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Class 7 – F2







Autumn 1 2019

Welcome to Class 7!

We have been very busy this week getting to know each other and learn everyone's names - it has been very exciting making new friends!

We are also learning to follow all our new rules and routines with the six Sitwell Superheroes  who are helping us to develop our lifeskills, such as being kind, honest and always being determined and working hard!


This term our new topic is called Proud To Be Me! We are looking forward to finding out about each other, talking about our families and learning about the place we live, recognising that some things may be similar while others may be different. We are going to be practising our cutting skills to make some Puzzle Portraits jigsaws - look out for them on the walls around our classroom and in the school hall to see if you can work out who is who!


This term we are going to develop our reading skills and learn about all the sounds letters make and how we can blend them together to read words. Also we are learning how to talk about stories and describe the characters and the sequence of events. We have all received our new Reading Diaries with our reading targets - and have started to take reading books home to share with our families. If we read at least 3 times a week and fill in our reading diaries, Mrs Hague will give us a stamp when she collects our diaries in every Thursday. When we have collected 6 stamps we will be able to choose a prize from Mrs Pearts special prize box!


We will also develop our writing skills and are going to be learning how to form cursive letters! This may be a bit tricky at first, but we know that if we keep practising like The Determinator (who never gives up!) we will get better and better!


During our Maths sessions we are singing lots of number songs to practise our counting skills, both forwards and backwards. We are also learning to recognise our numbers 0-20 and match them to the correct amounts of objects.


We were very happy to have our first PE session with Live Learn Sports, where we played some games. We are also learning to be independent in getting changed for PE, learning how to dress ourselves and look after our belongings - this is something we can practise at home. Our indoor PE day in Class 7 is on Tuesday and we must remember to have our PE kits in school on this day, and also to remove our earrings.


So as you can see, we are going to be very busy in Class 7 - exciting times ahead!