technology designed our own sculptures. We had to practise different modelling techniques when using clay, such as pinching, cutting and rolling. We put lots of time and effort into our models and our finished products looked amazing! 


During the half term we had an enjoyable but wet day at a forest school. We took part in a treasure hunt (looking for clues from the Gruffalo story), built dens for the animals using natural things that we found in the forest, created 3D pictures with a frame and even sat around a fire pit and made our own delicious popcorn! 


In Geography we learnt how and why we use maps. We created our own maps and keys of the classroom and even had a mini treasure hunt. 


In Science we learnt about plants and what they need to grow. We must have been listening very carefully as we planted and cared for our very own sunflowers. We have now took our sunflowers home as they were getting too tall to keep in class 2! 



Our visit to Doncaster Forest School

Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 1
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 2
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 3
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 4
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 5
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 6
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 7
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 8
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 9
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 10
Our visit to Doncaster Forest School 11


Destination Outer Space


Happy New Year!!! We all came back from out holidays feeling super excited about our wonderful new topic..we loved looking at all the fantastic optional homework everyone had been busy working on during the holidays. Our wonder wall is filling up quickly!

In Literacy we have been learning lots of space poems and have learnt how to write our own countdown poem. The children had to make sure they used interesting adjectives, powerful verbs, adverbs and we even started to use similes. Later in the term we will be finding out about famous astronauts and writing our own information texts. We have started to plan and design a front cover for our very own power point presentations that we will be creating in computing using the information that we have gathered.

In Art we will be looking at a very famous artist called Vincent van Gogh and one of his most famous paintings 'Starry Night'. We will practise painting in a similar style looking carefully at the shapes and colours he used to create his masterpieces.  In Science we will be learning about materials and their properties by carrying out scientific experiments. 

We are really looking forward to our 'special visitor' next week! Watch this space for photo updates shortly!




Wow! Can't believe we are in term 2 already! What a fantastic start to year 2 we have made! To launch our 'Book at Bedtime' we had a special visit from the theatre who performed The Wizard of Oz.  We loved joining in with the singing and dancing. Please read every day with your child for their chance to win a prize at the end of the month. We will celebrate with a very special PJ party filled with lots of fun reading activities!


This term we are really looking forward to learning all about 'Cold Lands'. The children have discussed what they already know and have lots of exciting ideas about what they would like to find out.


In Literacy we will be learning about shape and performance poetry based on a firework theme. The children will be using exciting adjectives and even onomatopoeia to write their own poems. It is really difficult to write a poem in the shape of a Catherine Wheel! We will also be writing information texts about animals that live in polar regions - class 2 are really interested in finding out about penguins, polar bears and even beluga whales! On top of that we will learn to retell a wonderful story by Julia Donaldson called Stick Man. 


In Maths we are continuing to develop our addition and subtractions skills and use these to problem solve. We will also be learning about shape, space and time.


As part of our Design and Technology we will be producing our own snow scene and learning how to use levers to create a moving 3D picture. When it is nearer to Christmas we will be sowing our very own Winter stockings. In Science we will find out about animals that live in Polar regions and learn about how different habitats are suited to meet animal's needs.


Lots to learn about and look forward to this term - including our special Christmas Performance!!!

Miss Weston



Class 2 had some special visitors this afternoon! One of our mums kindly brought in 10 cuddly ducklings for us to meet and to find out about. As you can see we LOVED petting the ducklings!


Wow! What a fantastic day we had at our Eid party! The boys all girls all looked fabulous in their special clothes. We enjoyed creating special mehndi patterns, designing our own prayer mat and outfit, making a very glittery Eid card, writing in Arabic and we LOVED trying new foods! The sweet rice was definitely a favourite! 


Welcome to Class 2! We have had a wonderful start to the year so far and all the children have settled into their new routines really well. This term our topic is called, 'Through the Keyhole.' We have been learning all about homes. We started the term by dressing up as Victorian children in the work house and spending the day in Clifton Museum. We enjoyed learning how to make biscuits, to wash and dry clothes using carbolic soap and a mangle and had a tour round an old house.