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Class 8 – F2

Autumn 1

'Proud to be Me'

Hello and welcome to Class 8!


The children are quickly settling into Class 8, exploring their new classroom and making lots of new friends. We're excited for all the fun times ahead this year and all of the new learning we will be doing.


Our first topic of the year is 'Proud to be Me' where we will be learning all about ourselves.


In Maths, we are going to be doing lots of counting forwards and backwards as well as learning about the numbers 1 to 10. We will be looking at how we can represent these numbers in lots of different ways, including the numeral, word, dice, and tallying. 


In Literacy, we are going to begin by learning about Rhyme. We will be listening to familiar songs and rhymes to spot different rhyming words and collect them on our Rhyming Wall in the classroom. Keep an eye out for all of the rhyming pairs that we are going to find!


In Phonics, we will begin by learning about listening to sounds, hearing initial sounds and then move onto learning about the different sounds of the letters of the alphabet. We will learn how to pronounce each sound and listen for the sound at the beginning, middle and end of simple CVC words.


In Handwriting, we will practise how to write each letter using cursive letter formation. You will be able to find videos to support your child on our website under 'curriculum support'. To support with our handwriting, we will be doing lots of fine motor warm ups and finger gym activities to help strengthen our muscles and support our pen control and grip.


We have had our first PE lesson with Live and Learn and thoroughly enjoyed practising our ball skills. Class 8 will take part in indoor PE sessions every Tuesday morning with Mr Jenkins and Mr Hiner. Please remove earrings on this day. As part of PE, we are practising to get dressed and undressed by ourselves to develop our independent skills. Please can you support your child by practising this at home.


We have enjoyed exploring outdoor areas each day, using the bikes and climbing equipment to work on our gross motor skills. We hope that we can continue to enjoy the outdoors to its full potential before the bad weather arrives! 


All children have been given a reading diary and book bag. Class 8 are very excited to start reading - if they read 3 times or more at home, they will get a stamp. If they collect 6 stamps, they will win a prize! If your child has read their book and would like to change books, please select a new book from the bookshelves on the corridor. Please select from the 'pink' level shelf until your child has been assessed. I will update your child's reading targets in their reading diary when assessments have been completed to let you know which colour band to select.


The children have had a brilliant start to school and we can't wait to get to know the children even more and look forward to all of the exciting things we have planned for this year. It's going to be great!


Mrs Cheetham, Mrs Wasilewski, Mrs O'Brien, Miss Hopkins & Mrs Rodgers 😀