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Class 4 – Y1

Welcome to Class 4


Welcome to our class page!

Here you will find all the information you need about timings of the day, home reading, home learning and PE. We will also post information about any upcoming visits or special events.


Timings of the Day


Class 4 should arrive at 8:45am. Our meeting point is the circle near the middle  of the playground, towards to the ball court. Our school day ends at 3:00pm and children should be collected from the same meeting point. 



Physical Education


Our PE days are Thursday and Friday .  Please ensure your child brings the correct PE kit and that all of their clothing is clearly labelled. If the weather turns chilly, please send a hoody and tracksuit bottoms for our outdoor PE sessions. Earrings must be removed before PE lessons and long hair should be tied back.


Reading Diaries and Reading Books


Readings diaries will be collected on Thursdays and we will give a stamp to the children who have read at least 3 times at home that week. Collect 6 stamps to win a special prize from Mrs Peart! 

Specific guided reading books will be given out to children and changed once each week. Please note that this day will vary according to when their group reads in school.

Children will also bring home a book of their choice from the corridor. This can be changed as frequently as needed. Just ask your child to let us know when they are ready for a new book.  


Home Learning

Home learning tasks will be posted on google classrooms every Friday. This will alternate between a phonics task one week, followed by numeracy the next.

Please let us know how your child gets on and click when the task is completed.


If have any questions or concerns at all our class email address is 


Mrs Lilley and Mrs Green

This week’s splendid home learning

Hi everyone!


Hope you all have had a lovely week. We've seen lots of fantastic home learning! Keep those photographs coming in, it's so nice to see the great work that you are doing at home!


The home learning for week 6 is posted below. We will continue to put the videos in the Video Resource Centre each day to support you with your learning. 


Watch out for the invitation email for our last Zoom catch up of this half term! I will send this out on Monday for the meeting on Wednesday morning at 9.30. Hope you can all join us!

This time we thought we could talk about something that you have particularly enjoyed learning about this half term. Maybe you really enjoyed learning about space? Did you learn any thing new? Maybe you have found Maths fun? Let us know! Remember to bring a piece of work to show everybody!

Have a lovely weekend! Keep safe! See you all soon!

Love Mrs Lilley and Mrs Green xx

Amazing Home Learning- Week 5

Hi Class 4!


Hope you are all keeping safe and well?

It was so lovely to see so many of you on our Zoom call on Wednesday. We will be organising another catch up Zoom call for next Wednesday. Watch out for your invitation email on Monday. Next week, we will be talking about our favourite animal. Maybe you could draw a picture of your favourite animal to show everybody? You could introduce your pet to everybody, if you have one. Remember to bring a piece of work to show us!


Below is all the learning for week 5. We have changed the planning format slightly so that it will be a little easier for you to follow. Don't forget, all the support and teaching videos will be uploaded each day into the Video resource centre. These help you with your learning.

We have really enjoyed seeing all your beautiful work again this week. Remember to email at least one piece of work each week. Let's see if we can get a piece of work from everybody on our website!

Remember to keep active whilst you are at home. I bet lots of you are going out for lots of lovely walks in the fresh air. Maybe you have been out on your bike or scooter?

If you would like to send some photographs of you and your family being active to the class email, we would love to see them. We will also share these on the active travel section of our website!


Have a lovely weekend everybody, keep safe, healthy and happy and we hope to see you all on the zoom catch up on Wednesday morning!

Love Mrs Lilley and Mrs Green xx


Maths Resources- Week 5

This week’s work- send us a picture!! We’d love one from everybody!

Hello Class 4

We are missing you all so much we hope to see you all on our Zoom call on Wednesday at 9.30.  We agreed we would tell each other our favourite food and show one piece of work if you would like to join in.  Look out for an email inviting you.


Thank you for all the lovely work that you have been emailing to us!  We have put some of it on this page so look underneath the planning! Go on have a look!


Next week the planning should be a bit easier to follow as we are trying to slim it down so that you can work out what to do.  Don't forget to look for the supporting videos on the Video Resource Centre in this section of the website.  We would love the children to do some handwriting too.  Mrs Green has done some handwriting films so that you can practise your letter formation.  Lots of teachers have also filmed themselves reading a story on the Storytime section of the Video Resource Centre.  


Please keep sending us your lovely work. Take care of each other and please be kind to each other.

Best wishes
Mrs Lilley and Mrs Green

Class 4 Topic Work Foundation Subjects 25.1.21

Home learning week 3

Hi everybody,


Hope you are all Ok and keeping safe! We have put the home learning planning below ready for you next week. We've included all the activities and resources that you will need. 

The teaching videos will be added the night before you need them, just so that it is not too confusing and it will be a little bit easier to find the clips that you need for each day. 


We are so proud of all the work that you have been doing at home! We are really enjoying looking at all your photographs. Well done everybody and keep it up!


It was lovely to see some of you on the Zoom catch up on Wednesday! We will be organising another meeting for next Wednesday so we hope to see lots of you on there.

The invitation will be sent out via email on Monday. 


If you have any questions about the home learning or if you need anything else, please contact us through the class 4 email. 


Well done everybody! All the class 4 staff are missing you all so much and we can't wait to get back to normal very soon.


Mrs Lilley 

Week 2 Home learning!

Week two-Home Learning - Phonics planning

Week 2


Hi Class 4


Hope you are all keeping safe and having lots of fun doing your home learning.

You should have received an invite via email for a Zoom catch up with all your friends in class 4 for Wednesday 13th January at 9.30. We do hope to see lots of your happy faces then.


Thank you for all your lovely work that you have sent to us! Wow!! You are working so hard and you should be very proud of yourselves. You are all Sitwell Superheroes!


Here is the home learning for week two. There are videos in the Video Resource Centre which will help you with your learning. Hope you enjoy them! I really enjoyed learning all about space!!


If you have any problems accessing the resources or if there's anything that is not clear, or you are unsure about, please let us know through the class email. Mrs Green and I are teaching in school this week but we will respond as soon as we can.


Take care everybody!

Mrs Lilley xx



Week 1 work

Hi everyone!


Hope you are all well! 

We are very sad that we can't come into school to do our learning. Hopefully this won't be for too long and we can all come back into school very soon.


I have attached our planning for the remainder of this week so that you can still do lots of fun activities and continue your learning at home.

New learning will be added each week and this will be accompanied by videos that will be posted in our video resource centre on the website. 


If you would like to share your work with us, we would love to see what you have been doing at home. Please send photographs  and keep in touch with us through the class 4 email:


We will miss all your smiley, happy faces and we can't wait until we can get back to normal and  have lots of fun in Class 4 again!!


Keep safe everybody and keep in touch! We are looking forward to hearing about all your home learning activities


See you soon!


Love from Mrs Lilley, Mrs Green and all the Class 4 staff. smiley

 4th December 2020

Phonics Homework

Next week in Year 1 we will be checking to see how many Year 1 common exception words we know.  So here they are.  Practise reading them and choose 5 to spell.  We have taught them all during this half term.

Look for the tricky bit.  Say it the way it is written to help you remember it e.g. friend - fri the end. 

Look, cover, write check the word 5 times.

Look at the word.

Cover the word.

Write it down.

Check that it is right.  Repeat 5 times.


                                    Year 1 tricky words

are ask be by come do friend full go has he here his house I is love me my no of once one our pull push put said says school she so some the there they to today was we were where you your




27th November 2020 

Year 1 Maths Home Learning

This week we have been learning to recognise and describe 2D shapes. Go on a 2D shape hunt around the house. How many squares, rectangles, circles and triangles can you find? Can you count the number of sides and corners?

Play the game below to practise naming shapes based on their properties:

Challenge: In shape world, families are made up of different shapes. Every family has to have a total of nine sides. What shapes could make up one family? For example, a family could be three triangles (3 + 3 + 3 = 9); a different family could be two squares and a circle (4 + 4 + 1 = 9). How many different families can you find?

Phonics Home Learning 20.11.20


Ask your child to teach you all the actions associated with the sounds taught in Phase 3. See below.   Look on our Video Resource Centre on the Children section of our website to learn the actions together watch Miss Weston teach the Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds!


Challenge- Can you make a list of words for 3 of the sounds? 


13th November 2020

Class 4 Home Learning

This week we have been practising recognising coins and notes and using them to make different prices. Get some coins and ask your child to name the value of the coin. Set up a pretend shop and ask your child to use coins to pay for different items. Begin with items for which they can use one coin to pay (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p). Then move onto prices which will mean they have to use more than one coin (3p, 4p, 6p, 7p). Encourage your child to apply their understanding of addition to combine the correct coins. Can they find more than one way to do it? (2p + 2p = 4p, 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p =4p)

Your child can also use this game to practise these skills:

Play ‘up to 10p’.

Challenge: Try ‘up to 20p’.


Phonics Home learning

Week ending 6th November 2020

Year 1

In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds in Phase 3. 

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 2 or 3 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in. Remember to choose Phase 3.

Phonics Play are allowing parents of subscribing schools to use their school login to access all the games on Phonics Play.

Mrs Peart has recently sent out the Phonics Play username and password via The School App.

Please note that Phonics Play will only allow children in the subscribing schools to use this login – therefore do not share it on social media or with relatives because they would revoke our use of the website. (SEE SCHOOL APP FOR LOGIN DETAILS)

Amongst the games  is a game called Reading Robot,  which is very similar to the Phonics Screening Check that is usually done in Year 1  in May.  If your child wants to play this, it would really helpful to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.  Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.


Maths Home learning

Week ending 22nd October 2020

Year 1

Number bonds are pairs of numbers that can be combined to make a certain total. For example: 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10, etc.  Knowing our number bonds to 10 and 20 by heart really helps us when solving other calculations.  

Number Bonds Memory Game – Put the digits 0 – 10 face down on the table. Take it in turns to turn over two cards. If they add up to 10, keep them and try again. If they do not add up to 10 turn them back over, but remember where they are as this will help you during your next turn. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. If you can do this easily, you can try the Year 2 game to 20. 


Phonics Home learning

Week ending 16th October 2020


In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds in ‘Phase 3. 

We are so proud of the way the children have been trying their best in Phonics. 

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 2 or 3 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in.

Remember to choose Phase 3.

Until October 21st children are allowed to use the free login:                                  

Username: march20

Password: home

The log in will enable your child to use Reading Robot but you will need to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.                                               

Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.


Home learning

Week ending 9th October 2020


This week we have been practising adding one digit numbers. We have used concrete objects and also tried counting on from the greatest number. For example, when completing 5 + 3, we count on three more – 6,7,8 to get to the total 8.

Use this game to practise your addition skills. Ask your grown up for some concrete objects to help you such as some beads, pasta or lego pieces.

Start with the ‘Up to 10’ questions and then move onto the ‘Up to 15’ and ‘Up to 20’ if you want a challenge!


A warm welcome to Class 4!


Welcome back to school.  It is so lovely to see you again after all this time.  

We hope you are all enjoying being in Class 4. Mrs Lilley teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Green teaches on Wednedsay, Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Cowan, Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Blackburn also work in Class 4.

PE is on Tuesdays with Mr Hiner.

We change the reading books on Mondays.  Please bring your book bags ,reading books and reading diaries every Monday.


This topic is ‘Turrets and tiaras’ and we will be learning about castles, fairy tales and Robin Hood. Our main reading focus will be around the storybook Rapunzel.

In Maths we will be building on our previous knowledge from Foundation Stage around our numbers to 100 by counting forwards and backwards and using our place value knowledge to find missing numbers. In Literacy we will be focusing on writing simple sentences by using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

As scientists we will learn about plants. In ICT we will be looking at how to use the internet safely and use the laptops throughout the curriculum areas for cross curricular learning!


As musicians we will be doing some exciting work on Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom! That sounds fun doesn’t it?




As historians we will learn about Robin Hood and life in medieval times.  As artists we will be studying paintings of castles by famous artists such as Constable and Turner.  As Geographers we will learn about the locations of castles in the United Kingdom. We can't wait to get started!