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Class 5 – Y1

Heroes and Villains

We are now well into our new topic.

So far we have in Literacy we have made up our own 'firework' and 'bonfire' poems. We have learnt about words with onomatopoeia and alliteration. We have also looked at the features of comic strips and had a go at writing our own captions and speech bubbles. 


We really enjoyed our superhero day where we all dressed up as different superhero characters and completed different missions. Class 5's mission was to go on a hunt to rescue our Sitwell Superhero Owls. 


In maths we are continuing to build on problem solving skills. We are learning to add, subtract and know our number bonds to 10 and 20. Some of the class can remember then off by heart!


It is also getting to that time of the year when we begin our Christmas performance rehearsals. We have songs to learn and lines to remember for the children who have speaking parts. 


This term we are building on our science knowledge about materials and testing which materials are suitable for specific purposes according to their properties. 



Fish and Ships anyone!!!


Welcome back and I hope you all enjoyed a fun family Summer.

I am sure you are all ready and excited to see what this first half term in year 1 has in store for you. 

It will be full of old and new experiences where we can learn together about the world we live in through this half terms topic 'fish and ships'.


We will have opportunities to develop our literacy skills by writing about pirates and making up sea shanties. There will also be opportunities to develop our imagination and speaking and listening skills through activities such as small world talking tables, the listening centre and writing resources including; messages in a bottle and treasure hunt clues.


In maths we will be consolidating our knowledge of number and quantity learnt in foundation stage and develop this to numbers beyond 20 and eventually up to 100. We have started the half term by understanding the value of the digits in numbers 11 to 19. We use practical resources like numicon and 'chips and peas' to understand that we need a 10 and a unit. For example 16 is 1 lot of 10 and 6 units. 


In other subjects we will be exploring the properties of materials in science, making up sea shanties in music. We will be comparing similarities and differences with geographical differences of a town by the seaside. 

Live and learn will be leading a PE session each week to support the development of physical skills in a range of sports. Other sessions will be led by the class teacher including lessons about yoga, drama and movement and team games.


It has been exciting to introduce the new 'Sitwell Superheroes'. These are our new charaters that help us develop our personal, social and emotional skills. They have rules to follow to help us be better citizens in school and the wider community. If we follow the rules consistently we have a chance of being chosen to go on the 'heart of gold ❤️' board and receiving a special treat. 🎉


Lastly, we have our visit to Cleethorpes to look forward to. This will give us the first hand experience of visiting a different place and an opportunity to use this as inspiration to write a 'diary' account of what we did. Photos will follow shortly. 🍦


Good luck with your learning and don't forget to work hard! 😀