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Class 4 – Y1

Phonics Home learning

Week ending 16th October 2020


In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds in ‘Phase 3. 

We are so proud of the way the children have been trying their best in Phonics. 

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 2 or 3 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in.

Remember to choose Phase 3.

Until October 21st children are allowed to use the free login:                                  

Username: march20

Password: home

The log in will enable your child to use Reading Robot but you will need to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.                                               

Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.


Home learning

Week ending 9th October 2020


This week we have been practising adding one digit numbers. We have used concrete objects and also tried counting on from the greatest number. For example, when completing 5 + 3, we count on three more – 6,7,8 to get to the total 8.

Use this game to practise your addition skills. Ask your grown up for some concrete objects to help you such as some beads, pasta or lego pieces.

Start with the ‘Up to 10’ questions and then move onto the ‘Up to 15’ and ‘Up to 20’ if you want a challenge!


A warm welcome to Class 4!


Welcome back to school.  It is so lovely to see you again after all this time.  

We hope you are all enjoying being in Class 4. Mrs Lilley teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Green teaches on Wednedsay, Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Cowan, Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Blackburn also work in Class 4.

PE is on Tuesdays with Mr Hiner.

We change the reading books on Mondays.  Please bring your book bags ,reading books and reading diaries every Monday.


This topic is ‘Turrets and tiaras’ and we will be learning about castles, fairy tales and Robin Hood. Our main reading focus will be around the storybook Rapunzel.

In Maths we will be building on our previous knowledge from Foundation Stage around our numbers to 100 by counting forwards and backwards and using our place value knowledge to find missing numbers. In Literacy we will be focusing on writing simple sentences by using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

As scientists we will learn about plants. In ICT we will be looking at how to use the internet safely and use the laptops throughout the curriculum areas for cross curricular learning!


As musicians we will be doing some exciting work on Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom! That sounds fun doesn’t it?




As historians we will learn about Robin Hood and life in medieval times.  As artists we will be studying paintings of castles by famous artists such as Constable and Turner.  As Geographers we will learn about the locations of castles in the United Kingdom. We can't wait to get started!