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Class 7 – F2

Hello everybody!

Week 4 - W/c 25th January

Please find this week's home learning planning and resources below.

Scroll down below this to catch up with what some of our class mates have been up to this week!

If you have any work or news you would like to share or if you have any questions, please get in touch on our class email -

It's great to find out what you are all getting up to!

Handwriting Home Learning w.c. 18.01.21

Week 3

Hello Class 7!

Another Friday! Well done to everyone who has been working so hard this week at home - you are making me very proud!

Isla has been busy planting seeds at home - she says she will let us know how they grow! She has really enjoyed the Jack and the Beanstalk story and has made a super story map! Great!

Bahar has also loved retelling the story! Brilliant!

So did Ethan! He has also been working hard on his phonics 'oo' sound and practising his tricky words. Great work!

Hello Class 7!

It was lovely to see so many of you on our zoom call yesterday - isn't it nice to catch up and have a chat! I will arrange another one for next week and send out the details again.

Andrada told us about some of her home learning during the call but here are some photos of her work. She has been busy learning about positional language in maths, retelling the Jack and the Beanstalk story and also has being doing some lovely handwriting! Well done!yes


Hi everyone - it's Tuesday!

In school today we have enjoyed a great PE session with Mr Hiner! We played lots of different games to get us moving quickly and using all different parts of our bodies - it was good fun!smiley

We have also been writing lists of the characters and different settings found in the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Someone else who has been busy doing this job is Isla - she has sent in a photo of her list and it is great to see her using her writing skills in this way - well done!yes Isla has also been finding out about the Chinese New Year as part of her RE learning. She says she has really enjoyed this - isn't her costume beautiful!heart



Don't forget our zoom class catch up call is tomorrow afternoon! I do hope you can join us - don't forget to bring something you have been doing to share with everyone. It's great to keep in touch and find out what you have all been up to!

Hello Class 7 - I do hope you have all had a lovely Monday and are enjoying your home learning! I have been in school teaching in the classroom today and we really enjoyed listening to the Jack and the Beanstalk story!

I have had lots of lovely messages over the weekend with lots of you wanting to share all your hard work so far! Well done everybody - you are making me feel very proud!

Take a look below to see if you can spot yourself! There are some of Mrs Peart's Reading Challenge photos included too. Wow - you all had some great ideas for finding different places to readyes, but we must say a huge well done to Andrada for being this week's FS2 winner!smiley Take a look at this week's Family Fitness Challenge - I'm sure you will have lots of fun!

Here is Andrada's winning entry - she built a snowman and then read to him!heart

She has also been busy learning about positional language in Maths and practising her letter formation!yes

I loved Olivia's entry too! heartHow lovely to read outside up a tree in the woods! 


Ava has been extremely busy! She loved learning about height in maths and enjoyed measuring her teddies! heartShe also used her character masks to retell the Little Red Riding Hood story in Literacy and practised her letter formation too - great job Ava! yesShe even kept herself fit and active with a trip to the playground!


Edward wanted to share some of his work with us all too! He enjoyed playing on Phonics Play and came up with a really good idea for a measuring tape in maths to measure height- using his lined paper!yes

Edward really enjoyed making his mask for the Little Red Riding Hood story! He enjoyed it so much he made a body for it too - brilliant!Edward has also been keeping fit like Ava by doing some Cosmic Yoga! Have you tried it - it's lots of fun!smiley

Hamid has also been learning all about height - he made a great chart to record all his results when he measured his family. smileyCan you see who was the tallest? He has also been using his phonics and handwriting skills to write a sentence - well done!

Welcome to Wednesday!

It was great to see all the people who joined our class zoom call earlier today! I loved hearing what you have been up to! heart You all have been busy working hard at home - well done!

Watch this space for more photos of your work!!! 


Snow fun this afternoon!

Foundation Subjects Home Learning w/c 11.01.21

Week 2

Hello everyone!

We've made it to Friday again! What a busy week it has been!

This morning we had a lovely catch up on our zoom call - I do hope you enjoyed it if you managed to join us! It was great to see your smiley faces again and to see all the lovely work you have been busy completing.heart

It sounds as though lots of you have been having lots of fun in the snow making snowmen and throwing some snowballs too! Don't worry if you were not able to join us today - I have arranged another call for next week on Wednesday afternoon, so hopefully you might be able to take part then!


To finish off our week Isla has sent me some more photos of her work. She has made a super mask of Little Red Riding Hood - I love her red hood and cape! heart In maths, she has made a height chart using hands to help her measure just how tall she is - what a great idea Isla!yes 

Hello everyone!

Well - today we have woken up to a very snowy Thursday! I expect some of you are very excited and are looking forward to playing out in the snow - so here is a challenge for you! I wonder who will be able to build the tallest snowman? You see - we can still have fun using our maths skills outside too!

Here are some more Class 7 superstars who would like to share their work!

Bahar has been busy drawing a picture for us - look at how carefully she has coloured it in! Great job! smiley

Adam has also been it touch to share what he has been up to at home, practising his number formation and writing about dinosaurs on his super whiteboard! You have used super cursive letters - well done Adam!yes


Andrada has been a very busy bee too! Look at all the things she has been up to - learning all about length in maths, practising her tricky words in phonics and writing all about her favourite superheroes and story characters in literacy! Fabulous!smiley


I'm looking forward to catching up with you all on our Class 7 zoom call tomorrow morning! Hope you can join us for a chat and to share your news!

Hello everyone! It's Wednesday - we're half way through the week already! Hope everyone is ok and keeping busy like Ethan and Isla - they have some more photos to share with you!

As part of his maths learning, Ethan has used his jenga blocks to build towers of different heights! yesHe has been practising his cursive handwriting too - working on his ladder letters. Remember we always say in Class 7 that doing a little bit every day really does help us to get better and improve! Well done Ethan for continuing to work so hard at home!smiley


Isla says she has also enjoyed learning all about height - she has  ordered her superheroes and has been building towers and measuring them to find out how tall they are smiley

Isla has also been just like the determinator practising her handwriting too! She has applied these skills to make a story sandwich about The Little Red Riding Hood - great job Isla!smiley


Good Morning Class 7!

It looks as though we are going to have a lovely bright, sunny Tuesday today!heart

I've got some more home learning work to share with you!


Bahar has been busy practising her numbers from 1-40! She has also been practising recognising her tricky words and her cursive letter formation what a superstar!smiley


Vaara has been in touch again to share her drawing of the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. I think you will agree she has done a fantastic job and I love the adjectives - wow words - she has used to describe him too! Do you think he has a cheeky grin too? Well done Vaara!yes


Good Morning Class 7!

It's Monday again - the start of another school week - even though we are not altogether in Class 7 at school! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your weekends! I have been on some long walks around where I live - the fresh air always makes me feel better!


I've heard from some more of our Class 7 superstars so I wanted to share what they have been up to!

Edward has been busy writing about his favourite superhero - Captain America! He has been like the Determinator using his cursive letter formation - fantasticyes!


Freya has been thinking about our It's a Kind of Magic topic too! She has been very creative making her own picture of A Little Mermaid! She has used glue and glitter to make it sparkle! Well done Freyasmiley!


Keeping trying to be the best you can be everyone!


Week 1

Good Morning Class 7! It's Friday - Yay!!! Nearly the weekend after a very strange week!


Hope you are all still ok! I was expecting to wake up to some snow this morning so was quite surprised when I looked out of my window to find there wasn't any! I had thought some of you could have used your maths skills to measure the length of your footprints in the snow - a bit like Mystery Mouse has been doing with the Superheroes footprints he keeps on finding! Oh well - never mind!


I wanted to share some more work that children have sent in - some more Class 7 Determinators!

Hugo has been busy drawing a picture of his family and labelling them all. Well done Hugo!smiley What a great job!yes Take a look -


Olivia has been busy too! She also has a Superhero sister who she has been writing about!

Olivia has really enjoyed a tricky word hunt at home too and has been taking a register of all her toys and organising their lunches - she made a chart to show us what everyone wanted! That's just like our morning jobs at school! smileyBrilliant Olivia! yes

Good Morning Class 7 - Happy Thursday!


I hope you are all keeping well and getting stuck into your learning at home! Just remember to do the best you can!


Ethan has been in touch to share what he has been up to at home - he has been practising his cursive letter formation and then has written a great sentence about his superhero - his sister! What a superstar - he's being just like the Determinator!




Also Hamid has been busy at home and has sent some photos of himself practising writing his name and also carrying on his maths learning all about length! Another Sitwell Superhero - well done!!!



I have also heard from Isla! She too thinks her sister is her Superhero for helping her to read! Isla has been busy measuring ribbons to find out how long and short they are yes! She also says she is going to have a tricky word hunt at home too! Well done Isla - another Class 7 Determinator!


Vaara also wanted to share a photo of her learning at home. She has been busy measuring the length of different objects around her house! Keep up your great learning Vaara and being like our Sitwell Superheroes!smiley



Please see below an example of our school day and routine in school and a list of suggestions for support with breaking up the home learning sessions and providing children with free choice exploring time.

Good Morning Class 7!


Well I didn't expect to be having to speak to you in this way this morning instead of seeing all your smiley faces in the classroom! Sadly, as you will now know, we won't be able to come to school and be in our classroom for the next few weeks but we can still work together to carry on your learning at home!


I have attached our planning for the remainder of this week so that you can still continue your learning at home. Each week I will add new learning for the week and add some videos too that will help you with the activities. You will be able to find these on the Video Resource Centre on the website.


Don't forget you can send me any photos or news of what you have been up to through our class email -  


Keep safe everyone!

Love from Mrs Hague


Happy Christmas Everyone!

We have had great fun at our Class 7 Christmas party today! We danced and played games - Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues and Musical Corners! We also loved eating the gingerbread men we had baked and decorated earlier in the week - they were delicious! Yummy!!!!!!
See if you can spot yourself below - 


Maths Home Learning - Week beginning 07/12/20


Subject: Maths

Year Group: FS2

Week Beginning: 07/12/20


Learning Objective:

To be able to select correct numeral to represent 1 to 5 , then 1 to 10 objects.


To be able to find 1 more from a group of up to 5 or 10.


In practical activities and discussion, to begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.

To be able to count objects to 10.


Resources: A 5 frame or 10 frame. Can you draw your own frames as shown below? Can you build your own frames using twigs/sticks outside? Or draw with chalk on the floor?























Activity: This week, we have been learning about subtraction and counting back.

We have been talking lots about how when you count back, we go backwards on our number line. When you take away from a group of objects, you will have less. The amount will be less, you will have fewer objects left. Can you use objects to place into your 5 or 10 frame to complete different subtraction problems or finding 1 less than.


Possible extension activity: Can you write down some of your problems as number sentences?


E.g. 6 - 3 = ____












6 - 3 = 3













An interactive resource:

This is an activity which could also be used to complete subtraction problems to 10.

Phonics Home Learning Week 5


Subject: Phonics

Year Group: FS2

Week Beginning: 30/11/20


Learning Objective:

To be able to read words containing our new digraphs ‘th’ and ‘ng’.


To be able to recognise all letters of the alphabet and say correct sound.


To be able to recognise all Phase 2 common exception words – the, no, go, I, into, to.


To begin to recognise the Phase 3 common exception  words we have covered so far – he, she, we, me, be.


Resources: Phonics Play


Activity:  This week we have been finding out about 2 new digraphs – th and ng.

‘th th thank you’ and ‘ng ng thing on a string’. Can you remember what a digraph is? When two letters works together to make one sound. Can you access the Phonics Play website to complete the following game – Make a Match - This activity will support your child to segment and blend words containing the digraphs we have taught so far.


(Log in details for Phonics Play have been shared by Mrs Peart)


Possible extension activities:

  1. Pick a picture – Phonics Play interactive activity segmenting and blending activity. Use the following link to access the game: Select ‘Phases 3 Set 6-7’ option.
  2. Can you make your own Phase 3 reading flashcards by writing the following words onto strips of paper:
  • shop
  • chip
  • thick
  • quack
  • sing
  • long
  • rush
  • much
  • bath
  • quit

You could challenge yourself by asking your grown up to set you a 3 minute timer and see if you can read all of the words correctly before the timer finishes.

  1. Tricky word trucks – Phonics Play interactive activity to practise reading all of the common exception words we have taught so far. There is an option to select individual words – so far we have taught I, the, no, go, into, to, he, she, we, me, be.


Supportive resources:

Alphabet song -


Phase 2 Tricky Word song -


Maths Home Learning Week 4


Subject: Maths

Year Group: FS2

Week Beginning: 23/11/20


Learning Objective:

To be able to select correct numeral to represent 1 to 5 , then 1 to 10 objects.


To be able to find 1 more from a group of up to 5 or 10.


In practical activities and discussion, to begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.

To be able to count objects to 10.


Resources: A 5 frame and 10 frame. Can you draw your own frames as shown below? Can you build your own frames using twigs/sticks outside? Or draw with chalk on the floor?


























Activity: This week, we have been learning about how to make 5 in different ways using our 5 frame as a visual resource. E.g. if we have 4 buns, how many more do we need to make 5? We have been using our number line to find our starting number and count on to find the answer. Can you use your own 5 frame and practise making 5 in different ways?


Possible extension activity: Can you repeat the activity but using a 10 frame this time? Can you write down some of the different ways of making 10 as a number sentence?































Phonics Homework Week 3


Subject: Phonics

Year Group: FS2

Week Beginning: 16/11/20


Learning Objective:

To be able to read words containing our new digraph ‘qu’.


To be able to recognise all letters of the alphabet and say correct sound.


To be able to recognise all Phase 2 common exception words – the, no, go, I, into, to


Resources: Can you make your own ‘qu’ word cards? Extension activity sheet.


Activity:  This week we have been learning about a new digraph – qu.  A digraph is when two letters work together to make one sound. Can you make your own ‘qu’ word cards using the list of words below and practise reading the digraph in different words. Remember – when you read ‘qu’ within a word we do not segment it. E.g. quit – qu  i  t








We have also been recapping Phase 2, checking all of our letter sounds and reading our common exception words – the, no, go, I, to, into. Use the video link on our website (children – video resource centre – Phase 2 letter sounds and actions to practise recognising each letter of the alphabet and saying the individual sounds.


Possible extension activity:

Please see attached snakes and ladders game which can be used to consolidate Phase 2 and support your child to apply their phonic knowledge to read CVC words and two-syllable words.


Supportive resources:

You can help by supervising your child to play Phase 2 games on the Phonics Play website. You can use a phone, tablet or PC to access these games. 

Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto do not require a log in. Remember to choose Phase 2.

Phonics Play are allowing parents of subscribing schools to use their school login to access all the games on Phonics Play.

Mrs Peart has recently sent out the Phonics Play username and password via The School App.

Please note that Phonics Play will only allow children in the subscribing schools to use this login – therefore do not share it on social media or with relatives because they would revoke our use of the website. (SEE SCHOOL APP FOR LOGIN DETAILS)


Alphabet song -


Phase 2 Tricky Word song -


Autumn 2

Autumn 2 is turning into a very busy half term!  

During our Literacy and Understanding the World sessions we are  learning about different celebrations such as Diwali, Eid, Bonfire night, Hanukah and Christmas! We are thinking about the things that are similar in these celebrations, such as giving gifts and eating special food. We have also been thinking about the things that are different about them. For instance, we have found out that people go to different places of worship for each celebration, such as a mosque for Eid or a temple for Diwali. 

In Literacy we have been applying all our phonics and handwriting skills to write lists of things we may need for different celebrations, such as birthday parties. We are all improving at segmenting words to hear all the sounds so we can write them down using our cursive letter formation!

During our maths sessions we have been exploring 3D solid shapes, such as cylinders and cones. We have been using them to make some firework models, as we have found out that fireworks are used as part of may different celebrations. However, we understand that fireworks can also be dangerous, so we have spent some time finding out about how to stay safe when we are near them!

We have also been very creative by using clay to make some diya lamps, which are used at Diwali. When they are fully dried out we will paint them and add a candle in the middle, but we will obviously wait until we are with our adults at home to light them safely!

Soon we will be finding out more about the celebration of Christmas. We are sad that we will not be able to hold our usual concerts in school this year, but we have started to practise some songs which we are going to perform in school and video so that our families will be able to watch us at home! Very exciting!

Maths Homework Week 2


Subject: Maths

Year Group: FS2

Week Beginning: 09/11/20


Learning Objective: To be able to recognise, create and describe patterns – repeating patterns.


Resources: Activity Sheet


Activity: This week, we have been learning about repeating patterns. repeating pattern is a type of pattern where the rule just keeps on repeating over and over. Can you say the pattern out loud and fill in the gaps with the rest of the pattern?












Blue, green, blue, green…? What colour would come next?


Possible extension activity:

Can you spot any repeating patterns in your home?

Can you create your own repeating pattern? You could use lego, playdough, your toys, food etc.


Autumn 1 2020

Welcome to Class 7!

A very big welcome to Sitwell Infant School and Class 7 - at last!!! It has been lovely to be back in our classroom after a few very strange months and to finally meet everyone! We have had to make some changes so that we can stay safe in our class bubbles, but the staff in Class 7 have been extremely proud of how everyone has come into school during our transition days - well done!smileyyes


We have been very busy this week getting to know each other and learn everyone's names - it has been very exciting making new friends! Going forward we are going to be learning to follow all our new rules and routines with the six Sitwell Superheroes. You can see our six superhero owls in our classroom - they sit all around our behaviour rocket and they are helping us to develop our lifeskills, such as being kind, honest and always being determined and working hard!


This term our new topic is called Proud To Be Me! We are looking forward to finding out about each other, talking about our families and learning about the place we live, recognising that some things may be similar while others may be different. We will think about what we look like and we are going to be practising our cutting skills to make some Puzzle Portrait jigsaws - look out for them on the walls around our classroom to see if you can work out who is who!


We are also going to develop our reading skills and learn about all the sounds letters make and how we can blend them together to read words. Also we are learning how to talk about stories and describe the characters and the sequence of events. You will soon receive your new Reading Diaries with your reading targets and each week you will take home a reading book to share with your families - but you must remember to bring it back into school the following week so we can change it for a different one!  If you read at least 3 times in a week and fill in your reading diaries, Mrs Hague will give you a stamp when she collects your diaries in every Monday. When you have collected 6 stamps you will be able to choose a prize from Mrs Pearts special prize box!


In school we will also develop our writing skills and are going to be learning how to form cursive letters! This may be a bit tricky at first, but we know that if we keep practising like The Determinator (who never gives up!) we will get better and better!


During our Maths sessions we are going to be singing lots of number songs to practise our counting skills, both forwards and backwards because it is really important that we can do both! We will also be learning to recognise our numbers 0-20 and match them to the correct amounts of objects.


We are looking forward to having our first PE session with Live Learn Sports which is always great fun and helps to keep us fit and healthy too! We will be learning to be independent in getting changed for PE, learning how to dress ourselves and look after our belongings - this is something we can practise at home if we find it a bit tricky. Our indoor PE day in Class 7 is on Thursday so we must remember to have our PE kits in school on this day, and also to remove our earrings if we wear them.


So as you can see, we are going to be very busy in Class 7 - exciting times ahead!