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Class 4 – Y1

Hello Class 4! I hope you are all well. I am missing you all SO SO SO much. It has been great to see people on Mymaths this past week and I am very impressed with the scores you have achieved. Big well done to everyone who have completed it! I have been busy this weekend gardening. Let's take a look at what your friends have been up to this past week...






Hollie has been very busy growing her own radishes. She has said that she can't wait to taste them and that she is looking forward to seeing her friends again!

We have a few Authors on our hands in Class 4. Take a look at Aya's and Karmen's writing!

Sofia has been hard at work making some magnificent arts and crafts for her local care home. Well done to Sofia and her brother Isaac!

Class 4 children showing their colourful rainbows... #stayhome #savethenhs #weloveourkeyworkers

Miles and his Rainbow painting
Sofia's NHS rainbow up on her window
Stefan proud of his rainbow
Stefan's artwork up at the Rotherham Hospital
Karmen's masterpieces

Henry's History- Alexander Bell

Still image for this video
I think Henry would make a fab reporter!
Don't you think so Class 4?

Here are some of your friends and what they have been getting up to over these past few weeks...

Karmen enjoying a bit of reading.
Karmen learning about geography.
Miles is getting creative.
Miles' Elmer
Miles working hard at his number ordering!
Miles decorating his saltdough creations.
Sofia keeping fit!
Sofia and her cress seeds that she has planted.
Sofia and Isaac learning about the world.
Stefan using his phonics mat in his reading diary!
Stefan staying active outside.
Thomas and his creative DJ set.
Thomas (or should I say Harry Potter) learning.
Thomas showing us all his musical talents!

Over the Easter weekend, myself and my family have been getting into baking and cooking a lot more! The sunshine has been glorious so we have been playing with Lincoln alot in the garden and we think he is getting tired of us now!...

A little message from Miss Knight

Hello Class 4!    

I hope that you have had a lovely Easter in the glorious sunshine. On our class page I will be sharing lots of things that you have been doing at home whilst we have been away from school. Whilst writing this, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say to you all that you are AMAZING! 

You are strong, resilient and absolute superstars. Receiving your emails has put a great, big smile on my face! I have loved seeing your work and all of the fun activities you have been doing. With that said, I thought you would like to see what you and your friends have been getting up to! Take a peak on this page every week, in order to see what new things you and your friends have been learning about or some of the fun things you have been enjoying to do. 


If you would like to send any photos/ videos/ documents to me to share your learning or anything you have been getting up to at home, then email the class email below:


Sending a BIG class 4 smile to you all,

Miss Knight x

Art! This term we are painting our own seascape paintings. In order to create the depth of the seascape pictures we are using for inspiration, we are practising mixing colours to find out different secondary colours that can be made.

Materials,Materials and more materials! In Science we have been looking at materials. To build upon our knowledge of different types of materials, the children were set a task to build a bridge for a toy car to go across. The children put on their engineer hats and accepted the challenge! Take a look at our building process...

SIA(Sitwell Intelligence Agency) TIME! Every week we take part in a special challenge where we have to use our problem solving skills in maths to crack the code! Today we had to figure out how many numbers we could make with 4 or 5 counters. Children were very excited for the challenge!

In maths we have been working out what each digit in a 2digit numbers value is. The children were using their counting in tens skills to help them check their dienes and ones representions.

A big warm welcome to Class 4!


I hope you have all enjoyed the school holidays and that you have had lots and lots of fun! It has been a pleasure to see all your bright and smiley faces again ready to learn.


This topic is 'Sun, sea and sand'. Our main reading focus will be around the storybook 'The Storm Whale.' In maths we will be building on our previous knowledge from foundation stage around our numbers to 100 by counting forwards and backwards and using our place value knowledge to find missing numbers. In literacy we will be focussing on writing simple sentences by using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

As scientists we will learn to name and recognise different materials and describe their properties; plan and carry out experiments to test which materials are waterproof; find out about animals; compare the body parts of different animals and humans. In ICT we will be looking at how to use the internet safely and use the laptops throughout the curriculum areas for cross curricular learning!


As musicians we will Learn about pulse and rhythm; Listen and develop our skills with percussion instruments; use our voices expressively and creatively when singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. As design technologists we will design a a boat just Noi, the main character out of 'The Storm Whale'. 

As historians we will learn about Grace Darling and we will look at the past of seaside towns and compare them to then and now.  As artists we will experiment with colour mixing and create our own seascapes. This will be based on our work around famous artists. As geographers we will locate different countries within the United Kingdom and use a variety of resources to find out about their physical features to develop our geographical vocabulary.