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School Council

A school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. 'School council' means all kinds of school-based groups run by students. In our school, the School Council is a mixture of children from Year 1 and Year 2, who are voted for by children within their class. 


During September and October, children in our KS1 classes have been learning about what a school council is and taking part in a range of fun activities that helped them develop their understanding of how we can vote for children to be representatives on our school council. Children from our Foundation Stage classes will join the School Council later on in the academic year.


Through this work around the school council, we are enabling children to:

• Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them

• Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place

• Develop life skills through participation and co-operation

• Enjoy and feel empowered by their education

• Feel that their school responds to their needs and views


Our new members have now been voted for and decided! Find below pictures of our very excited new school council for 2017/2018.

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Here are our minutes from our school council meetings.



School Council Meeting

Tuesday 7th November

Present- Mrs Lilley, Ghyll, Kim, Oliver, Sophie, Shresta, Eesa, Amelia and Joshua.


We started our meeting by introducing ourselves and made sure that the children all knew each other’s names.

We talked about why we are here and why we need a school council. The children had lots of ideas!

Ghyll said, ’the council is there to do important deals’. Kim agreed and she added that we need to try to make our school even better for everybody.

Sophie suggested that the school council needs to ‘ invent new ideas and come up with fun things and activities for the school.’

We went on to discuss what makes a good school councillor and why they think they were voted into the council. All the children knew what they had to do and how they had to be like the Sitwell Superheroes to make a good team. They said that they had to be most like Communication Crusader. They needed to be able to listen, join in with discussion, feedback to classes about what has been discussed at meetings and bring back ideas for the council to talk about.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 21st November

Before next meeting…

Please can councillors complete the enclosed questionnaire with classes?

The council came up with these questions and they hope the answers will give them an idea of what we need to work on to make sure our school is the best it can be.

If you have your school council folder from last year, please bring it to the next meeting.

I will send out school council tickets on the day of the next meeting to remind the councillors to go in to lunch early on that day.















School Council Questionnaire

November 2018


What do you think is working well in school? Think about playtime, lunchtimes, corridor behaviour, marbles, wet playtimes etc…

What could be made better in school?

Do you like the after school clubs? Why? Could they be better in any way?

Can you think of anything else that the council need to know about?










School Council Meeting

Tuesday 21st November

Present- Mrs Peart,Mrs Lilley, Aafiah, Zain, Ghyll, Kim, Oliver, Sophie, Shresta, Eesa, Amelia and Joshua.


Mrs Peart joined us for today’s meeting as she has some important and exciting news for us. She also needs the school council’s help with something.

The local councillors have offered our school some money to use on resources to make school better. £500!!

This money needs to be spent before the end of march.

We have to decide as a school which area we would like to spend this money on.

We have three options to choose from…

  • Sport and leisure (can include PE equipment or outdoor play equipment.)
  • Art and creativity (indoor or oudoor)
  • Nature and outdoors.

Mrs Peart has asked the school council to tell their classes about this money and to have a vote on which of the three above areas they would like to spend the money on.

These votes need to be collected and noted down in the space provided at the end of these minutes.

Each child can only vote once. The numbers will be collected at the next council meeting. The area with most votes will get the money!

Next we will need to have more discussion and voting to decide exactly what we would like to spend this money on.


Any other business?

Kim said that the hall is still too noisy and lunchtimes and asked why the music was taken away. Ghyll said that it was too loud with music anyway. I agreed and explained that if we have music on, children’s voices get louder and louder and the dinnerhall would probably get even worse.

All the council asked if we can bring back the marbles in the dinner hall.

I suggested that we should ask classes and teachers what they think and we can discuss it further.


Thank you to classes 5,2,and 4 for bringing their school council folders to the meeting. Thank you to class 5 and class 4 for sharing the minutes and completing the questionnaire.

Please could other classes bring their folders from last year to the next meeting, with shared minutes and completed questionnaires if possible. Many thanks!

Next meeting

Tuesday 5th December.



Votes from classes


  • Sport and leisure (can include PE equipment or outdoor play equipment.)



  • Art and creativity (indoor or oudoor)





  • Nature and outdoors.





Any other notes.

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 19 th December

Present- Mrs Lilley, Aafiah, Zain, Ghyll, Kim, Oliver, Sophie, Shresta, Eesa, Amelia and Joshua.


Thank you to all classes! Everyone has now returned their voting sheets. This is great, as we can now send in our application for the money for new resources.

The results are as follows..


  • Sport and leisure.
  • Art and creativity (indoor or outdoor)
  • Nature and outdoors


We now need to have more discussion and voting to decide exactly what we would like to spend this money on in this area.


Next meeting…

Tuesday 16th January. 12.00 . In class 6.


Please bring along ideas from classes about what you would like to spend the money on!




School Council Meeting

Tuesday 30th January

Present- Mrs Lilley, Ghyll, Kim, Oliver, Sophie, Shresta, Eesa, Amelia and Joshua.

Visitors from Foundation Aminah, Haleema and Carter.


We welcomed our visitors from foundation and briefly explained what the school council is here for and what we do.


I started by saying that the money grant for out nature and outdoors has been applied for and hopefully we will be able to make a start on our ideas and start creating and buying things very soon! The children are very excited so watch this space!

I then asked the council about school in general and if anything needs to be sorted to improve school life and make things even better.

Amelia said that she is not happy about the way children look after toys and resources in school. She said that some children don’t act like Respecto. She went on to suggest that each class should have toy monitors to keep an eye on what is going on and help children to be like Respecto. Maybe on a timetable/rota?

Kim said that she thinks that children are being unkind outside, mainly at lunchtimes. She thinks that children need reminding about being like Captain Kindness and Gentle Guardian all the time.

How could we do this? Posters? Please discuss this in class and bring ideas to the next meeting.

Amelia asked if the bug hotel can be moved to a more accessible place? She said that the children can’t get to it in winter when they can’t go on the grass. I reminded the children that we will be working on the outdoor area when we get our grant, so this can be included in our project and become a big part of our outdoor nature area.

Next meeting

Tuesday 27th February