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Class 8 – F2

Summer 1

Keep Going, Keep Growing!

How is it the Summer term already?! We've only got a short 4 weeks of fun this half term but we are already so excited about our new topic! We have so many exciting things planned including our very own Gardening Day! We will be having a go at planting different seeds and plants and using our new topic knowledge to make sure our plants grow nice and tall! We wonder what they'll need to grow... We hope the sun stays out!

Hopefully we don't accidentally plant an magic beans as we don't want any giants visiting our school from their beanstalks! Even though we do have a Jack in our class, we know it's just a story and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk in our Literacy sessions. Some of us have enjoyed the story that much that it has inspired us to become authors! We've been having a go at rewriting the story in our own words. We have also spent a lot of time practicing our ICT skills already this half term. We had a go at using a keyboard to type out a caption about the story, complete with a picture drawn using the mouse.

We have already enjoyed applying our maths skills and knowledge of coins in our role play area. We have our very own garden centre where we have been buying lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables and will soon start to think about which foods are healthy and unhealthy. We can't wait to have a go at making our own fruit smoothies to make sure we get our 5 a day! 

We are also looking forward to welcoming Mrs Cheetham back to the Class 8 team this half term after having her baby. All the grownups and children in Class 8 are very excited to have her back and we can't wait to share with her what we have been up to this year!

Our Visit to the Emergency Services Museum

Thursday 28th March 2019

What a lovely day we've had! Class 8 and the rest of Foundation have been to visit the Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield. We've had a fun packed day including joining in with different workshops, exploring the different emergency vehicles, exploring interactive exhibits. We were even treated to a pole drop as a final farewell! The siren went off and the man came down the pole so quickly!

All the grownups were very proud of Class 8's behaviour during the visit and we couldn't be prouder!

World Book Day

Friday 8th March 2019

Today we have had so much fun, celebrating the end of World Book Week by coming to school dressed as our favourite book character!

We were so excited to find out that Miss Kay and Mrs Wasilewski had come to school dressed as characters from Class 8's favourite book, Supertato!

Class 8 were very creative with their costumes and we have enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and spending our £1 book tokens in the hall at our book fair.

A big thank you to all the grown-ups at home for your continued support and helping Class 8 to develop their love for reading!

Picture 1

Spring 2

People Who Help Us

Welcome Back Class 8!
We hope you had a lovely half term break with your families and friends.

This half term we will be learning about all the different people who help us; those that help us everyday, and in our community. 

We began our learning by thinking about our school; who is here to help us every day and what their role in school is. We have already interviewed Mrs Darkin and found out about all the things she does for us in the office and around school. We have used what we found out to set up a school office in our role play. We have already had some much fun pretending to take phone calls and handling money for our milk and visits out of school, linking to our maths learning around money. We have also been to visit Mr Green to ask him about his role in school. He took us down to the boiler room so he could show us how he helps look after the school. We couldn't believe we were under our school's kitchen!

We are looking forward to learning about the other jobs that people have in our community, including the Refuse Collectors and both the Fire and Police services. Even more excitingly, we will be visiting the Emergency Services Museum on the 28th March to find out about their vehicles, uniforms and jobs.
We can't wait to share our learning with you!

Spring 1

All About Me!

What a busy half term it has been!

We have been working so hard in Class 8; the time passed ever so quickly!

We began this half term by thinking about what we were like when we were babies. Some of us even brought in baby photos from home to share with our friends - we have all grown so much! Then we thought about what we can do now that we're older and have started school, and then we thought about the future...

What will you do able to do when you're an adult? Drive a car? Go to work? Have a baby?

Some of us shared what we would like to be when we're older. We have such high aspirations in Class 8! We have budding teachers, dentists, doctors, scientists, babysitters, and even children who aspire to make kites to give to children!

Throughout the rest of this half term, we have been focusing on each of our 5 senses and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring each one of them. We created portraits of ourselves using our sense of sight to closely observe the details of our faces. When we explored our sense of hearing, we read We're Going On a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and made our own musical instruments to replicate the different sounds in the story. 

(We even made squishy bags filled with jelly to make the sound of the mud! Squelch Squirt!)

We had pots filled with curry powder, perfume, vinegar, toothpaste and coffee to test our sense of smell. Then we hid different objects and described what they felt like to our friends by using our sense of touch.

Lastly, we explored our sense of taste! A definite favourite with Class 8! We tried different foods: some were salty; others were sweet, sour, or bitter. Some we liked, others we didn't. But we realised that we each liked different ones because our taste buds like different things.

We've learned that we don't all look the same, we don't all like the same things, but we have some things in common too.


We have had lots of fun this half term and we can't believe it's already over! All the adults in Class 8 hope you have a lovely half term break and we can't wait to see you next half term for all the new and exciting things we have planned!

Testing Our Sense of Taste

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Autumn Achievements to be Celebrated!

Class 8's attendance this term has been incredible! Despite many illnesses (adults included!), Class 8 won 4 best class attendance awards over this term, with some children being awarded silver and gold certificates for their individual attendance.
We are so proud that Class 8 recognise the importance of coming to school every single day.

Well Done Class 8!


A Nursery Rhyme Nativity

Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th December 2018

Picture 1

Class 8 and the rest of Foundation put on 2 fantastic performances of their Nursery Rhyme Nativity for all their grown-ups. They made us all so proud and we hope you enjoyed our performances.

Tasting Different Foods Eaten During Different Celebrations

Friday 7th December 2018

As part of our 'It's a Celebration!' topic, this week we have been researching and learning about the different foods that people eat during different celebrations. Today we got to try some of the foods that we found out about during in our research. We tried naan bread (Eid), mince pies (Christmas), barfi (Divali) and some yummy chocolate cake (Birthdays). We then stated which ones we liked and didn't like, and also which one was our favourite!

We were very proud of Class 8 for each trying something new!

Our visit to Perlethorpe Activity Centre

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Picture 1

Today, all of the children in Foundation went on their very first school visit to Perlethorpe. We went on a very long walk to Bethlehem to find a place for Mary and Joseph, retelling the Nativity story. In the afternoon, we made Christmas trees using natural objects from Clumber Park. We also went into the local church to have a look at the building and all of the different features. We saw lots of beautiful stain glass windows. The children definitely made their Sitwell Owls proud – they listened to Keith our tour guide and followed instructions when walking to and from Bethlehem on the road.
Well done Class 8!

Our Bonfire Poem

Tuesday 6th November

Using our experiences of Bonfire Night, we thought about what we saw, and what we heard, thinking about some 'wow' words to describe what we experienced. We watched a video to add some more ideas to our list and then worked together to write our very own poem!

Check out your poetry journals this week, because you might just find our own creation!

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Autumn 2

It's a Celebration!
Welcome Back!

We hope you enjoyed the half term break and had lots of fun trick or treating, watching fireworks, or just spending time together as a family.

We have had a lovely first week back at school, and have already begun our new topic, "It's a Celebration!" We will be looking at different celebrations, such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, Birthdays, Hanukka and Christmas; learning about the different traditions and even taking part in our own celebrations... Christmas is on its way!

We have so much planned for this half term, and we can't wait to share it with you.

You will have received a letter about our first out of school visit to Perlethorpe on 28th November. Class 8 are so excited to join in with some Christmas crafts and going on their very own journey to Bethlehem. We are already counting down the days until we go!

Perhaps even more excitingly, we have begun the preparation for our very own Christmas nativity performance. We are very excited to dress up, invite our grown ups from home, and perform a song filled nativity for you, based on classic nursery rhymes. We hope that you can join us on the 11th or 12th December to see us perform!

Keep up to date with everything we get up to this half term here on our Class 8 page, there'll be many surprises and experiences for the children along the way!

Let's Celebrate!

Our Nursery Rhyme Fancy Dress Party

Thursday 25th October

Picture 1

Musical Spots

Still image for this video

Today we enjoyed a fantastic fancy dress party inspired by this half term's topic 'Once Upon A Rhyme'. Class 8 dressed to impress their party clothes and nursery rhyme costumes and enjoyed music, games, and even a bun that they'd decorated themselves!

Class 8 have worked really hard this half term and have really settled well into school life.

Have a lovely break and we'll see you after half term!

Our Autumn Walk

Monday 22nd October 2018

This week we're looking at the season of Autumn and how the world around us has been changing. We made a list of all the things we already knew about Autumn before watching a video to find out even more! 

We used all this new information to go for a walk around the school grounds, spotting signs of Autumn and collecting Autumn treasure. We found leaves of many different colours, fallen sticks and branches, red berries and even some helicopter seeds!

We had so much fun exploring the school grounds and even had a little bit of time to play around in the leaves!

Take a look at some our photos below...

Our Feelings and Emotions

Take a look at the fantastic new display in our classroom that showcases how we have been exploring our feelings and emotions.

To support our Personal, Social, and Emotional development, we watched a clip from the Disney movie 'Inside Out' to explore how different people might feel and to learn that it is okay to feel sad sometimes. We used these ideas to support our Expressive Arts and Design development and used mirrors to show different emotions on our face before having a go at drawing these emotions on paper.

The children had some brilliant ideas and confidently expressed what might make them happy, sad, angry, or scared.


Writing Our Own Poems and Nursery Rhymes!

Class 8 have been working really hard in our Literacy sessions, learning new nursery rhymes and listening for the rhyming words to add to Humpty Dumpty's Rhyming Wall (it's getting very full!). We've been working as a class to create our own versions of some classic nursery rhymes. 


Take a look at our creations below!

Can you remember the actions that we came up with?


  Humpty Dumpty  

Humpty Dumpty sat in a tree,

Humpty Dumpty hurt his knee,

All the king's horse and all the king's men,

Couldn't help Humpty feel better again!

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the wall,

Along came a ball and made the spider fall,

Out came a friend and helped poor Incy out,

So Incy Wincy Spider didn't have a pout!


Exploring Our New Classroom

Autumn 1

Once Upon A Rhyme

Welcome to Class 8!

The children are quickly settling into Class 8, exploring their new classroom and making new friends. We're excited for all the fun times ahead this year and all the new learning we will be doing.

Our first topic of the year is Once Upon A Rhyme and we have already started singing different nursery rhymes in our Literacy sessions and at the end of the day. During our first week at school, we enjoyed singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and spotting the rhyming words to add to our Rhyming Wall. We will continue to add to our wall as we look at different nursery rhymes. 

In our maths sessions, we are learning about the numbers 1 to 10. We are looking at how we can represent these numbers in lots of different ways, including the numeral, word, dice, and tallying. 

We have had our first PE lesson with Live and Learn and thoroughly enjoyed starting to learn a simple dance routine to music. We will continue to practice and build on our dance over the next few weeks.

We have enjoyed exploring outdoor areas each day, using the bikes and climbing equipment to work on our gross motor skills. We hope that we can continue to enjoy the outdoors to its full potential before the bad weather arrives! 

The children have had a brilliant start to school and I am honoured to have them all in Class 8! 😀