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Class 7 – F2

Autumn 1 2017

Welcome to Class 7! We have enjoyed getting to know each other and learn everyone's names!

We are learning to follow all our new rules and routines with the six Sitwell Superheroes who are helping us to develop our lifeskills, such as being kind, honest and good teamworkers.


Our new topic is called Once Upon a Rhyme and we are enjoying singing lots of our favourite nursery rhymes together. In literacy we are learning about rhyming words - words that have the same ending sounds - and we are using them to help us write our very own versions of some well-known rhymes, such as Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy Spider. We may even try singing some rhymes in different languages too!


We have been very busy at the creative table where we have been practising our cutting skills to make some Humpty Dumpty jigsaws, which we have proudly displayed in the hall for everyone to enjoy!


During our Maths sessions we are singing lots of number songs to practise our counting skills, both forwards and backwards. We are also learning to recognise our numbers 0-20 and match them to the correct amounts of objects.


We were very excited to have our first PE session with Mr Hiner, where we have been learning ball skills. Our indoor PE day in Class 7 is on Thursday and we must remember to have our PE kits in school on this day, and also to remove our earrings.

Summer 1

This term our topic is all about 'Growth' when we will be learning about the life cycles of different plants and animals.


We were very excited on our first day back at school after the Easter Holidays when we had some eggs delivered to our classroom by a lady from Eggucation call Debs. She also brought her two hens with her and explained how to care for them, and we were able to feed and stroke them. We are keeping the eggs safe in a special incubator to keep them warm until they are ready to hatch in 21 days time. We can't wait to see the baby chicks and have a special calendar in our classroom to count down the days!


In Literacy we have been listening to some traditional tales, such as Chicken Licken and Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been developing our communication skills by using puppets and masks to retell the stories and have also been thinking about how the characters are feeling by taking part in some 'hot-seating' activities where we take it in turns to 'interview' the characters.


In Maths we have been learning to count in different patterns of 2, 5 and 10 and have been learning some great songs and actions to help us remember the patterns. We are also going to be finding out about symmetry, linking our learning to the patterns we observe on butterfly wings.


Later during the term, in week 3, we are going to be taking part in a Gardening Day. We will all get the chance to plant our own beans and learn how to take care of them in order for them to grow. If anyone has any spare compost or seeds, we would really appreciate your kind donations!

Spring 2

This term our topic is 'All About Me'. We started off by sharing our photos of ourselves as babies and thinking about how we have changed - how we look different now and have learnt many different skills! We have also been thinking about our bodies and how we use our 5 senses to help us explore the world around us. We are enjoying different practical activities to find out more about our senses, such as trying out different foods to explore our sense of taste and using our sense of smell to work out what is in our 'smelly pots'!

In maths we have been learning about measuring the size of objects. We have been learning the mathematical language to describe the length or weight of something (long/short, heavy/light) and we were very excited to find who was the tallest person in our class when we learnt about height. We used non-standard units, such as our hands and bricks to measure each other and we recorded our findings on height charts. It was lots of fun comparing our results!

Earlier this term we had an exciting visit to the Civic Theatre to see a performance of The Chimpanzees of Happy Town. We had been practising the songs and actions before in class, so we were able to join in with retelling the story, while the orchestra played the music. Our favourite bit was using our cross voices for the grumpy Mayor of Drabsville!

Spring 1

This term we have been learning about People Who Help Us. We have been busy thinking about how the people in our families, in school and in our community help us.


We enjoyed a visit to the Emergency Services Vehicles Museum in Sheffield, where we found out lots of information about the different equipment and vehicles the police, the fire service and the ambulance service use to help us. We enjoyed trying on different uniforms and learnt how to keep safe in a fire, practising the Stop, Drop, Roll drill. On returning to school we used some information books to find out more facts about the emergency services, and later set up our own police station in the role play area, where we enjoyed pretending to be police officers, acting out our own adventure stories.


In our Maths sessions we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We had fun using them to create some 3D box model emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances. We have also been practising our addition and subtraction skills, developing our problem solving strategies, such as counting on or counting back to find the answer.


We were also very lucky to take part in a Junk Box Music workshop. We recycled different boxes and containers to make our own instruments and had lots of fun learning to play different rhythms. At the end of the day we invited our families to come and watch our exciting performance!


Autumn 2 2016

This half term our topic is Celebrations.

We have begun by thinking about the changing seasons and enjoyed an Autumn walk around our school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. Later we created Autumn Treasure Collages which we have proudly displayed in our classroom. We have also been thinking about the food and vegetables that are harvested at this time of year, including pumpkins, and we found out that they are often used to make Halloween Lanterns. Mrs Hague showed us how to hollow out a pumpkin to make a lantern and we thought about which shapes we needed to use to create a scary face! Some children also enjoyed sharing their news about dressing up for Halloween parties.

We have also begun to think about Bonfire Night Celebrations. In literacy we have been learning about adjectives - exciting describing words - and we have been thinking of some to use to write our very own class poem about fireworks. In maths we have finding out about 3D solid shapes, such as cones and cylinders and have used them to design and make some firework models. We have lots of colourful, 'whooshing' rockets!

During this half term we will also be learning about other celebrations, including Diwali, Christmas and Hanukah. (We had our Eid celebration day last half term). We will be thinking about the things that are similar about these celebrations, such as special food, and also about things that are different, such as the chalk rangoli patterns to celebrate Diwali. We look forward to children sharing their own experiences of these celebrations and traditions, and we will all take part in our visit to Perlethore Activity Centre to find out more about the Nativity story.

We also have lots of other exciting events to look forward to, such as our Pyjama Party Day to celebrate our Book at Bedtime Challenge, our Children in Need Day when we will raise money for other children by wearing spotty clothes to school, and also our Christmas Concert when we will invite our family and friends to watch our exciting performance!

All in all - a very busy half term!

Autumn 1 2016


Welcome to Class 7!

We have enjoyed meeting all the new children in our class and everyone has been getting to know each other, making new friends and joining  in with a variety of activities. Everyone has settled very well into our class routines and we are all working hard to follow the Golden Rules.


This half term our topic is Nursery Rhymes. We have been singing some of our favourite rhymes and learning all about rhyming words - words that have the same 'ending sounds'. We have been listening out for them and adding rhyming pairs to our class Rhyming Wall, as well as thinking of our own rhyming words to make up our very own new verses! We have even tried singing Hickory Dickory Dock in a different language - Urdu - which was lots of fun.


During Maths we have been singing lots of number songs to practise our counting skills, both forwards and backwards. We are also learning to carefully count objects in a set and match to the correct numeral.


Last week we enjoyed finding out about the Muslim celebration of Eid and enjoyed our Eid party day when we came to school in our special party clothes. In the afternoon we were able to try lots of different Eid celebration foods, such as pakoras and rice.


At the end of this half term we are looking forward to celebrating all our work with a Nursery Rhyme party when we can all dress up as our favourite nursery rhyme characters!






Summer Term 2

This term our topic is Animals. We have been exploring our role play jungle area, spotting monkeys and snakes and making up our own stories with the animal puppets. This week we have enjoyed a fabulous trip to The Deep in Hull where we saw lots of sea creatures and fish - we loved the sharks! We are also finding out about different sorts of pets and we have been using information books and the internet to help us write our own fact sheets about how to look after them. We have had a very busy half term so far, enjoying our Summer Fair and Sports Day! Next week we are going to visit our new Year 1 classes ready for the new school year in September - we are very excited about meeting our new teachers and exploring our new classrooms.