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School Council

A school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. 'School council' means all kinds of school-based groups run by students. In our school, the School Council is a mixture of children from Year 1 and Year 2, who are voted for by children within their class. 


During September and October, children in our KS1 classes have been learning about what a school council is and taking part in a range of fun activities that helped them develop their understanding of how we can vote for children to be representatives on our school council. Children from our Foundation Stage classes will join the School Council later on in the academic year.


Through this work around the school council, we are enabling children to:

• Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them

• Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place

• Develop life skills through participation and co-operation

• Enjoy and feel empowered by their education

• Feel that their school responds to their needs and views


Our new members have now been voted for and decided! Find below pictures of our very excited new school council.

Your Super School Council Representatives

                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  1
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  2
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  3
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  4
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  5
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  6
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  7
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  8
                                                           Your Super School Council Representatives  9

School Council Meeting 3rd November 2016


We held our first school council meeting of the year on Thursday the 3rd of November.

I welcomed everybody to the  meeting and we all introduced ourselves.

All the children were very excited and feeling very proud of themselves being chosen to represent their class.

We started by discussing why they have been chosen. The children said that they were all sensible, good listeners and they were good at sharing ideas. We all agreed that this was important so that we could have a successful school council. We need a school council to help to make the school better.

We then talked about what last year’s council achieved in school. The children said that they liked the gardening club and thought the bird feeders were a great idea.

The council like the ball court timetable and this should continue this year.

All the council said that they liked all the new equipment in the playground and were very keen to think of more ideas to make it even better!

I asked the council if they could think of any problems in school so far this year. Some children thought that there’s too much shouting and being silly in the toilets, mainly at lunchtime. They also said that lots of children run down the corridor. Children are very noisy in the dinner hall and we need to do something about this. All the council agreed.

The council like the new dinner time routine. They said it’s much better at lunchtime without the coloured bands. The children said that they were enjoying the new school meals and there were lots of different things to choose from. More variety than before the holidays. They also liked being able to choose their meals at home.

It was suggested that we should have cushions for the new children to sit on as they aren’t very tall and sometimes struggle to reach the table.  The children would also like to have serviettes or paper towels on tables for the children to use.

At the end of the meeting I showed the children their class council minutes folder. I also showed the children the little blue book. This is for any notes about ideas or issues that each class might want to be brought to discussion in council. This needs to be kept in the red folder and brought to each meeting

The council representatives know that it is their job to make sure that the minutes are shared with the class after each meeting and notes are made in the blue book to bring to the next one. Staff need to sign the minutes to show that they have been shared with the class.

The star chart for sharing minutes will carry on this year.

 Let’s see who can get the most stars!







School Council Meeting

Thursday 24th November.

Today's council was lead by Mrs Razaq and Mrs Lilley.

Mrs Razaq is in charge of the playground and the outdoor activities. She wanted to know how the children felt about the playground and were they happy with all the activities and toys available.

The council said they really liked all the things we have in our playground but one child said that the children weren't playing with the toys properly. They were using them in the wrong way, not sharing and not taking turns. This issue was discussed in depth and the council came up with some lovely ideas of how to solve this problem.

They said that we could ask the older children to show the younger children how to use the toys, how to play the games and how to take part in activities properly. Mrs Razaq reminded the children about the playground buddies that we used to have and suggested starting this up again.

They would be the playground leaders and would show the other children how to play properly. We would only choose children who were sensible and grown up. They would wear buddy caps so that they were easily recognisable. The council liked this idea.

We moved on to talking about the issue of turn taking in the playground. It was suggested that there should be a limited number of coloured bands or badges available for each activity and children would be given a set time to play. When their time is up, they would have to let someone else have a go. All the council agreed with this idea.

The children also suggested that the shelter could be used more, with more activities available. Especially in the winter!


Mrs Razaq then brought up the issue of wet play times. We wanted to know how to make wet playtimes better. At the moment the children don't particularly like them and there aren't enough things to do. They are always very noisy and some children aren't following the golden rules. One child said that they wanted more 'grown up' games to play. Another child suggested having a DVD playing at wet playtimes. The council agreed that this was a good idea, but should be only available as a treat or reward.

The children suggested activities that they would like to see at wet playtimes;

More creative activities




Fuzzy felt

Table tennis

Magic sets

Team jigsaws


The council also said that we should have a set of golden rules for wet playtimes.


Our next council meeting will be on Tuesday 6th December. We would like the children to discuss these issues with their class and bring back more suggestions.

We want to know the following things...

How can we make the playground better?

How can we make wet playtimes better?

What can we do about the noisy hall when the children are eating their lunch?


We are looking forward to lots of brilliant ideas from the children at the next meeting!



School Council Meeting

Tuesday 14th December 2016


The meeting was lead by Mrs Razaq and Mrs Lilley. We brought the council together to discuss ideas  about how to make the playground better, wet playtimes more fun and how we can make the hall quieter at lunchtimes.

We began by discussing the playground. Class 4 suggested that we could use the shelter as a role play area and they suggested a castle. The council liked this idea.

Class 3 said they would like a bigger slide and classes 4 and 5 agreed. Class 3 also suggested more mark making activities such as chalk boards. They would also like some  more skipping ropes so that more children get chance to practise this skill. This is also good for fitness.

One child suggested having some new beanbags to sit on. We discussed this idea but agreed that it might not be such a good idea in winter. They would get wet and muddy. This could be a good idea for spring and summer time

Class 3 also mentioned having playground buddies again. All the council agreed with this as they would help younger children to use the activities properly and play nicely together. It would also help children who were feeling lonely to make new friends.


We will need to decide how we will choose playground buddies!


The discussion moved on to wet playtimes. The children had some lovely ideas. They suggested lots of games...

Gooey Looey

Don't wake granny!


Game of life

Snakes and ladders

Bingo games


Class 4 also said they would like some chalk boards and other mark making activities to use during indoor play.

Class 3 also suggested having dolls to play with and maybe some dressing up clothes to use at wet playtimes.


The children agreed that all  classes need to have the same games and resources so that it's fair. The children realise that this could be expensive. Another idea would be to buy a good selection of games and to rotate them around the classes. This would be fair because everyone would get a chance to use them.


The council also said that they thought that we needed some wet playtime rules and they should be the same for every class. Children could suggest some ideas for these rules and the council could discuss them.


The council then discussed ideas to help children to be quieter in the hall at lunchtimes. They all liked the idea of having marble tubes in the hall, like we do in the corridors. This works really well to stop children running and shouting in corridors, so they think that it will also work well in the hall. The marble tubes could be mixed at the end of each week.


Mrs. Razaq said she would discuss all these ideas with Mrs. Peart to see what can be organised!





School Council Meeting Thursday 26th January 2017


Mrs. Lilley and Mrs. Razaq lead the meeting today. We wanted to discuss the issue of playtimes and lunchtimes and to find out what ideas the children have discussed in their classes. Thank you to everyone, you have all  had some wonderful ideas to help to make playtimes better!


First of all, Mrs. Razaq told us what she had discussed with Mrs. Peart in a meeting.

Mrs. Razaq said that Mrs. Peart liked the idea of having some new board games in the classrooms for wet playtimes but they are very expensive. So, Mrs. Peart agreed that each class could choose two games. These will be bought for that particular class. They will then be rotated each half term, so that they are shared around and each class gets chance to try every game. This will also stop children from getting bored with the same games.

Mrs. Peart also said that each class can have some new colouring books.


The council said that we need some rules for wet play times to stop children misbehaving and not respecting the classroom. We discussed how many rules we would need and how we should display them.

The children said that 10 would probably be too many and 2 would not be enough. So after a brief discussion, we decided that  5 golden rules for indoor playtimes would be a good idea. This would be an easy number to remember for all children, even the younger ones.


The discussion then moved on to outdoor playtime and lunchtimes. The children are very disappointed that the playground toys have been taken away from them. This is because some children have not been respecting the equipment and have broken a pram. The toys are very expensive and cannot easily be replaced. They have spoilt it for everybody. So, the council agreed that we need 5 golden rules for outdoor playtimes too.


All the children agreed that we should have playground buddies. These are children who are sensible and can show all children how to look after property and play with the toys properly. They will need to be friendly and  help shy children to make friends and encourage everyone to join in and work as a team.

Children who would like to be a playground buddy should tell their teacher and their names will be passed on to Mrs. Peart. They will then be interviewed and will have to prove that they can be a good playground buddy.


Mrs. Lilley asked if the marbles in the hall are working and are the children any quieter or better behaved in the dinner hall?

The first week was not very good and classes ended up with lots of marbles.

However, as time is going on, it is getting better. Children are starting to remind each other about good behaviour and good manners and this means that children are taking more care so they are getting fewer marbles.


We will be holding our next meeting on Thursday 2nd February.

Before this meeting, please could class teachers;

  •  talk with children and come up with 5 golden rules for indoor playtimes and 5 golden rules for outdoor playtimes.
  •  discuss the  board games that the children would like for wet playtimes and have a vote to choose the two favourite ones for your class.
  • Collect names of children who would like to be a playground buddy.



School Council Meeting

Thursday 2nd February


Thank you to everyone! All classes have worked hard to come up with 5 golden rules for wet playtimes and 5 golden rules for outdoor play. We discussed all the ideas from all classes and narrowed them down and decided which we thought were the most important and easy to remember. The rules are as follows...

Our Playground Code

  • We are kind and helpful to everyone.

  • We play safely and look after each other.

  • We take care of our school, playground and property.

  • We stand still when the bell rings, then we walk to line up sensibly.

  • When there is a red card in the window, we do not go on the grass.

Wet Playtime Rules

  • Play quietly and sensibly with the activities that are provided.

  • Never run or shout in the classroom or around school.

  • Do not go into areas that you know are out of bounds.

  • Play safely, share and be kind to each other.

  • Take care of our property and tidy up when you have finished.


 Mrs Lilley will make some posters to display these rules and help children to remember them.

The posters will be given to school council children so that they can share them with their class.


Lots of children would like to be a playground buddy. I have a list of names to pass on to Mrs. Peart.

Only children who are on the 'always' board will be interviewed to be a playground buddy. This way, we will know that the children who are selected are sensible and trustworthy.

As there are so many children who would like to do the job, we will be choosing 5 people from each class. Each child will be a playground buddy for one day each week.


All classes have decided which 2 games they would like for indoor playtimes. Mrs Lilley will pass the list on to Mrs Peart.





School Council Meeting

Tuesday 14th March 2017


All the school council children present today.


First of all, I welcomed our foundation visitors who joined us for our meeting today. They came along to find out more about the school council and so that they could tell their classes about what the council does.

One child explained to them that we make school better by organising things and sorting problems out.

We began by discussing the wet playtime games. I explained that when we looked into the games that the children had chosen, we found that some were a little unsuitable for children in our school. They had small pieces that younger children may put in their mouths, which is dangerous. Some of the games, such as monopoly, were also a little complicated to play. They would probably need a grown up there all the time to help the children understand how to play. This is not possible at wet playtimes/lunchtimes as the grown- ups have lots of children to look after.

So, I asked the children if they could think of any other new ideas for wet playtimes.

The children had lots of ideas. They mentioned Jenga, dominoes, snap cards, bop it, magnets.

I suggested that children could go back to classes and ask them to suggest a different, more suitable game, activity or construction sets for wet playtimes.


I then asked the children if the new posters were helping with behaviour at playtimes. The children were unsure. Somebody said that children were still not being kind and some were still going on the grass, even when the red card is in the window!

The council children asked if teachers could go through the playtime rules with classes again. Both indoor and outdoor rules. Council children are also going to check that the indoor rules are displayed in every classroom.

The council children asked about the playground leaders/buddies. I informed them that Mrs Peart has a list and is working on it! Watch this space!

Next meeting Tuesday 28th March. Please can each class come up with a different and more suitable game, activity or construction set for wet play time? Please send your request with your school councillor.

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 28th March

All councillors present. 3 visitors from F2.


We welcomed our visitors and discussed briefly what the council is for and what we do.


Our first point for discussion today was the new games for wet playtimes.

Class 1 suggested 'Pie Face' but said that it should only be used with a wet sponge and not with cream!!!! Another suggestion was a game called Bunny Jump. Other classes didn't seem to have any ideas yet.

If councillors could ask for suggestions before the next meeting, we can start looking into getting some new games. The council said that the games need to be simple to play. They also need to be safe and not have too many small parts.


Next on the agenda was the new playtime posters. All children said that the indoor rules posters were displayed in classrooms.

I asked if the outdoor rules posters were having any effect on behaviour. One person said that there is still lots of play fighting and hurting going on. Maybe councillors could remind children about the rules. Even play fighting leads to children hurting each other. 


One child was concerned that lunchtimes are still too noisy. He said that children need reminders about being quieter in the hall and also about their manners. He suggested having signs on cards on the tables as reminders. The council though this was a great idea. They even came up with some ideas for rules...

Use your Knife and fork and don't eat with your fingers.

Less talking, more eating

Have you washed your hands?


Is this a good idea? Let us know your thoughts for the next meeting.  Please also suggest any ideas for rules and reminders to include on the cards.


School Council Meeting

Tuesday May 4th


All councillors present. 3 visitors from F2. Mrs Hague and Mrs Lilley.


Mrs Hague joined our school council meeting today as she wanted to discuss after-school clubs with the children. The teachers would like to know if the children are happy with this year's organisation of clubs, "The Children's University."

  • Do they like the idea of collecting stamps for every club they attend?
  • Should there be a reward for children who collect all the stamps? Most stamps? What should the reward be?
  • Do they like the variety of clubs available? Which is their favourite?
  • Can the children think of any other clubs that we could offer?
  • Is it better now that everyone can attend up to 4 different clubs each year, in 5 week blocks,  or would they prefer to stay longer in one club?


Mrs Hague asked the children to go back to classes and ask these questions so that we can make sure everybody is happy with clubs. The council came up with the idea of a club survey.

Please could all classes complete the survey before the next meeting?


We moved on to discussing the Playground Buddies. The council are happy with them and say that dinnertimes are better. The Buddies are helpful, kind and friendly.

I asked the children if they liked the idea of dinner time champions. All agreed that it's a good idea and they believe that it will be better in the lunch hall if the dinner ladies have helpers.

Everyone would like 'Meal time manners' cards and hope that it will help children to remember their table manners. I will be making these rule cards before the next meeting for the council children to approve!


We discussed wet playtime games again and generally the children think that we should wait until the autumn term to sort this out. Hopefully there wont be too many indoor playtimes now that summer is on the way! The children are happy with the new colouring books and say that they have enough things  to use to keep them busy for now.


Thank you to everyone for completing our school council survey. Its great to see that everyone is so happy with our council. People agree that our council helps to make changes in school and helps to sort out problems. They children like to have a voice and have their opinions heard. Everyone says how helpful and grown up the councillors are. Well done councillors! Keep it up!


The suggestion of a school council post box is great! We will look into this idea!


Next meeting... Thursday 18th May.



School Council Thursday 18th May


Thank you to class 5 and class 1 who completed their ‘Clubs Survey’.

These will now be looked at by Mrs Hague and Mrs Lilley and we will find out if you are happy with our after school clubs and we will see if we can make them any batter for next year. Please could classes 2,3,4,6,7 and 8 complete their surveys and have them ready to hand in at the next council meeting? Thanks!


We discussed the playground buddies and the lunchtime helpers. The council are happy with how this is working and say that it is going well. The children are enjoying being helpful and grown up.

The idea of having a school council post box was discussed and the children like the idea. The council decided that even though there won’t be many more school council meetings this year, a post box might still be a good idea. Children can send questions and ideas to the council ready for next year when the council will start up again.

We looked at a poster of table manners. The council thought it was great but had their own ideas and wanted to change and add some extra rules. I have enclosed the finished/edited copy for classes to share. If everyone is happy with them, I will print them out and make the cards ready for after the half term holiday.

I asked the council if they are happy with the lining up routine at the end of playtimes and lunchtimes. It seems that they are not. They feel that some children are spoiling it for others and they waste so much time waiting for children to stand still in the line and stop talking. Other children start to get bored and often start to chatter and mess around. They like the idea of freezing when the bell rings as the children are getting better at this. So, we discussed the idea of freezing when the bell rings and then waiting for their class number to be held up by the teacher on duty. Everyone will then walk back into school sensibly, one class at a time, without having to waste more time lining up. The children think that this will work well and they will get back into school much more quickly and have more learning time in the classroom. Please discuss this in classes and let the council know your thoughts ready for the next meeting.

Next meeting Tuesday 6th June.