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Class 6 – F2

Spring 1 

It's a Kind of Magic


This half term we have been learning about Superheroes as a part of our It's a Kind of Magic topic. 

We have started by thinking about real life Superheroes. We began by thinking about the people who help us at home and we have completed some writing about all of the things different members of our families help us to do. We have also learnt about the various jobs that the police do to keep us safe and help us. 

We are now exploring the jobs that the staff within school do. We realised how many different jobs both Mrs Darkin and Mrs Roper do for us throughout the school day! We are all really looking forward to visiting the Boiler Room with Mr Green and learning about some of the things that he does to help us. The children were very excited to learn that the boiler room was underneath school and we would have to under the building!

In maths we have explored different measures including measuring height, weight and length. We are now using the correct language when talking about these.  Class 6 are now learning about money and the value of coins. 

                      Autumn 2

Proud to be me!

This term we are continuing our Proud to be me topic but we are going to be finding about different celebrations. We will learn about the celebrations different people celebrate in our Class, as well as around the world. We have already learnt about Bonfire Night and Diwali. Children enjoyed making their own fireworks. Later in the term we will also learn about Birthdays, Eid and Christmas. 

On the 26th of November we will be visiting Wickersley Library to find out about how the library works and to explore all the wonderful books we can borrow to read at home.

This term the children will also be very busy rehearsing our Christmas performance. This year it is called Shine Star Shine! We have already begun to learn the songs and all the children are doing an amazing job! We hope to see you there.


Autumn 1


Welcome to Class 6. We have really enjoyed meeting our new children and getting to know everyone. Already some new friendships are developing both in and out of the class.


Our Topic this term is 'Proud to be me!' where we will be talking about a range of topics relating to ourselves and our families.  During our circle times all of our children are learning to listen to the views of other children and we've already found out lots of information about our friends. 


We have already been working on listening carefully to the initial sounds in words and lots of our children can already hear the first sound. Shortly the children will be introduced to phonics sessions where we will learn about rhyming and some letters sounds. We will be sending out phonics homework each week to reinforce the sounds we have learnt in class.


In maths we are practicing counting forwards and backwards using number rhymes such as 5 Little Ducks and One potato, Two potato. These help the children to recognise  the correct order of numbers which will help when we are learning about addition and subtraction. Later in the term we will move on to learning about shapes and patterns. 


Class 6 have been enjoying our PE sessions with Miss Cleminson. She has been very impressed with how well the children have followed instructions and are learning how to take part in team games. Well done Class 6.