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Class 7 – F2

Summer 1 Term

Hello Again Class 7!

I hope your are all okay and still enjoying time at home with your families!

Well - a new term begins but sadly we still cannot be together in school crying.

However - we can still keep in touch and share our news here on our website smiley, so if you want to let me and the Class 7 team know about your adventures and home learning, just send us an email with your news and photos to and I will keep adding them to our page here!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the messages that we have received from our class members so far! (Scroll down and take a look below and also under Spring 2 Term too to see them all!! Can you spot any new ones?!) Let's keep in touch, keep smiling and keep up all your fabulous learning and hard work!!!yes heart


Well another week has passed! I hope you are all well and have been enjoying our story this week about The Very Hungry Caterpillar - and all the activities we have planned around it! Don't forget to check out all the videos - all the FS2 teachers were very busy last week making one all about riddles and Mrs Cheetham was very clever at putting it all together! Take a look - hope you like it!heart  We can't wait to hear you riddles too!


Ines has been back in touch to update us on what she got up to last week at home! She said she loved reading the story all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and did lots of activities around it such as painting a butterfly using symmetry, baking a cake using biscuits and painting a caterpillar using handprints!heart




She also matched the food that the caterpillar ate each day with the days of the week - take a look - can you remember what he ate and can you remember the order of the days of the week?cool


She also had lots of fun re-telling the story following the Cosmic Yoga video - have you tried it too? It's great!yes


She even watched a powerpoint presentation to find out about the lifecycle of a butterfly! Well done Ines - I bet you have learnt lots of information!


Do you remember she told us about her wobbly tooth last week? Well - it is still wobbly, but our friend Esias has very kindly given her a special Tooth Fairy pouch to put it in! They made sure they only waved at each other from a distance though to keep safe and well - very important as it is still not safe for us all to play together!!! What a lovely gift !


It has also been lovely to hear from Hamza! He is keeping very well at home with his family and has been busy baking for Eid! Hamza's mum explained it's an Egyptian tradition to make biscuits, and kahk stuffed with a kind of sugary jello which is an Egyptian version of turkish delights! They make them to eat on Eid morning after they break their fast! They sound delicious!smiley Take a look below!




What a lovely sunny Bank Holiday weekend!!smiley I was able to spend lots of time relaxing in my garden, reading, listening to music and enjoying barbecues with my family! I went out walking too and I saw some lovely decorations and bunting around for the VE Day celebrations! What have you been up to?


Ines has enjoyed the VE Day celebrations at home. She baked some delicious buns and had a tea party! smileyShe says she is hoping to make some pizza at home too! Perhaps she will let us know how she gets on?!

She has also been busy planting some seeds, just like I was the other day! She has  written some instructions to tell everyone what to do and has also made a diary to record the changes as they grow each day!yes


Ines has also been working hard on her maths skills this week. She has been doing some estimating and also making some repeating patterns. Can you spot what they are?cool

Ines was also very excited to let us know she has a wobbly tooth! She is hoping that the Tooth Fairy come and visit her soon!smiley


This week I have been busy at home doing lots of different jobs for school. One of the things I had a lot of fun doing was planting some seeds in my garden and making a learning video to share with you all about our Understanding The World activities this week! It felt very strange talking to you all when I couldn't see you!

I have also been getting plenty of fresh air over the weekend, going for walks and painting the fence at the bottom of my garden! In the evening I made some homemade pizzas with my family - we cooked them outside on our little pizza oven - they were delicious! Have you been doing any cooking or baking with your families? 

Love from Mrs Hague


Aizha wanted to share her latest news - she has made a super phonics activity at home using plastic cups to help her apply all her letters and digraphs! yesI hope we can play it when we are all together in Class 7!smiley


Last week Ines enjoyed learning all about the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt! She says her little brother loved it too! smileyShe made a super collage story map - take a look!cool

She even went on her own bear hunt in a forest near her home! I hope she wasn't scared! surprise

She has also been solving some addition and subtraction problems, using her numberline to help her count on and back.yes

Ines has been enjoying some arts and crafts too - I love her fantastic crocodile!heart Maybe you might like to try making one too?


Aizha has been in touch again to share her recycling project and share her really important message to love our world and take care of our planet!heart If you look carefully you will see she has remembered to include the green recycling sign too! Brilliant Aizhayes
























It's been lovely to hear from Keyan! He has been busy practising counting back from 20 and also writing in his green book - I'm looking forward to reading it when we get back to school!smiley

Keyan also says he has been finding the Alphablocks activities on YouTube really useful. He has also been learning his tricky works and using them in sentences while kicking his ball outside - what a great way to learn! Well done Keyan!yes


Ines wanted to share all her Easter time news! She has had a super time doing all sorts of Easter crafts with her family and had an Easter Egg treasure hunt too! Did your have one at your home? Look carefully and see if you can work out some of the clues below!cool My favourite is the one about the room where you brush and flush!!heart


Ines also made some owls out of wool pom-poms and gave them some really cool names - Bee Bee, Tee Tee, Two and Pika Choo!! smileyTake a look below - you may even want to have a go yourself!


Some other activities Ines wanted to share were: a Disney on Ice skating rink she made with her brother Dominic, making colourful flowers from eggboxes and also some painting on clingfilm wrapped around her table! Maybe we'll try that one together in our classroom when we get back to school! It sounds like lots of fun!smiley

Ines says she has also been busy outside bike riding, kite flying and helping in the garden to sweep up the leaves!

She has also been working on her maths, learning number bonds to 20 and practising counting in 2s and 10s patterns using her lego pieces to help her!

Ines loves to read and has found the Oxford Owl website very helpful - she has been reading a different book every day - fabulous! Just like the Determinator!!yes

Now she has started to learn all about the solar system and our world and how we can look after it. I can't wait for her to share her news about that later!heart


Aizha had a very special day last Friday - it was her birthday!!!angel Sadly we couldn't all sing Happy Birthday to her in school and do our birthday claps, but hopefully we will be able to make it up to her when we all get together again! It certainly looks as if she had a super day at home - just look at her fabulous birthday cake!cheeky

She also wanted to share some pictures of her lovely birthday presents! How lucky is she to have her own ice cream cart - just what we all need in this lovely sunshine! I'm sure you will all want to join me in wishing her a very Happy Birthday!heart


As promised, Ines has been back in touch to share all her learning from last week about our planet! She says she really enjoyed this theme and as you can see she has been very busy making a paper mache Earth model and a super collage poster about taking care of our planet!yes

She has also been using her imagination to create her very own planet! I would love to visit it - the glittery pink beach sounds amazing and it wouldn't even matter if it rained because it would be all sparkly too!smiley

Ines has also been busy with her maths learning! She enjoyed reading the story Barry - The Fish with Fingers to help her with number bonds and used her lego blocks to help her with her counting patterns. She also used them to help her create some repeating patterns - look carefully - can you spot them?cool


While out walking Ines has found a branch in the forest and she has put it in some water at home. She is hoping it grows some roots - can you remember which part of a plant they are? If it does she will plant it outside - I wonder what sort of tree it will grow into? Look carefully at the leaves to see if you can work it out - you may need to use an information book or the internet to help you!cool

After all her hard work, Ines' Mum thought she deserved a special certificate - Star of the Week! I agree - she has certainly been like the Determinator! Well done Ines!yes







Spring 2 Term!


Hello Class 7!


I hope you are all okay and staying safe at home with your families. Sadly we have not been able to spend much time together during our Spring 2 term but I wanted to say how proud I am of you all for the hard work you are continuing to do at home - you really are all like our Sitwell Superheroes! Also a big thankyou to your grown-ups who are helping you be the best that you can be!  

Over the last few weeks I have been very lucky to receive emails from some of our friends in Class 7 telling me all about some of the exciting things they have been getting up to at home. They have really made me smile smiley - so I thought it would be lovely to share them with you all as I know we are all missing each other! See which friendly faces you can spot?!cool


Ireoluwa has been having fun doing a 3D shape treasure hunt at home in his kitchen! smiley Can you work out the shapes he managed to find?







He has also been busy with his maths learning, using his abacus to help him solve addition problems and record  some number sentences!

yes Great job Ireoluwa!


Ines has also been keeping busy learning about shapes!



She has also been practising her digraphs and using them to help her read some of her favourite books!!               

She even put her PE kit on to do some morning exercises with Joe Wicks!heart                                                                                               

Look at the lovely rainbow she made to decorate her window! yesIsn't it colourful? Have you made a rainbow too?  

Ines has also been using stamps to help her write her phase 4 tricky words - what a creative way to learn!

She also enjoyed reading our new traditional tale - The Elves and the Shoemaker. This was one of my favourite stories when I was a little girl!heart Ines had lots of fun making masks and puppets to help her re-tell the story in her dolls' house - fantastic! Wow Ines! - you have certainly been keeping very busy at home!!smiley















































Aizha has been enjoying the lovely sunshine out in her garden planting vegetables! smiley I wonder what she will grow - I hope she keeps in touch to let us know! Don't forget to water them Aizha!

She was also very proud of the princess cup cakes she baked. Don't they look delicious!!heart Well Done Aizha! yes


Esias has been busy doing lots of activities based around Jack and the Beanstalk. Take a look at some of them!

Here he is using some beans to help him with his maths learning. I love that you are recording your work in your green book Esias!smiley



What a great way to learn your number bonds to ten Esias!yes Your beanstalk is nearly as tall as you! You've remembered to keep practising your handwriting too - keep it up!smiley














It looks as though he has had a lot of fun exploring symmetrical patterns by creating wonderful butterflies! I love them - that is a job I like to do in the classroomheart

Esias has also been enjoying the sunshine out on his bike! He says he has been having lots of fun playing football at home too - I know he enjoys doing that in our outdoor area at school! A great way to keep fit and healthy!yes


Aayush has been keeping busy practising his handwriting too! Remember what we say in our class - the more you practise, the better you get!!yes

He has also been working hard on his counting and number recognition and enjoys joining in with some of the Jack Hartman songs we like to sing in class! Aayush says he has been enjoying playing with his lego as well as painting and drawing, cooking and gardening too!

Well done Aayush! smiley


Hibba has been practising writing some sentences at home too! She has been working really hard on her cursive letter formation! Keep trying Hibba - you are being like the Determinator! smiley


Wow - haven't lots of you been really busy at home! I've really enjoyed sharing all your news. I've been keeping busy too! I have enjoyed being out in the sunshine gardening at home - there have been lots of jobs to do at this time of year! Sometimes I have joined in with Joe Wicks' PE Classes in the morning to help me keep fit and healthy, plus I have been going for lots of walks around where I live. I have also been baking lots of cakes too because we had a few birthdays in our house recently, including mine! Thankyou for everyone who sent me lovely happy birthday videos - I loved them all and they really made my day special!!



Take care everyone and keep in touch on our class emailheart

Love from Mrs Hague and the Class 7 team!



Spring 1 2020

A new year and a new topic - It's a kind of magic!


We began our new topic by thinking about superheroes and making links with real life superheroes who help us every day, such as people in our families. We then started to think about other people who help us, such as the police and firefighters, learning how to find out more information about them using the internet and information books. This helped us to write some facts in our literacy sessions about what the police do, what they wear and the equipment they use. 


We have also been finding out about the vehicles the emergency services use and have even been comparing a new fire engine with one that was used over 100 years ago - it didn't even have an engine but was pulled along by horses!


We have been very creative making 3D models of emergency vehicles. First we drew plans of our vehicles, applying our maths knowledge about 2D and 3D shapes to think about the boxes and materials we would need, before putting them together and adding lots of details, such as flashing lights!


In our maths sessions we have also had lots of fun finding out about the weight, length and height of objects and using the correct language to describe them. We really enjoyed measuring each other to find out who was the tallest or shortest, using non-standard units such as our hands!


Later on this term we are all going to be superheroes and think about how we can all help to save our planet when we think about recycling!

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 has been  very busy half term with lots of rehearsals for our Christmas concert - Shine Star Shine! We all have a part and have enjoyed learning all the new songs!

During our Literacy and Understanding the World sessions we have been learning about different celebrations such as Diwali, Eid, Bonfire night, Hanukah and Christmas! We have been thinking about the things that are similar in these celebrations, such as giving gifts and eating special food, but have also thought about the things that are different about them. For instance, we have found out that people go to different places of worship for each celebration, such as a mosque for Eid or a church for Christmas, and we went to visit Reverend Karen at her church where she explained how Christians celebrate Christmas there. As we walked there it was also a great opportunity for us to have a look at our local environment too, noticing all the different buildings and shops around us!

This half term we have also been very excited getting ready for our Christmas Party. During our maths sessions we voted on the sort of food we wanted to eat and decided we would rather bake our own gingerbread men instead of buying them from the shops - lots of fun and very tasty!







Autumn 1 2019

Welcome to Class 7!

We have been very busy this week getting to know each other and learn everyone's names - it has been very exciting making new friends!

We are also learning to follow all our new rules and routines with the six Sitwell Superheroes  who are helping us to develop our lifeskills, such as being kind, honest and always being determined and working hard!


This term our new topic is called Proud To Be Me! We are looking forward to finding out about each other, talking about our families and learning about the place we live, recognising that some things may be similar while others may be different. We are going to be practising our cutting skills to make some Puzzle Portraits jigsaws - look out for them on the walls around our classroom and in the school hall to see if you can work out who is who!


This term we are going to develop our reading skills and learn about all the sounds letters make and how we can blend them together to read words. Also we are learning how to talk about stories and describe the characters and the sequence of events. We have all received our new Reading Diaries with our reading targets - and have started to take reading books home to share with our families. If we read at least 3 times a week and fill in our reading diaries, Mrs Hague will give us a stamp when she collects our diaries in every Thursday. When we have collected 6 stamps we will be able to choose a prize from Mrs Pearts special prize box!


We will also develop our writing skills and are going to be learning how to form cursive letters! This may be a bit tricky at first, but we know that if we keep practising like The Determinator (who never gives up!) we will get better and better!


During our Maths sessions we are singing lots of number songs to practise our counting skills, both forwards and backwards. We are also learning to recognise our numbers 0-20 and match them to the correct amounts of objects.


We were very happy to have our first PE session with Live Learn Sports, where we played some games. We are also learning to be independent in getting changed for PE, learning how to dress ourselves and look after our belongings - this is something we can practise at home. Our indoor PE day in Class 7 is on Tuesday and we must remember to have our PE kits in school on this day, and also to remove our earrings.


So as you can see, we are going to be very busy in Class 7 - exciting times ahead!