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Class 2 - Y2

Anya is such a wonderful cook - a mini chef in the making! Looks delicious Anya :-)

Aiyla has built a mini mosque for Ramadan

Can you solve these riddles?

Annabelle's riddle
Aiyla's riddle

Hi guys! Hope you are all ok!

Have you all seen the videos of the teachers on You Tube? Can you believe we are on there! It is very odd recording the videos, especially with no one to help me - I miss your wonderful ideas! I accidentally recorded one the other day and my writing was all backwards so had to re-do the whole thing!!! It has been lovely to see the posters and decorations on the street that people made for VE day. The people on my street had a little 'socially distanced' street party. The weather was really lovely so we all sat in our front gardens and listened to 1940's music! I have been busy in the kitchen this week - I have made rhubarb crumble (that had grown in the garden), scones and a huge roast dinner! Did you know that rhubarb is a vegetable?! I assumed it was a fruit!


I have absolutely loved reading some of your riddles that you have wrote.. I will share them with you and see if you can work out the animals! 

Harry has had a busy week again!

Chicks reading Captain Underpants - very clever!
Making his Wild Thing stew

Aiyla looks like she's having lots of fun with her family and working hard as usual!

Look at your beautiful handwriting!
These look delicious!

Carter working hard!

Home schooling in a onesie - great idea!

Amelia working hard as always!

Have a look at what Anya has been up to!

Anya cooked breakfast on the bbq!!!

Dexter's wonderful home learning


Hi class 2! smileyHope you are all well and keeping busy at home! It has been lovely to hear from some of you and see what you have been doing. This week the teachers at school did an online staff meeting - although we can't see each other face to face it was so lovely to see everyone's faces! I also really enjoyed recording some short videos for your online learning. It was a little bit strange having no one to help me with the answers though. Definitely much quieter than a usual day in class 2! I hope you are all trying your best to do what you can with your home learning - well done those of you that have done the my maths this week. I can log on to see how well you have done and leave you little comments too smiley


This week I have been doing lots of quizzes with my friends and family, been for a few runs and baked a banana bread. This is my third one!!! Hoping the sun comes back out next week..

See you all soon xxx

Have a look at the amazing pictures Harry has sent in!

Harry and his sister on their scooters
Harry made an outrageous animal - a dragon!
Harry's new trampoline
Meet Harry's chicks!
They are so sweet!

Hi guys! I hope you are all well and enjoyed your Easter break! It is very quiet in my house.. a little different to our usual days in class 2!  I certainly do miss your smiley faces! I am so grateful that the sun is shining though as it helps to keep me motivated. I have spent the last few weeks going on adventures with my dog (she is now very very furry and in desperate need of a haircut – watch this space!) and trying a few new skills – including hoola hooping and EVEN standing on my head. I have made a list of 100 books that everyone should read in their life time (some of these are very challenging) so I am currently working my way through these. I wonder how many I can read before we go back to school?



It really has made my day to receive emails from you. I am sure your friends would love to see what you have been up to as well!

Haajra’s family sent some amazing photos of the whole family having SO much messy fun! Their hands were covered in homemade play dough! They had also been very busy doing some delicious baking and as always Haajra has been doing lot of reading!

Lucy has been very busy doing her home learning – including maths, history and literacy. She goes on a runs with her little brother and they even dressed up as characters one day. Lucy was Jessie from Toy Story! It was also Lucy’s 7th birthday. She said it was a little different this year but was enjoying receiving letters and gifts in the post!

If you would like to send any pictures or just say hello, our class email is I will update this page so you can keep checking in J

 I know these are very unusual times but try your best to relax and enjoy spending precious time with your family. I am hopeful we will be back together again very soon!

Miss Weston


Welcome to a new school year in class 2! We have had an amazing start in our new class and settled in wonderfully! This term our topic is Sun, Sea and Sand. To start our topic we have been on a fantastic visit to Cleethorpes where the weather was definitely on our side! We loved walking along the promenade, hunting for unusual shells and digging sand castles. A perfect start to the new school year!


In maths we will be extending our knowledge of number and place value. In Literacy we have been learning about recounts and wrote postcards to Mrs Peart to tell her about our holidays. Our focus text that we will be learning through is called the storm whale. We will use this to cover a wide range of writing genres but also to extend our learning in other subjects areas. We will be finding out about the seas and oceans, making stormy weather music and thinking about colour and seascapes in art. We have started learning about materials and their properties. We will use this knowledge to plan an investigation and build a model in DT. 


 We have a jam packed half term with Harvest just around the corner. We are looking forward to practising for our year 2 assembly very soon!

Keep an eye out for pictures from our visit and other areas of learning very soon....


Miss Weston