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Class 5 – Y1

Week 6 8th February - Planning overview

Maths week 6 8th February

Week 5 planning overview 1st February

week 5 1st February Maths

Well done everyone who is completing work and sending in photos.

Amazing learning

Some more photos of class 5's fantastic learning

week 3 home learning

Hi Class 5

I hope you are all well. Thank you for the photos of your home learning. I will add a few different ones each week to the class news page. Hope you enjoy this weeks learning. Keep sending photos so that I can save all your work to show what you have been doing. Any questions just ask.

Take care 

Miss Griffiths

Hi Class 5

Please don't forget to email me to let me know you have been completing the home learning and thank you to those children who are already sending me photos of all their work.

Take care 

Miss Griffiths

Hi class 5

I hope that everyone doing home learning is getting on ok. I have received quite a few emails from different children with photos of their work. I must admit that although I am getting to see some of the class on the weeks it is my turn to teach the year 1 bubbles, I am missing being in the classroom with you all and teaching. I's just not quite the same doing it through videos! So, considering that we don't get to be in the classroom together I have made a few additional videos of the other activities we do at school so that you have a variety of things to. In one video I have read a story and in the other I have made something linked to science and our topic that I thought you might like to have a go at doing yourselves. If you manage to fit it in I would love to see some videos of you testing it out. If you go to the video resource centre page you will see the videos under Year 1, Classes 3, 4, 5.

Take care

Miss Griffiths

Home learning week 2 11/1/2021 - Maths

Home learning week 2 11/1/2021 - Phonics

Hi Class 5

I hope you are all well. Your parents will have let you know that school is closed for the time being to keep yourselves and your family safe. Unfortunately this means we won't be able to come into school to do our learning and instead we will have to do this at home. I have added the planning to this page below so that you and your family can read about what we will being learning as part of the topic 'Infinity and Beyond' and help you continue to learn. I have added our timetable so that you can talk to your parents about what we usually do each day as when we are at school we always keep so busy with our learning. 

I will add some videos to the video resource center to support a variety of lessons. Mr Wright will be doing the ones he is planned to teach and the rest will be shared between myself and the other year 1 teachers. I hope these will help you with your home learning. You and your parents can email me on the class 5 email address if you have any questions or you would like to share some photos of what you have been learning. 

Don't forget to continue to learn in a variety of ways using a range of ICT resources, practical activities and recorded work. Maths can be done with objects around the home and also through tasks such as cooking. Don't forget to keep reading everyday like you would at school sometimes with an adult and sometimes independently. 

Take care 

Best wishes

Miss Griffiths

Home learning Hikmah

Home learning Esias.

Hi there 

I just want to say a big thank you for the emails I have been receiving from you all. It has made me so proud that you have worked so hard to continue your learning at home with the support of your family. 

I am looking forward to Friday when hopefully we may get a chance to watch the virtual panto that is being shown today. Mrs peart is trying to sort it out for us so fingers crossed.


Hawah's home learning

Patricks home learning


Home learning Noah

Home learning Feroz

Home learning photos Sophia

Hi everyone in class 5

Hopefully your parents will have received an email by now letting you that we can come back on Friday due to changes in the number of days we have to isolate. This is fantastic news and we will be able to have our lunch time surprise as well as give out the cards you brought in for your friends. We will also make a card for you to take home to your families. Look forward to seeing all Friday. Till then keep up the hard work as you have done so well this term. I have put some videos on he video resource center for you all!


Hi everyone 

It was sad that we had to close our bubble on Friday and I am going to miss spending the last week of our full first term together. We did amazing to get as far as we did. 

I am adding the planning for Literacy, Maths, Foundation subjects and phonics for this week. As we were going to do a few little challenges at the beginning  of the week to see how much you have learnt since September the rest of the planning included some lovely visual Literacy and practical Maths activities to conclude our learning of fractions. I will be doing some  videos and uploading them to the Video Resource Centre on the Children page of the website. 

For the rest of the week we were going to finish off our work on anti-bullying and friendship. We were also going to make our Christmas cards. I have added some ideas for you to the planning.

It would be lovely to receive some emails of any activities and work you do so that I can share it on the class news page. 

I hope you also enjoy a well deserved rest over the 2 week Christmas period as I know you have worked so hard this term as there has been so much learning to cover. It would great to see you all keeping up the Reading and can't wait to listen to you on our return in January. Best wishes to you all and a Happy New Year. 

Take care

Miss Griffiths



4th December 2020

Phonics Homework

Next week in Year 1 we will be checking to see how many Year 1 common exception words we know. 

So here they are.  Practise reading them and choose 5 to spell.  We have taught them all during this half term.

Look for the tricky bit.  Say it the way it is written to help you remember it e.g. friend fri the end. 

Look, cover, write check the word 5 times.

Look at the word.

Cover the word.

Write it down.

Check that it is right.  Repeat 5 times.

            Year 1 tricky words

are ask be by come do friend full go has he here his house I is love me my no of once one our pull push put said says school she so some the there they to today was we were where you your

27th November 2020 

Year 1 Maths Home Learning

This week we have been learning to recognise and describe 2D shapes. Go on a 2D shape hunt around the house. How many squares, rectangles, circles and triangles can you find? Can you count the number of sides and corners?

Play the game below to practise naming shapes based on their properties:

Challenge: In shape world, families are made up of different shapes. Every family has to have a total of nine sides. What shapes could make up one family? For example, a family could be three triangles (3 + 3 + 3 = 9); a different family could be two squares and a circle (4 + 4 + 1 = 9). How many different ways can you find? 

Y1 Phonics Home Learning 20.11.20


Ask your child to teach you all the actions associated with the sounds taught in Phase 3. See below.   Look on our Video Resource Centre on the Children section of our website to learn the actions together watch Miss Weston teach the Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds!


Challenge- Can you make a list of words for 3 of the sounds? 

13th November 2020

Class 5 Home Learning

This week we have been practising recognising coins and notes and using them to make different prices. Get some coins and ask your child to name the value of the coin. Set up a pretend shop and ask your child to use coins to pay for different items. Begin with items for which they can use one coin to pay (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p). Then move onto prices which will mean they have to use more than one coin (3p, 4p, 6p, 7p). Encourage your child to apply their understanding of addition to combine the correct coins. Can they find more than one way to do it? (2p + 2p = 4p, 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p =4p)

Your child can also use this game to practise these skills:

Play ‘up to 10p’.

Challenge: Try ‘up to 20p’.

This week we have been researching about how to make a model castle. We will be making them using junk modeling material. Unfortunately we cannot make one each, instead we are making them in small group so that we can practice our team work skills. A lot of children have suggested that they make one at home as part of their home learning project.  It would be lovely for the children to bring them in to show the rest of the class once they have completed their project. Here is link for some suggestions.

Class 5 Home Learning - 6th November 2020

In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds in Phase 3. 

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 2 or 3 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in. Remember to choose Phase 3.

Phonics Play are allowing parents of subscribing schools to use their school login to access all the games on Phonics Play.

Mrs Peart has recently sent out the Phonics Play username and password via The School App.

Please note that Phonics Play will only allow children in the subscribing schools to use this login – therefore do not share it on social media or with relatives because they would revoke our use of the website. (SEE SCHOOL APP FOR LOGIN DETAILS)

Amongst the games  is a game called Reading Robot,  which is very similar to the Phonics Screening Check that is usually done in Year 1  in May.  If your child wants to play this, it would really helpful to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.  Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.


Home Learning – week ending 22/10/2020

Recap number bonds are pairs of numbers that can be combined to make a certain total. For example: 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10, etc.  Knowing our number bonds to 10 and 20 by heart really helps us when solving other calculate- ons.  

Number Bonds Memory Game – Put the digits 0 – 10 face down on the table. Take it in turns to turn over two cards. If they add up to 10, keep them and try again. If they do not add up to 10 turn them back over, but remember where they are as this will help you during your next turn. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Challenge: Play the above game for number bonds to 20 (you will need digit cards 0 – 20).

If you would like to practise your number bonds using an online game, you can try:

Select ‘Number Bonds’, then either ‘Make 10’, ‘Make 20’ or if you want even more of a challenge ‘Make 100’.

Phonics Home Learning 12.10.20


In Phonics this term we have been revising all the sounds in ‘Phase 3.  We are so proud of the way the children have been trying their best in Phonics. 

You can help by supervising your child to play any of these Phase 2 or 3 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in. Remember to choose Phase 3.

Until October 21st children are allowed to use the free login:                                   Username: march20 Password: home

The log in will enable your child to use Reading Robot but you will need to listen to what your child says and judge whether it is phonetically accurate.                                                Have fun and thank you for working with us to help your child.


Home Learning

Week ending 9th October 2020

This week we have been practising adding one digit numbers. We have used concrete objects and also tried counting on from the greatest number. For example, when completing 5 + 3, we count on three more – 6,7,8 to get to the total 8.

Use this game to practise your addition skills. Ask your grown up for some concrete objects to help you such as some beads, pasta or lego pieces.

Start with the ‘Up to 10’ questions and then move onto the ‘Up to 15’ and ‘Up to 20’ if you want a challenge!

Autumn term September 2020


Hi Children of class 5 and parents. It's Miss Griffiths here.

First I want to wish you all a big welcome to your new class. It has been great to get to know you all in the first 3 days and I am so impressed with how quickly you all settled. It has been great to see you all chatting to your old friends as well as making new ones.


I also want to say a big thank you for the photos of Summer reading challenge. Well done to all those who completed it. I have handed your forms to Mrs Peart. (photos at the bottom of the block)


I will give you an overview of this learning topic work and learning you will be doing. 

This terms topic is called 'Turrets and Tiaras' and as the title suggests it will be about castles and the people who used to live in them. 

We will be making lots of links in Literacy and History about the day in the life of people who lived in them both fictional and non-fiction. 

I was just wandering if any of you have ever visited a castle or the ruin of a castle. I once visited the ruined castle in Castleton. 

We will be reading about the adventures of Robin Hood  and Rapunzel. I wonder if any of you have heard of them or watched the Disney film about Rapunzel called 'Tangled'? We will be writing character descriptions for them and we will also be writing a letter to Rapunzel explaining how she could escape!

In History we will be finding out about the structure of castles and what each part was used for including why castles had turrets. Can you guess why or do your own research? We will also be designing and making our own castles in D&T. 

Geography will be about the four countries in the UK and the different landscapes, including where castles were built.


As well as our topic work we will be scientists learning about and naming a variety of plants and flowers. In computing we will learning what an algorithm is and inputting our own simple ones. It is also very important that we learn about staying safe on the internet. 


In Maths we will be learning to and embedding good counting skills essential for counting on/back/more/less than as well as for adding and subtracting. There will also be a focus on measurement and shapes throughout the term. It is important to be fluent in counting on and back from any number between 1 and 100. 


Lastly we will be thinking about ourselves and what is special to us and celebrating similarities and differences between ourselves and others. Of course we will use our 'Sitwell Super Hero' characters to help us make good choices in and out of school and build a school community through PSHE sessions, assemblies and the school council.


There is also more information about our learning on the Topic web on the website.  


I can't wait to teach and learn with you all and see you flourish at school smiley


Summer reading challenge