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Class 8 – F2

Autumn 1

Our topic for this half term will be: 'Proud to be Me'


Hello and a huge welcome to Class 8!


It has been so lovely to get to know everyone and explore together in all of the different areas of our classroom. We are enjoying seeing you begin to make new friends, as well as catching up with old nursery friends. Our classroom has been full of excitement and laughter again and we can't wait to continue to get to know you all and begin our new learning journey together.


Our first topic of the year is 'Proud to be Me' where we will be learning all about ourselves. We will also be learning all about our Sitwell Superheroes who will help us 'to be the best that we can be'! You can find out all about our Owls within the 'Key Information' tab on our school website and follow the 'Behaviour @ Sitwell' link.


Here are a few important notices...


School day timings

Our school day begins at 9am - our classroom door will be opened at 8:55am to allow children to come into the classroom, wash hands and get settled into their morning activities. Our school day ends at 3:10pm.


PE days

Our PE day is Wednesday. On this day, please remove earrings and tie up long hair if necessary. As part of PE, we will be practising to get dressed and undressed by ourselves to develop our independent skills. Children will change into their PE clothes in school. Please can you support your child by practising this at home.


Reading Diaries

All reading diaries are collected in every Monday. If your child does not have their reading diary, we will be unable to back date any of the children's reading entries. If your child reads 3 times or more at home in a week on different days, they will get a stamp. If they collect 6 stamps, they will win a prize from Mrs Peart's special prize box! Reading diaries will be collected in every Monday - please ensure your child comes to school with their book bag on this day. Your child will be given the opportunity to change their 'Reading for Pleasure' book each week. Once we begin guided reading groups, your child will be given a new guided reading book each week which will match their phonics knowledge and understanding and enable them to work on their reading targets. Your child's reading diary will be updated when learning targets have been achieved and they are moved onto the next book band. Please could we ask that all school books are kept safely in your book bag and returned to school each week as they will be used during guided reading sessions.


Poetry Journals

Your child will receive a new poem every Thursday which will be linked to an area of learning from that week. We hope you enjoy sharing this with your child and reading or singing it together to help find out more about what we are learning in school.



The children have had a brilliant start to their new school already and we can't wait to continue to get to know the children even more and look forward to all of the exciting things we have planned for this year. It's going to be great! If you have any questions, please contact myself through our class 8 email address:

Thank you again for your continued support.


Miss Hainsworth, Mrs Wasilewski, Mrs O'Brien & Mrs Rodgers 😀