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Class 7 – F2

Summer 1 - Keep Going - Keep Growing!

Welcome to our summer term! This half term is only short - just 4 weeks, but we are hoping for some dry, sunny weather  as we have planned a Gardening Day when we will be planting lots of different seeds and plants as part of our new topic all about growing!

We are hoping we might even have some magic beans to plant as we have really enjoyed the story about Jack and the Beanstalk during our literacy sessions! We have had lots of fun acting out the story using different character masks and have written our own captions on the computer using the 2 Paint 2 Publish programme, complete with colourful pictures! Now we have begun to write our own versions of the story using story language just like real authors!

During our maths sessions last half term we started to learn all about money and the value of coins. We have been applying our skills in our role play Garden Centre, where we have been buying lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables. We are also starting to find out about plant life cycles and we are going to carry out an experiment to find out what they need to grow, such as soil, water and sunshine! Before we begin, we will record our predictions about what we think will happen - we can't wait to find out if we are right!

We are also thinking about keeping healthy and we will be exploring some healthy food options, such as making delicious fruit smoothies - yummy!!!!


Spring 2 -

Who's Who - People Who Help Us

What  a very busy half term we are going to have finding out about people who help us!


We have started off by thinking about all the people who help us in our own school and so far we have interviewed Mrs Darkin who works in our school office to find out about all the different jobs she has to do every day - she is very busy! She told us about some of the equipment she uses, so now we are going to set up our own school office role play area - we are really looking forward to taking telephone messages and counting all the money for our school visits!


Coming up, during our literacy sessions we will use information books and the internet to find out about other people who help us, such as the police, refuse collectors and firefighters. We will then use this information to help us write our own fact files and to help us make some emergency vehicles using some of the 3D shapes we have been learning about during our maths sessions such as cuboids, cubes and cylinders.


We have some very exciting events to look forward to, such as our World Book Day when we can come to school dressed as our favourite story book characters, plus a visit from a local author. Also we can't wait to visit the Sheffield Emergency Services Museum! We have heard we will see lots of different vehicles, including a huge lifeboat and some very old fire engines! 

We are also hoping to raise money for other people by taking part in the Red Nose Comic Relief Day on March 15th. We can help by buying a red nose at school from March 4th for £1.25!

Spring 1

Who's Who - All About Me

We have an exciting new topic this half-term when we will be finding out all about ourselves - how we grow and change and how we use our bodies!


We have enjoyed sharing our baby photos with the class, looking carefully at how we used to look and thinking about how we have changed now, not only in how we look, but also thinking about all the new skills we have been learning! In our literacy sessions we have been using all our ideas to help us write our very own fact files about ourselves, applying all the phonic knowledge and letter formation we have been busy practising.


We have also been learning how we use our five senses - sight, touch, hearing, taste and touch, to help us explore the world around us. We used our sense of hearing to listen carefully to all the sounds we could hear in the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt!' and had lots of fun making our own instruments to retell the tale with sound effects, such as the swishy swashy grass! Later we really enjoyed a food tasting session using our sense of taste and finding out how we use our taste buds on our tongue to work out what different foods taste like. Most of us liked the taste of the bitter dark chocolate the best, but not many of us enjoyed the sour lemon!


In our creative sessions we have been using our sense of sight to help us create our self-portraits. First we used our observation skills to sketch our faces using pencils, thinking carefully about the shapes and positions of our features. We then more versions using paints, this time carefully thinking about which colours to use to try and make the portraits look just like us! Come and see them in our classroom!


During our maths sessions we have been learning all about measuring to find out the weight, height and length of people and objects. We have enjoyed lots of practical activities, for instance using non-standard units such as cubes, blocks and even our own hands, to find out which friends are taller or shorter than ourselves!


Autumn 2

It's a Celebration!

We are looking forward to finding out about different celebrations this half term. We will be using our own experiences, non-fiction books and the internet to find out lots of information for each of the celebrations e.g. Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Birthdays, Bonfire Night, etc. discovering that some things about them are the same or similar, while other things are quite different! So far we have enjoyed making firework models for Bonfire night, thinking about all the 3D shapes we have been learning about during our maths sessions. We have even written our very own class poem about fireworks, using all the adjectives (describing words) we have thought of in literacy. Next we will be creating some colourful rangoli patterns on the computer as part of our learning about Diwali celebrations. Later in the term we may even get the chance to taste some different types of celebration food, such as barfi sweets or mince pies - yummy!

As part of our learning about the Christian celebration of Christmas we can't wait to go on our first school visit to Perlethorpe. We will make Christmas decorations in the morning before going on a journey to Bethlehem in the afternoon, when we will be able to dress up in costumes and tell the Nativity story! We have also begun to practise our songs for our Nursery Rhyme Nativity show, which we are excited to perform to our families and friends on 11th and 12th December.

Autumn 1 2018

Welcome to Class 7!

We have been very busy this week getting to know each other and learn everyone's names!

We are also learning to follow all our new rules and routines with the six Sitwell Superheroes  who are helping us to develop our lifeskills, such as being kind, honest and good teamworkers.


This half term our new topic is called Once Upon a Rhyme and we are enjoying singing lots of our favourite nursery rhymes together. In literacy we are learning about rhyming words - words that have the same ending sounds - and we are using them to help us write our very own versions of some well-known rhymes, such as Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy Spider. We may even try singing some rhymes in different languages too, such as Hickory Dickory Dock!


We are going to be practising our cutting skills to make some Humpty Dumpty jigsaws - look out for them on the walls around our classroom and in the school hall.


During our Maths sessions we are singing lots of number songs to practise our counting skills, both forwards and backwards. We are also learning to recognise our numbers 0-20 and match them to the correct amounts of objects.


We were very excited to have our first PE session with Live Learn Sports, where we have been learning some new dance skills. We are also learning to be independent in getting changed for PE, learning how to dress ourselves and look after our belongings - this is something we can practise at home. Our indoor PE day in Class 7 is on Thursday and we must remember to have our PE kits in school on this day, and also to remove our earrings.