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Class 6 – F2

Animal Magic


Where has this year gone? We are now entering our last term together in Class 6.  We have already been extremely busy.

We are learning all about animals this half term. We have been using the internet and books to find out facts about a range of different animals and then the children used this knowledge to write their own riddles. Some of them are very tricky to solve!

In maths we are building on our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have been learning about number stories and making up these relating to pictures.

The children have been out of school 2 times on educational visits.

The first visit was to the theatre to join in with the musical performance of Stan and Mabel and the Race to Space. We loved learning the songs and meeting Polly.

Our second visit was to Whirlow Hall Farm. We met a whole range of animals and found out about the life cycle a variety of different creatures.

We have also had our Eid party. The children learnt about the festival of Eid and the traditions relating to it. We also had the chance to taste some lovely food.

We are now looking forward to Sport Day and hoping that the weather will be kind to us!



Exciting news!!  Our chicks have now hatched. We have quite few. We will be moving them into their cage today. 

Summer 1

Keep going, Keep growing


How quickly time flies and we are now entering our final term in Class 6.


This term we are learning all about growth, including the growth of animals and plants.  We have lots of exciting things planned for our learning.


In maths we are learning how to counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We are getting really good at 2's and 5's.  We have also started to learn how to share objects in equal groups to find a half.


At the moment we learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. Some of our class have been pretending to be the different characters in the story and have been trying to answer questions as them.


Later in the term we will be having our Gardening Day when we will be taking part in a range of different activities.


In the next couple of weeks we will be having some very exciting visitors, who we will watch grow. So keep your eyes peeled!!


Spring 2

People who help us.


Wow what another very busy half term!


During this term we went out to the Emergency Services Museum. We had a great time exploring different emergency services vehicles and uniforms. We were able to climb in some vehicles and really enjoyed ringing the bells.


Not only did we make a visit but we also had some visitors.


We got to climb in the cab of a truck when we were learning about road safety. Even Miss Todd and Mrs Jarvis got to go in as well. We had great fun learning and trying to climb back out of the truck!


We had a police officer come in to school to talk to our class. He let us try on some of his uniform and to use some of his equipment.




All about me!

Spring 1


After a very busy Autumn term we have now moved into our first Spring term.  Our new topic is "All about me!."

We have really enjoyed looking at photos of some of our children as babies and trying to guess who they are. Thank you to all the families that have let us share these. The children have discussed how they have changed already and the types of things they can do now that they couldn't when they were younger. We are also going to think about the future and what they might do when they are older.


We are learning about our senses and how they help us to explore the world around us.

We linked the sense of listening to the story We're going on a Bear Hunt. The children really enjoyed acting out this story and they are very good at retelling the story. Get them to demonstrate!


As artists we have been looking at how to draw self-portraits. We looked carefully at ourselves using mirrors and then had a go at doing a pencil drawing remembering to include lots of details.

Class 6 has some great portrait artists! See what you think. 

Next is to try to complete our portraits in paint. Watch this space!

It's a celebration

Autumn 2


During this term we have been learning about different celebrations. Lots of children in our class celebrate different festivals and special times in their homes.


We have learnt about Bonfire night, birthdays, Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas. We talked about the different things that are used to celebrate these.

Class 6 found out that most celebrations involved getting together with families, some sort of food and that fireworks are often used as well.


We worked together with Class 7 and 8 to produce our Christmas performance of Whoops-A-Daisy Angel. We had a great time learning the songs and performing for our families.


On the last day of term we had a very special visitor!




Once upon a Rhyme

Autumn 1


Welcome to Class 6's news page. We have really enjoyed meeting all of our new children and parents over the past few weeks.  It's lovely to see how keen the children are to learn and make new friends and they are all really settling in well.


Our topic over this half term is Once Upon a Rhyme, where we will complete our learning through lots of different nursery rhymes. We will be recapping on old favourite rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty and also learning some less familiar ones. We have already completed science experiment inspired by Humpty Dumpty!



In our phonics work we are starting to work our way through the single letter graphemes and learning the associated rhymes to help us to remember them. We will also be learning to form each letter at the same time.


Maths this term is a lot of different counting songs and rhymes to help us with counting both forwards and backwards. We are also looking at the various ways of representing each number using the digit, word, fingers, dice, tallies and numicon and then also including coins.


We have already completed 2 PE sessions with Mr Hiner and we have had a great time. Please can you make sure your child is not wearing earrings on these days (Tuesdays).


Towards the end of the term we will be having our Nursery Rhyme party so watch out for further details.