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Class 5 – Y1

Quinn's home learning

Sofia's letter from the queen!

Gabriel and his home learning about 'Outrageous Creatures'

Leo's butterflies

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They've hatched!!!

Jasper's home learning. Fab handwriting Jasper!

Leo's animal world

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Teddy practising his football skills

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Class 5's experiences of home learning

Hello everyone in class 5 smiley


We have been at home and away from are friends and colleagues for a while now and I know that I am missing both. However, I have been receiving some lovely e-mails from the children of class 5 detailing their experiences, feelings and learning they have been doing during this time. This has really cheered me up as well as made me so proud of what you are all doing with your families.


I have received this lovely e-mail about Sofia's home learning and as you can see she has been extremely busy with such exciting and varied experiences that go above and beyond just school activities. 


The first week went really well and she enjoyed the structure of the daily schedule 


The last few days however the schedule has relaxed so over the weekend we will makes adjustments and perhaps reduce the daily hours.


Highlights of self isolation include:-


·a science experiment using a dish of milk (representing us / society), pepper sprinkled on top (representing the COVID-19 virus) and she then dipped her finger into liquid soap and placed the finger into the milk. The pepper is detracted away from the finger – promoting efficient and frequent handwashing as a protection measure; and

·learning a little Spanish from a book she had at Christmas. Sofia is currently enjoying reciting key words.


She has also enjoyed helping with preparing dinner on several occasions and learning more about household chores (including changing her bed today!). She also factors time in each day for a lengthy chat to both her Nanan and her Grandmother where she tends to discuss her day; she also speaks to her best friend most days too. Additionally each morning she chooses her own outfit for the day, styles her own hair and applies her own make up, lol.  The Home Hairdressing and Beauty Salon is scheduled tomorrow morning where Sofia will be head stylist / beautician and no doubt her father and I will represent some form of clown."


Reading practice


It has been difficult to choose a selection of Sofia's photos as all of them detail so much. It has been great to see how well she is doing and how much she has completed. Well done Sofia for also practising your IT skills and sending The Prime Minister an email!


Ava has also sent some photos of her activities at home. She says that she is missing being in school with her friends and teachers but is also embracing home learning. Here are a few photos of what she has been doing. 


In week 2 of Ava's home learning she wrote her own e-mail to me which was extremely impressive and shows off how good her literacy skills are. Ava also attached some photos.


Teddy has sent some videos of his drumming skills which he has perfected and follows the beat and rhythm in time with the continents song detailed on the home learning plans. He has also been practising his football skills with his dad and explored make electric circuits with his mum and brother. I am very impressed Teddy!



Jasper has also sent some emails with some pictures. Jasper has been practising lots of things including his handwriting, throwing and catching skills as well as independence skills. He has also been practising his phase 5 graphemes and high frequency words which he nearly knows all of now. Well done Jasper super learning yes!




Leo has also sent some photos of what he been doing in the garden. He has been caterpillar spotting. He collected 5. Wouldn't it be lovely to see them turn into butterflies. I wonder what type they will be?


I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break and made the most of the lovely weather spending it in your gardens. 

I have definately made the most of it by doing some gardening. I have cut the grass and planted some seeds as well as watering my plants to help them grow. My dog Mika has also loved the sunny weather. She loves to sunbathe smiley


I look forward to receiving more e-mails in the up coming weeks and thank you all for all the hard work you are doing to continue your learning. I can't wait to see you all again soon hopefully.



Welcome back to a new school year group


It has been lovely to get to know all the children this first week. They have all shown wonderful behaviour and have been trying so hard in their learning. It has been lovely to see how good they are at following the Sitwell Superhero rules and many children have already reached the stars this week on the rocket. They have been to celebrate this by going to see Mrs Peart and receiving a sticker. She has been very proud of them 😊


The topic this term is called 'Sun Sea and Sand' and is an opportunity to find out about the features of the landscape both human and physical by the coast and to compare these with the features of a town such as Rotherham. This learning is part of the Geography curriculum. Our visit to Cleethorpes is an opportunity to experience these features first hand and be immersed in their learning.


Also in Geography we will be learning about the United Kingdom and the four countries within the UK. The children will have to be able to name all four!


In Maths we have been learning to count amd recognise numbers to 100. The tricky numbers are the ones where we have been bridging 10s. 


In Literacy we have also been looking at ficton texts and are reading The Storm Whale. There are some links to science that we are going to be exploring. 


As Autumn approaches we will be observing and commenting on the changes we see and notice aboht the weather and the natural world around them.


We look forward to discussing your child's progress in the first half term after the october half term break. If you have any questions prior to this please have a chat whenever you need.