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Golden Hearts board

As part of our behaviour policy in school, we want to praise and show appreciation to all children who work hard to follow our Golden Rules. The Golden Rules are:


We are kind and helpful

We are gentle

We listen

We work hard

We look after property

We are honest


The golden rules are based upon key values that are very important to everyone in school and are vital in ensuring our school continues to be a lovely place to learn and work.  Our reward system in school is based upon children following the six golden rules and behaving like our six 'Sitwell Superheroes' (find out about the Sitwell Superheroes here). Children develop their understanding of each golden rule and work towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards throughout the year. Children receive a very special Bronze, Silver and Gold badge when they are following the rules relating to each golden rule. We want them to wear their badges at all times to show others how hard they are working to follow the golden rules. We have a very special 'Hearts of Gold' board in the hall where children's pictures will be displayed when they achieve the Gold award for every character. This is an amazing achievement and Mrs Peart is planning a very special end of year treat for all children whose picture gets onto the Hearts of Gold board. We hope lots and lots of children make it on there!


Keep an eye out in your child's classroom for when they are awarded their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. It is very exciting!