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Class 2 - Y2

Hi everyone.. I hope you have all had a lovely half term! Please make sure that you log in to the new google classroom today to access all the home learning. I have uploaded all of today's planning, resources and videos. It is all in one place for you - hopefully this will make it nice and easy to follow. Please email me if you are unsure or are struggling with anything.

Thanks Miss Weston x

Teddy reading his incredible space poem!

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Leo performing his amazing countdown poem

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Thought you might enjoy watching Leo's colour absorbency experiment he did at home - incredible!

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Good morning everyone! We have made it to February and what a wonderful, bright and frosty morning it is today! My favourite! I hope you are making time each day to get some fresh air and keep active too.  


Thankyou so much for all your hard work while you are at home - I know things are different at the minute but you are continuing to make me very proud with the home learning photographs and emails that I keep receiving. Continue to send me these and I will add them to the website so you can take a look at what your friends have been doing too.


We have changed the home learning planning slightly to make it easier for you to read. The overview gives a short explanation of each activity for each lesson. I hope this makes it easier for you to follow. Please just try your best and do what you can - remember to continue reading as much as possible or listen to a grown up reading on the video resource centre. 


I will look forward to seeing your lovely faces in Friday's zoom catch up - this week we will do a mini quiz too! Take care, Miss Weston  


Class 2 Year 2 Home Learning Literacy Week Commencing 25.1.2021

Class 2 Year 2 Home learning Maths Week Commencing 25.1.2021

Class 2 Year 2 Home learning Foundation Subjects Week Commencing 25.1.2021

Good morning Class 2! I hope you are all well! I know that last night's news will be a complete shock to you all - as it was me. I did not expect to be talking to you all on here - quite so soon! I know it is not what we had planned but we will  make the most of the situation and try our best to carry on with our learning! I am feeling happy that we got to spend a lovely day together yesterday and FINALLY got to build our castles. Each day videos will be posted to help with your learning and the planning will be uploaded too - please just try your best, as always - and do what you can. If you are finding things hard to follow - work on your counting, handwriting and of course read lots of lovely books! I understand that this is a very unusual and difficult challenge for us all. Please keep in touch when you can - send me pictures if possible or write me an email - I love to hear from you all :-) 

See you all very soon - take care! Miss Weston xxx

More wonderful home learning

Hi everyone! It has been so lovely seeing photographs of you all enjoying your home learning- keep them coming!

Just a little reminder that I have organised a little chat on zoom for all of class 2 tomorrow morning - if you haven't seen this please ask your grown ups to check their emails for the invitation. Would be so lovely to get everyone together just before Christmas! I will be wearing my Christmas jumper if you want to join me! Can't wait to see all your smiley faces and hear about your week! See you tomorrow! Miss Weston xxxx

More super home learning

Class 2 Home Learning


Hi Class 2! I'm just writing a little message to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you for all the hard work you have put in this first term in year 2! It is such a shame that we didn't quite make it to the end of the term but we have been extremely lucky to have got so far and it is best for us all to stay safe and well at home! This term has been so much fun and I will miss you all next week!


I have uploaded the planning for your grown ups to read that will help you with your home learning and I will be posting videos daily to help you if it is needed. Some of the days we had planned on doing a little quiz so there isn't always an activity planned for each day. You could always do your reading or practise some number work. 


If you would like to send any pictures or messages to the class email it is:   Or if you are unsure and need a little more help please email me and I will reply as quick as I can. 

I would love to hear from you and can share any pictures of your news or wonderful work on our class page! 

Take care, Miss Weston smiley



Phonics Home Learning 30.011.20


This week in phonics we have been learning some of our Year 2 Tricky words. They are listed below, practise spelling them and using them in different sentences. Challenge yourself how many of them can you use in one sentence?


The tricky words are; fast last past class pass plant 


Extension: Look in the front of your reading diary and practise some of your other Year 2 words.

Maths home learning - 27.11.2020


Hi all... this week in maths we have been learning about repeated patterns. Follow the link below to the top marks website. There are lots of fun activities where you have to choose the correct shape, colour or both. Work your way through each activity.

Alternatively - you could draw some of your own repeated patterns at home or go on a pattern hunt and see which ones you can find around your home! Enjoy!


Phonics Home Learning 20.11.20


Next week in Year 2 the children will be reading a selection of real and alien words with their teacher to assess their phonic knowledge.  It would really help them to play Reading Robot on  Mrs Peart recently sent a username and password on the School App to help you access the paid for element of this website. Check the app!!

Other games that will help are Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto.  Remember to choose Phase 5.The log in will enable your child to use Reading Robot but you will need to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.                 

Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.

You could also ask your child to teach you all the actions associated with the sounds taught in Phase 3 and 5. See below. Or check out my flashcard sessions for Phase 3 and 5 on the Video Resource Centre in the Children section of our website.



Over the last few weeks in maths we have been practising adding and subtracting 10 from any 2 digit number. For example, 23 + 10 = 33. The children have been taught to look at the place value of the numbers, knowing that the tens number will change and the ones number will stay the same. Below are a number of different activities that you could do to practise while you are at home.


Activity one - Ask your child to make a number, e.g. 34. Using 10p and 1p coins can they make this number. They will need to know this is made from 3tens and 4 ones. When they have done this ask them to add 10 to that number. Then ask them to take away 10 from that number. 

e.g. 34 + 10 = 44   and    34 -10 = 24  


Activity two - Choose a number - practise counting forwards and then back in jumps of 10. For example - 21,31,41,51,61,71,81,91    then    91,81,71,61,51,41,31,21   

You could play this like a game of ping pong with your child. You say a number. Then your child says the next number.


Challenge - 

Activity three -

If your child is confident you could move them onto adding or subtracting multiples of 10 - for example   45 - 20     or     51 + 40 


Please continue to work on the phonics reading robot activity posted last week. Thanks! 


In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds in Phase 3 and 5. 

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 5 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Phonics Play are allowing parents of subscribing schools to use their school login to access all the games on Phonics Play.

Mrs Peart has recently sent out the Phonics Play username and password via The School App.

Please note that Phonics Play will only allow children in the subscribing schools to use this login – therefore do not share it on social media or with relatives because they would revoke our use of the website. (SEE SCHOOL APP FOR LOGIN DETAILS)

Amongst the games, is a game called Reading Robot, which is very similar to the Phonics Screening Check that is usually done in Year 1 in May. Our current Year 2 children are due to complete this check this half term so this homework could really help your child ‘pass the test’

If your child wants to play this it would really helpful to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.  Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.

22nd October        Maths Home Learning


This week at school we have been problem solving with measures. We have thought about weighing and capacity. Over the holidays have a look through your cupboards and read the weights on each item.  Can you order each item from the lightest to the heaviest?

It might be fun to estimate (guess) the weight of each item first.




Complete the activity as above but this time looking at the amount of liquid inside containers. E.g. How much liquid in a can of pop, a water bottle, etc. It would be lovely to see photos of you measuring. Please send and share to the class email address.                                  


Have a lovely holiday! smiley



16th October 2020  Home Learning


In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds we should have learnt in Year 1. 

We are so proud of the way the children have been trying their best in Phonics.  After half term the government has asked all schools to check that the children in Year 2 know all of these sounds by using the Year 1 Phonics screening.

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 5 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games.  Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in. Remember to choose Phase 5. 


Until October 21st children are allowed to use the free login:      

 Username: march20 Password: home


The log in will enable your child to use Reading Robot but you will need to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate. Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.

09.10.20 Home Learning

This week we have been practising  our number bonds to 10 and 20. We will be practising this further next week so would love it if you could have a go at home.


Number bonds are parts of numbers that can be combined to make a certain number. E.g. 1+ 9 = 10, 2+ 8 = 10, etc.  If we know our bonds to 10 really well this can help us when solving other maths facts.

10’s Concentration game— Have the digits 0 – 10 face down on the table. On their turn, each player turns up two cards. If they add up to 10, they get to keep them and try again. If one of the cards is a 10, they'set to keep it and turn up another card. Whoever takes the most cards, wins.


Move on and play the above game with pairs to 20.

Hi Class 2! Welcome back :-) It has been so lovely to see you all again after such a long time and to see all your huge smiling faces. I know everyone was really happy to be reunited with their friends and be back safely at school.


We have had a wonderful first week back and have spent lots of time getting to know one another. Everyone has settled in nicely and have soon remembered our school rules and learnt new routines. We are extra excited this term as we are beginning a BRAND NEW topic called Turrets and Tiarras.


We have already started our learning in English and History about a well known legend called Robin Hood. We will be writing character descriptions, some drama and writing an adventure story - pretending to be Robin Hood. We will be finding out about famous castles and what life was like in medieval times. We will also be reading a superb book by Giles Andre called Sir Scallywag - a brave young knight that goes on lots of 'very interesting' quests. I can't wait to share this with you soon! In maths we will be doing lots of counting - forwards and back, making sure our place value is secure and move onto some more challenging addition and subtraction work. As part of our topic work we will be exploring castles, looking at maps and learning some new drawing and sketching skills.


I am very excited to get cracking with our new topic and to fill our walls with all your new learning! It's going to be a great first half term in class 2!