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Class 5 – Y1

Summer Term

We are now in the last term of the year!


This term our topic is Enchanted Forests. We are reading and re-telling traditional tales from different cultures such as Baba Yaga and Hansel and Gretel. As part of the literacy curriculum we have been learning about noun phrases and used our knowledge of adjectives to describe the setting in the stories.


In Maths we are embedding our knowledge of place value. We are super at counting forwards to 100. It would be really good if we could practice counting backwards as we are finding this a little more tricky! Everyday we could do this during our journey to and from school!


As part of the topic we are looking forward to our visit to Squirrel Wood next week. Hopefully the weather will be fine and we will be able to do lots of activities. Photos will be added to the website after the visit for parents to see.


In the Foundation Subjects we been been learning about algorithms in ICT and directional  language in Geography. To bring the learning to life we went on a local walk and wrote about the journey we took including words such as left, right, straight on. 

To broaden our experience in Music we have listened to a different composer this half term. His name is Joe Hisaishi. He composed a a piece of music for a Japanese fantasy film set in an enchanted forest. 

Live and Learn are leading our PE in PE and we are practising to play cricket!


Spring term



The first half term was full of exciting learning linked to space. We have learned about famous astronauts and even learned that Tim Peake, who is British has been to the International Space Station! 

In DT we designed and made our own space buggies out of junk. These are displayed in our classroom.

To bring our learning to life we had a visit from the Wonder dome. It was amazing to see the solar system in 3D. 

Art has been about Vincent Van Gough. We looked at his art work and learned about about him. We even tried using pastels to recreate his picture 'A Storry Night'.

Maths has been very practical using concrete objects to solve addition and subtraction problems. We have also had opportunities to revisit and embed our knowledge of numbers to 100, counting forwards and backwards, recalling numbers that are 1 more/less.


The second part of this term is about the Ocean. We have used our geographical knowledge to find and name the five oceans and researched the different creatures that live in the sea. To practice our ICT skills we have made the front cover of a fact file that we have been writing, about different ocean animals. We have learnt to use a key board and type text and insert pictures. 

We are looking forward to our visit to The Deep in Hull and are counting down the days. This keeps us practising how to count backwards like we do in Maths. 


Another exciting part of this half term have been World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite characters and shared our books with our friends. 



Autumn 2

Well done class 5. What a fabulous first half term we have had. I enjoyed seeing you every day and helping you to learn more and more.


We are now into the second half of our topic 'Cold hands warm heart'. We will be learning about the seven continents and which continents are near the equator and which ones are near the coldest parts of the world.  The children have shown particular interest in Geography since the beginning of the school year.


Thank you to all those who completed a manifesto for the school council. The children have had an opportunity to deliver their speeches to the rest of the class and did an excellent job of sharing the qualities they have to fulfil the role effectively.  The votes have been counted and the winners of the vote are Veronika and Zidane. We know that they will do a fabulous job of representing the class and sharing all of our ideas, views and needs. We also have 2 runners up that may need to stand in and they are Datha and Beth. Well done!


In maths we are focusing on adding and subtracting. It is important that we know what both terms mean before we can have a go at addition and subtraction sentences. We have practised recognising the symbols + -. It is also important to practise an number of strategies starting with using objects, then fingers. We can also put the greatest number in our head and count on to find the total.


In literacy we are exploring instructions eg recipes, games, models. We need to understand that instructions need to have verbs in them in order for us to know how to do it.


In science we will learning about animals and categorising them according to what they look like, what they eat eg, wings, legs, fur, scales, eats meat, eats vegetation etc.


Following the success of our owl visitor last half term we have organised another visitor for this half term. It is called 'Sublime Science'. It will be a workshop led by an adult where the children will have lots of hands on experiences.


It is that time of the year when we begin our Christmas nativity practice. We will be holding auditions for those children to wish to have a speaking part. Once the parts have been confirmed we will send home words to practice including words for the songs. All dates available on  the website.



Keep up the hard work class 5!


Welcome back to a new year in School!


It has been lovely to get to know all the children new to class 5. We have settled in quickly and have already shown good attitudes towards each other and our learning. 


This week we have introduced our new topic 'Cold Hands Warm Heart'. We have already discussed the qualities of a warm heart and how this helps us get on with others. In literacy we have linked this to writing sentences describing  our personalities. 

Still to come we will be learning about our planet and where we find cold lands and the animals that inhabit it as part of Geography.

As part of our role to form a school council we will be learning about the first set of Laws in England and understanding which ones we still follow today.

As part of Science we will be exploring the change in Seasons. It would be good to talk about these changes as you walk to school, looking at the trees, describing the change in weather.

Maths we will continuing the skills we learnt in Foundation and now developing our knowledge of numbers up to 100. We will understand the value of two digit numbers in tens and units. We will also be practising skills and strategies to add and subtract two numbers. It is very important that we can count, recognise and order numbers to 100. 


We are planning a topic 'hook day' called 'cold as ice' and the date for this will be sent out on the next news letter.


At the end of this half term we will be holding parents evenings to discuss the progress your child/ren have made during their first half term.


Please continue to read with your child/ren at least three times a week as this will help them in all areas of learning and understanding!