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Class 4 – Y1

Autumn 2!

The weather is becoming colder and the days are becoming darker which means that we are going into our next school half term! Welcome back Class 4 and I am glad to hear that you have had a brilliant half term holiday.


To kick-start our term, we have voted for our class counsellors who are Bethany and Hassan! Congratulations to them and also a big well done to everyone who ran for the school council. You were all marvellous and fantastic at stating why you would be an effective counsellor.


This term we will be looking at..


In maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. We use the strategy of putting the greater number in our heads and putting the remaining number on our fingers. Then counting on or backwards depending on the calculation in the number sentence. For example. 15 + 5 = the child would put 15 in their head, put up 5 fingers, then say aloud 15 then tap their fingers down as they count on until they have counted on all of their fingers.



In literacy we are exploring instructions and the important features of instructions. In the second week the children will be making yummy hot chocolate and from this experience be creating their own instructions for other children to follow!



In science we are looking at animals and their habitats. In particular we will focus on cold land animals and how they adapt to the places they live.



This term is very busy as the Christmas show will be performed at the end of the term. All dates for the shows are available on the website for you to see.

A big warm welcome to Class 4!


I hope you have all enjoyed the school holidays and that you have had lots and lots of fun! It has been a pleasure to see all your bright and smiley faces again ready to learn.


This topic we will be looking at 'Cold hands and warm hearts'.  To start, we will be discussing about how 'warm hearts' links to being kind, helpful and thinking about other peoples feelings. This will be linked across the curriculum through teaching PSHE In maths we will be building on our previous knowledge from foundation stage around our numbers to 100 by counting forwards and backwards and using our place value knowledge to find missing numbers. In literacy we will be focussing on writing simple sentences by using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

As scientists we will learn to name and recognise different materials and describe their properties; plan and carry out experiments to test how temperature can affect materials; find out about animals that live in the Polar Regions; compare the body parts of different animals and humans. In ICT we will be looking at how to use the internet safely and use the computers throughout the curriculum areas for cross curricular learning!

As musicians we will Learn about pulse and rhythm; make our own percussion instruments using recycled materials; use our voices expressively and creatively when singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. As design technologists we will design a 3D moving picture based on the Polar Regions; explore how to use different mechanisms to make our picture move; select tools and materials to make our pictures. 

As historians we will learn about the Magna Carta and why it was introduced; find out about the history of Bonfire Night by learning the story of Guy Fawkes.  As artists we will draw and paint self-portraits; make 3D sculptures of igloos. As geographers we will locate continents and oceans including the Polar Regions on world maps and globes; use a variety of resources to find out about their physical features; locate hot and cold areas in relation to the equator; develop our geographical vocabulary.


As part of our enrichment we are planning a day to launch our new topic called 'Cold as Ice'. More details around this will be sent out shortly through our School newsletter... so keep your eyes peeled!!