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Class 3 – Y1/Y2

8th June 2020,

Hello Class 3,

I have a few messages from the Year 1s who have returned to school this week.

Rebecca says 'I love you'.

Jack and Finlay say 'I miss you all. I hope we see you again'.

Jayden says 'I am loving playing with Class 3 Lego'.

Eleanor says 'I love being back at school but I miss you'.


Here are some photographs showing what some of Class 3 have been doing this week.

Jack and Issy found lots of patterned objects around their house. 


Jack got some new Ninjago Lego as a present for working so hard on his home learning. Well done Jack!


This is Eleanor's wonderful story about a dinosaur coming to school. 


This is Olivia's brilliant vegetable patch based on Joe Scarborough's painting 'Sheffield through the ages'. 


Olivia has been doing some baking and cooking at home too. Everything she makes looks delicious!


This is Seth's imaginative dinosaur story. I didn't know dinosaurs drank hot chocolate!


Seth has also done some delicious-looking baking.



1st June 2020

Hello everyone! 

I hope you have all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine!

We have been playing in the garden a lot and eating icecream. I have spoken to Mr Evans this week and he says he is missing you all massively. He has seen our website page and loves seeing all of your faces, just like all of the other grown ups from school. 

Here are some photos of what Class 3 have been up to over the last two weeks. 

love Mrs Smith 

Here are Eleanor and Ethan enjoying a lovely walk. 


Eleanor and Ethan building with their Lego. 


Honor reading in the garden. 


This is the beginning of Honor's story 'Honor and Cora's Garden Adventure'. She has such a fabulous imagination!


Jack's also been building with his Lego.


This is Jack's wonderful Tinga Tinga Tale. See if you can guess what the mammal will turn into!


Seth has been doing some gardening.


This is Seth's textile work based on Joe Scarborough's artwork. Can any of you recognise where it is? I love the clocktower! 


18th May 2020

Hello Class 3!

I hope you have all had a lovely week. I am delighted by the prospect of seeing some of your faces soon! Although it will not be the same without our Year 2 children, I am hoping they will be able to join us soon after. 

I have some updates from Class 3 from this week. Enjoy!

Here is Honor learning to tell the time.


This is Jack's wonderful non-fiction writing about eagles. 


This is Mike's story about visiting Dinosaurland. I love his vocabulary choices like 'stranded' and 'massive'.


Olivia has been learning about apes. This is her fantastic writing. See if you can learn a new fact!



This is Seth with his writing about lions. I love your drawing too Seth!


We have also had an update from Reece who has been sending lots of letters to his family. smiley




Seth's Lion Report

Still image for this video
I am sorry there is no sound. I still enjoyed watching it!

Jack is a pro on his bike!

Still image for this video

Honor's Tiger Report

Still image for this video

11th May 2020

Hello Class 3! 

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend with your families. The weather was beautiful and when we went on our walk we could hear lots of people celebrating VE day in their gardens. 

Well done to everyone who has completed their home learning. Thank you to the children who have sent in photographs and emails to update me on what they have been doing. I love seeing your faces! 

I hope you are finding the videos useful. It is very strange trying to teach lessons without you there to help me! 

Here are some updates from Class 3 this week: 


Here is Olivia clapping for keyworkers!


This paddling pool is amazing!


This is Jack's Pacific Ocean habitat. It even has an underground volcano! Well done Jack! 


Jack dressed up on VE day. He enjoyed an afternoon tea in the garden with his family. 


Seth drew a Union Jack on his drive to celebrate VE day. I bet everyone walking past loved it! 


Seth also chose to learn about the Pacific Ocean. He focussed on the Lion's Mane jellyfish species. They have more than 800 tentacles! Well done Seth!


Honor has been practising her times tables. She can even do her 4s and 6s now! Well done Honor! 


Honor has been reading lots of books. Here she is reading in the garden. 



4th May 2020

Hello Class 3, 

I hope you are all well! Well done to everyone who has logged into MyMaths and completed their learning! If you scroll down from the lessons there are some games at the bottom (they have a knight next to them). You can compete against other schools to get on a leader board! I would love to see some Class 3 initials next time I look!

Here are some photographs of what Class 3 have been up to this week: 

Eleanor has been busy baking!


She has also been practising her phonics. Super job Eleanor!


Here is William doing his tricky word target game. Well done William!


Can you tell who is hiding behind this terrifying 'wild thing'? 

This is the beginning of Olivia's mermaid story. It is truly brilliant! She is so angry she sees red - can you remember who else sees red when they're angry? 


Seth helped his dad with the chores on his dad's birthday. 

Seth has made a 3D globe using paper mache. What a fantastic effort to learn about the continents and oceans!



Seth has used weaving to make bunting as part of his DT learning. The bunting is to celebrate VE day next Friday. It looks amazing! 


Jack's Rainbow Experiment 


Jack made an amazing effort with his Wild Thing Stew instructions. I am feeling very proud of him! 

27th April 2020

Hello Class 3,

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine this week. Have you seen the video of all the Sitwell staff saying hello? Mrs Peart has put a link on the school twitter account if you want to have a look!

Thank you again for all your lovely updates this week. You are making me feel very proud. Here are some photographs and messages from Class 3 this week.  love Mrs Smith

Eleanor and Ethan on their scooters

Eleanor and Ethan getting their daily exercise.


Eleanor playing Maths games. 


Honor painting a beautiful rainbow. 


Honor completing her home learning in the sunshine. She has also learnt to ride her bike! What an amazing achievement!


Logan practising his measures skills while baking a delicious lemon cake. 


Knight Max enjoying the sunshine.


Seth's butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises!


This is Seth's continents project. He has located each continent and found out which animals live there and even put them in size order!


Seth's wonderful wild adventure!



Jack's wonderful 'Jiganter-Snake' story

Still image for this video

Arthur's bike riding

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Messages from the Class 3 grown ups... smiley


Dear Class 3

I miss you all so much. I hope you are all okay and you have been enjoying the lovely weather. I have been reading a lot in the garden. I hope you have all been reading too. I would love to know which books you have been reading and enjoying. Remember to look at the home learning on the website and to keep using your brilliant brains. 

Sending love to you and your families.

Love Mrs Green x


Hello everyone,

I have been baking, reading, gardening, Skyping and I have even started running! I love seeing your photographs and finding out what you have been getting up to.

Love Mrs Kinch x


Hello Class 3,

I have been doing lots of cooking. I went in this drawer and found a minibeast in my jug! I've got a new bird feeding station and I'm getting up early, feeding the birds and watching them. I have an app that records the bird and tells me what kind of bird it is. I hope that you have been managing to get outside and find fun things to do. 

Love Mrs Burrows



Hello Class 3,

I hope you are all well. 

Here is a picture of what I have been doing...

Here is a picture of what I wish I was doing....


This is a photograph of me feeding the giraffes at Chester Zoo!

Love Mrs Sawyer x


17th April 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and are staying safe with your families. The picture above was sent by Seth and Noah. It seems very fitting at this time. I have had lots of messages from children in Class 3 who wanted to share what they have been doing at home. I am going to put these on our class page as I know you will be missing all of your friends. 

I have been very busy with Charlie and Mr Smith. We have been playing in the garden and going on walks. Charlie has loved playing in his water tray and his swing. He has said his first word while I have been at home. I wonder if any of you can guess what it was? It was the name of his favourite television character. (Mrs Smith was hoping for 'mummy'!)

Keep checking the website to find out what Class 3 have been doing! If you have any news or home learning to share, send it to our email -

We miss you all and hope to see you soon. 

Love Mrs Smith and the Class 3 team x


Jack has been busy with his topic homework. He has made a 'Giganta-Snake' - the biggest snake that can eat anything it wants! He has also had a 'Super Sports Day' with Issy. 



Arthur has been busy making Warhammer models and defeating his mummy and daddy in battles. 



Finlay has been busy doing his home learning and also playing in the garden with Evan. He has been keeping active by doing the Joe Wickes PE lessons. Has anyone else had a go? 



Seth and Noah have a butterfly garden and are waiting for their caterpillars to make their chrysalis. They have been busy doing all sorts of crafts, baking and playing outside. This is their beautiful rainbow. Has anyone else put a rainbow up in their window to show their support for keyworkers?




Here is Bethany doing her home learning. She has been working very hard!



Eleanor has been working hard on her place value skills. She has also been spending lots of time playing in the garden with Ethan. He has found out he will be coming to Sitwell Infants in September. We are all so excited for him to join our school!



Hanna has been working hard on her addition and subtraction skills. She says she misses everyone!



Here is Olivia's 'Ten Things in a Witch's Pocket' writing. She has used some amazing noun phrases!



This is Mike's fantastic time work. He has been practising reading clock faces and recalling how many minutes are in an hour. 



Eleanor's Musical Geography!

Still image for this video

30th March 2020

Hello Class 3,

All of the grown ups in school are missing you very much. Thank you to all the children and grown ups who have used the class email to share the amazing learning you are doing at home. It is so lovely to hear from you all. I know you will all be making your grown ups very proud and showing them what brilliant learners you are. 

I hope to see you soon, but for now stay safe and keep being Sitwell Superheroes! angel

Love Mrs Smith and the Class 3 team 

Optical Illusions

It's a Kind of Magic!

Our Spring topic is 'It's a Kind of Magic'. We have loved sharing our topic homework which ranges from Seth's 'Stupendous Serum' to Honor's biography of Roald Dahl to Jack's magic paperclip trick. Thank you so much for all of the help children have received at home. Please check Class 3's Wonderwall display and folder next time you are in the classroom. 

Our focus texts this term are 'The Magic Finger' and 'George's Marvellous Medicine' which are both written by Roald Dahl. We are going to be writing character decriptions for Roald Dahl's imaginative characters and writing instructions to make our own marvellous medicines. 

In Art we are practising using drawing skills to create optical illusions. Class 3 are incredibly talented artists and keep amazing Mrs Smith with how creative they are. We are also learning magic themed songs and composing our own verses. As part of our History learning we are going to find out about Roald Dahl's life and also the life of J.K.Rowling who wrote Harry Potter. In Maths we are going to continue developing our calculation and problem solving skills. 


Sun, Sea and Sand

Welcome back! We have had a brilliant start to the year and are already very engaged with our new topic 'Sun, Sea and Sand'. We have been sharing lots of stories about our summer holidays and writing postcards about what we did. It has given us a good chance to get to know each other better and find out what everybody enjoys doing with their families.  We have been using maps to locate where people have been on holiday and also finding different seaside locations around the UK. We were especially excited to find Cleethorpes! In Maths we have been practising counting and learning about the place value in two digit numbers. 

It will soon be time to vote for our school councillors. We have lots of Sitwell Superheroes in Class 3 and I am sure there will be lots of very talented candidates!