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Class 8 – F2

To all of Class 8


Hello everyone smiley We hope you're all okay and are keeping safe with your families at home. The grown ups in school are missing you all so much and we would like to thank you and your families for all of your hard work and support during your time at home. It has been so lovely to keep in touch through our Class 8 email and website page. We hope you have all enjoyed reading the updates from your friends and looking at all of the pictures. It has been a lovely way for us to all stay connected when we can't all be together as a team.


We are really looking forward to seeing lots of you on Monday and welcoming you back into Class 8! We can't wait to find out what you have all been up to!! We will continue to use our Class 8 page to keep in touch with everyone so please keep sending your updates and pictures through using our Class 8 email address. We will have to put up pictures from in school to show you what we're all busy learning and doing in school!


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend yes

Hello everyone! We hope you're all okay and keeping safe. Haven't we been so lucky to be able to enjoy such lovely sunshine! I know it's having a rest at the minute but we have enjoyed lots of sunny days so far. Lots of you have been saying you have been spending lots of time outside and that's exactly what we have been doing too. Ada loves to be in the garden and is really enjoying being a little gardener too - planting new flowers and seeds, helping Mummy to cut the grass and telling me which colour bin the grass needs to go in. She also really enjoys making 'magic potions' and 'perfume for Mummy' too using lots of the petals and leaves we have had to cut off our plants when they have stopped growing. She has changed A LOT from the picture we last shared in the classroom and has been a superstar just like all of you.

Someone's had a little visitor in their garden! A little field mouse! I'm not going to say who... I wondered if you might want to guess? It is a friend in your class, they are a boy, they have blonde hair and their name begins with N... have you guessed who it is?

Hikmah has been very busy at home with her family - look at her amazing Connie the Caterpillar she has made! She has been using it lots to help her with her counting.



We hope you're all okay and keeping safe. We really are missing you all but it has been so lovely to keep in touch through our class email address and twitter! I hope you are all enjoying your home learning activities and are finding the YouTube videos helpful too! Keep a look out for 2 exciting videos coming next week - I had a lot of fun making these ones! 

Take a look at Aleeza's life cycle of a butterfly using lots of natural treasure from her garden! Amazing job, Aleeza! Hope you're all enjoying learning about the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar!'

Update from Marissa: She has been working very hard at home and enjoyed learning about the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. She made her very own story map to show each of the different scenes from the story. She has also enjoyed getting involved in Dexter's textiles topic by having a go at weaving a new eyemask/headband! Doesn't it look great! It is so lovely to hear that so many of our children are working together and are joining in with their sibling's home learning activities too. Would anyone else like to have a go at weaving? Marissa has sent a picture to show you what you would need.

Update from Mrs Cheetham:


Where did the sunshine go???


We hope you are all okay and are being Sitwell Superheroes for your families! Last week, we enjoyed lots of lovely afternoons in the garden, we even had the swimming pool out! Ada is getting more and more confident and braver by the day - she wanted to put her slide into her pool so that she could make a huge splash! She did this many times! It was a lot of fun and a little tiring - we had a break with an ice lolly. It was just like being on holiday! We also went on walks in our village so that we could take Ada's football to play on the field. Ada has a great time and loved being able to fun as fast and as far as she could and it was good to get in some exercise.


Mrs Cheetham has also been busy trying to think of themes for Ada's 2nd Birthday - the grown ups know I like a theme! For her 1st Birthday, she had a Rainbow party in her garden with all of her family which was lots of fun! Now, her birthday is not while August but I am trying to get organised! Here are the ideas I have collected so far. Can you help me decide? Let me know what you think!


'Donut grow up two fast!' - how funny! We could have donuts, sweets, cakes... yum!

'Two sweet' - sweet and treats party... yum!

'Two-tti Fruty' - Ada LOVES her fruit, we could have a fruit salad beach style party!

'Tea for two' - little tea party with cakes, buns.... There's a slight theme here, can you guess what it is... (Food!!)

'Two Wild' - Ada loves her animals and enjoys sharing lots of stories about different animals. She's getting very good at naming her animals too! We could have a jungle animal party!

'Two infinity and beyond! - what does Ada love? TOY STORY!


What do you think? Is there a winning idea there? Let me know using our class email address below:


Hello everyone!

We hope you are all okay and are keeping safe with your lovely families. A few of your friends have been in touch so I wanted to share some of their news with you all.



Thomas has been missing all of his friends and grown ups at school recently and has been wondering when he will be able to come back to school to see everyone. I am sure this is something that you are all wondering as are the grown ups. Unfortunately, this isn't a question that the adults can answer just yet - even Mrs Peart isn't able to answer this question just yet and we always say she knows everything don't we! But what we do know is that we need to stay home to look after our families and by doing that we will be able to come back together soon. Mummy and Daddy helped to cheer Thomas up by organising a group Zoom chat with some of Class 8 - did you join the call? Did you see the message and pictures on our twitter page? What a fabulous idea and I'm sure you all had lots of fun catching up. Thomas also enjoyed camping in his living room and had a glow stick disco!!! Amazing!! I wish we could have all joined in! He has also been enjoying doing lots of his learning activities such as making number bonds using fish fingers just like Barry's and practising his segmenting and blending skills. Well done Thomas - keep up the hard work!!



Hikmah has been busy baking with her family and being very creative with her learning! She created her own sound cards using felt tip pens and paper which she could then use to build different words. She also used plastic eggs to write her alphabet and digraphs and trigraphs which she could also use to build different words using her segmenting and blending skills. What a fantastic idea and a great way to make her learning fun and meaningful! It is also a very special time in Hikmah's household as her and her family have began their journey of Ramadaan and she has been very busy creating cards and painting a beautiful picture of the Masjid. We are missing seeing all of Hikmah's lovely creative pictures and models that she usually makes in the classroom. We hope her and her family have a wonderful time creating new memories throughout this special time.



Noah has really enjoyed the activities in Literacy this week and has been on his own Bear Hunt! He read the story with his family, watched the Channel 4 programme and watched Michael  Rosen reading the story which then helped him to write a list of all of the things that he would need to go on a bear hunt. His Mum created a lovely map for him to follow and he had a little help from Seth too to go off on his adventure. When he found the bear, he discovered it was his Superbear (which he also calls Sups) who Seth had hidden - carefully out of the rain so he didn't get wet! Noah wiped Superbears nose and they enjoyed sharing a snack just like in the story. He had a brilliant time and has even suggested that Ada should go on a bear hunt too! He thinks she would have a lot of fun!

Here are updates from Hikmah and Noah, they have both been very busy with such lovely learning activities too!

If you would like to share what you have been busy doing at home with your friends and grown ups from Class 8 or would like to send out a simple message to your friends, please contact Mrs Cheetham using the email address below:


We have loved receiving your messages and pictures so far and it would be so lovely to hear from more of you. We are missing you all and it has really been making us all smile when we receive your emails and being able to see you are all safe and well.

Mrs Cheetham's discovered how to add videos!!

Still image for this video
Here's a video from Noah of his butterfly hatching.

Our own little Captain Kindness working hard to spread a little bit of love and joy! Bella has been busy designing different rainbows and displaying them in our local area. Can you spot any of the rainbows when you are out walking with your families? Bella would like to set you a challenge - if you see any of the rainbows, can you take a picture with the rainbow and send it to Mrs Cheetham on our class email address. I will then post your pictures onto our class page. I recognise some of those locations, I might have to try and see if i can spot any when walking with Ada!

Hello everyone!


We hope you are all keeping safe and are still enjoying the lovely sunshine! Are you ready to hear from some of your friends? I have had exciting news and updates from 4 of your Class 8 friends. Let's find out what they have been up to.



Marissa and Dexter have been out on their scooters and have been enjoying the sunshine while they scoot. They have been doing lots of baking - flapjack, brownies and Rice Krispie cakes too! Mum is also feeling very proud of Marissa as she read 'Funny Fish' on Mummy's Kindle app did so well using her phonics skills! Keep up the hard word Marissa!



Dhriti has been doing well and has been busy with loads of activities at home. From practicing her handwriting, reading, learning through play and loads of artwork. She has been a great help in the kitchen with her grown ups learning how to make pancakes and ice lollies. She has been doing a bit of gardening as well. She is missing her teachers and friends very much but is looking forward to being able to read their updates on our Class 8 page. She has also been very busy learning about time using the shadows and movement of the sun. What a fantastic idea!  



Update - we have butterflies! 

Noah has had a brilliant Easter break, and is now back into his school learning which he is really enjoying! He's even been joining in with Seth's learning activities too. He has planted some lettuce seeds and some onions with his Daddy in their garden. Then, he made a plastic eating house monster as part of Seth’s Easter project! He eats single use plastic at night and is a house for camouflage. Noah has also been helping his family to be like 'Respecto' by investigating how he could help make his family more friendly to our planet. They already recycle and reuse, their milkman takes their glass bottles back when he comes and mummy buys refillable soap and sprays,
Noah has also been feeling very excited as his butterflies are slowly hatching out of their Chrysalis. He is going to be releasing them in a couple of days. He has done such an amazing job at caring for them and ensuring they have everything they need.


Bella has been enjoying the lovely sunshine and is spending lots of time outdoors in her garden. She has also been busy practising her maths targets using the home learning activities and is doing lots of mark making! Keep an eye out for a little rainbow treat from Bella! She has been getting very creative for her friends and has been just like Captain Kindness.

Who can you spot this time?

Such a detailed drawing!
Dhriti enjoyed learning about time outside
Happy Easter Everyone!
I love Bella's outdoor area!
The butterflies are here!
Noah's also been very busy planting new seeds.
We all know Noah likes to be creative!
Marissa enjoyed making her counting lady bird
Being creative as always!

A lovely picture message from Noah and his family. Very fitting for the times we are facing and a kind reminder that we are all in this together.

Little message from Stanley & family

What an EGG-cellent weekend!


Last egg joke, I promise! Just a little update from Mrs Cheetham. I hope you are all well and keeping safe with your families. It's lovely to have the sunshine back, Ada is having a lot of fun being back in the garden again. We just thought we would let you know about some of the things we have been up to. As you all know, Ada loves singing songs! She has been enjoying singing 'Humpty Dumpty' recently and likes to act out the song in the garden. We normally sing this one when we go swimming, jumping in the water so we've had to change it up a little bit! We made our own Humpty Dumpty by boiling an egg... for a long time so he wouldn't break! Ada then used her duplo blocks to build him a wall. She has also been busy helping Mummy to paint the fences - we have A LOT of fence panels so every little helps!! (it really was a 'little' help, she was soon back in the garden in the water tray!) I bet you can work out how many we have - it's the number that is 1 more than 23... did you get the right answer? Ada also had a very special Easter weekend. She woke up and the Easter bunny had left little eggs and footprints from her bedroom door! We followed them all the way downstairs and into the room where there were lots of chocolate eggs and special gifts! There was also a basket to take on an Easter egg hunt in our garden where there were more chocolate eggs and footprints! It was lots of fun!!! We hope you have all been having lots of fun and have been enjoying the rest from working so hard these past few weeks. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your updates.


Be safe & take care,

Mrs Cheetham

Ada had an EGG-citing delivery!
Helping Mummy paint the fences in the garden
We made our very own Humpty Dumpty
Ada built a wall for Humpty and sang the song
A special bunny left chocolate suprises for Ada
Ada had some friends round for a picnic!!

Little message from Charlie, Mrs O'brien's dog. He hopes you all had an EGG-cellent Easter weekend with your families! Did anyone find any EGG-citing suprises?

Well done for working so hard these past few weeks. You are all being Sitwell Superstars and making all of the grown ups extremely proud. Thank you to all of your grown ups too for all of their hard work in supporting you with your learning and making all of your home learning look so much fun! We hope that you all have the best break that you can with your lovely families. Take care and stay safe. The Class 8 Team.

Update from Mrs Cheetham

Ada helped Mummy by drawing circles for each sun
We used our milk bottle to make a bird feeder
Ada put it with her windmil in the garden

This week, I helped Ada to make a picture of a sunshine to put in our window with her rainbow that we made last week. This is one of her activities her teachers asked her to complete as a home learning activity. Ada enjoyed drawing lots of circles which Mummy then changed into sun shines! It makes our window look very pretty! We also used our milk bottle to make a bird feeder for our garden. One of Ada's favourite things to do is colour and paint so she really enjoyed decorating it with her paint pens! She is working hard to be just like Respecto with her pens, Class 8 - 'lid on, Mummy'. She also says, 'please'  and 'help' using the Makaton signs - can you remember what they are? Ada's fascination with Toy Story has definitely grown over the past few days! Woody, Jessie and Buzz now go everywhere around the house with us. In the garden, in the ball pit, they even go down the slide! And before bed, Ada takes them all upstairs and tucks them into their toy bed. You all know that Ada likes to sing songs... We now have to add Woody, Buzz and Jessie into the verses of 'Wheels on the Bus'! 


'Woody on the bus says, 'There's a snake in my boot!'.

'Jessie on the bus says, 'Yee-haaa'.

'Buzz on the bus says, 'Come in, star command'.


It makes bed time a lot of fun! Why don't you have a go at making up verses to your favourite Nursery Rhymes? Alexa gets asked many times a day to play 'Wheels on the Bus', it's a definite favourite in our house!

Little update from Week 2


Hi Class 8! We hope everyone is okay and has had another fun filled week with your families at home. I have had a couple of updates from your grown ups so just wanted to share them with you. It is so lovely to hear from you and to find out about what you are all up to. I hope you are enjoying reading the messages from your friends too!



Noah has been missing the sunshine this week but has still had a fun, busy week. He has enjoyed doing maths, literacy and phonics each day, a little bit of PE and even doing Seth’s topic work with him! He also had a very exciting delivery through the post - caterpillars! His Auntie and Uncle sent them to the boys to look after and to help them learn about the life cycles. Do you know what they will grow into? He is going to keep me updated on how they are doing and growing so watch this space! I can't wait to find out what happens next.



Sophia has been practising her dough disco by following some of the videos that we have been learning in school but on her tele at home instead! Dough disco is a great way to strengthen those hand muscles, I bet Sophia will be doing some super cursive handwriting! She has also enjoyed playing grapheme bingo to practise recognising her digraphs and trigraphs that we have been learning in Phase 3. Mummy has also said that Sophia is enjoying reading lots of different stories and has been practising her segmenting and blending using phonics books that she has at home.



I don't know if you saw but on Sitwell Infant School's twitter page, Thomas's Mummy shared a very exciting video of Thomas practising to read different Phase 3 words. His Mummy and Daddy are feeling extremely proud of how hard he is working at segmenting and blending and so am I! Well done, Thomas! He has also enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes as well as practising his spelling and cursive handwriting to complete different Phase 3 sentences.

Who can you spot this time? Can you guess what they are doing?

Little update from the grown ups! We are missing being at school with you all Class 8. We have all been busy walking our pets and helping our children with their home learning activities. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday with your families - you have all been working so hard and deserve time to relax and enjoy, hopefully with some sunshine too!

Little message from Mrs O'brien's dog Charlie
Mrs Wasilewski's dog Nelly
Mrs Wasilewski's dog Ted
Mrs Cowan's daughter Penelope busy painting a sun
Mrs Cowan helping Oliver with his home learning
Mrs O'brien's dog Charlie
Ada busy playing in the water
Ada being chef, making Mummy some delicious dinner

Hello everyone!

Here are a few messages from your friends in Class 8 about what they have been up to at home with their families. If you would like to share photo's and messages from home for the website, please send them to Mrs Cheetham on our class email. It has been lovely to hear from the children so far. Keep in touch everyone and let's keep working hard to be the 'best that we can be'!


Hikmah has enjoyed practising to read and spell her tricky words and decodable words. Her Mummy and Daddy have made a very exciting activity on her T.V. using a programme called 'excel' so that she can select what she would like for lunch just like we do at school! How exciting! It looks like lots of fun. She has also been getting very creative making box models using paint, glue and sequins.


Stanley has been playing 'Number Splat' and has been learning to splat down from 20! He has also been watching different Phonics videos and practising his tricky words using his Etch a Sketch. Stanley has also had a busy week on his road as they have been relaying the road - he enjoyed watching all of the different machines and trucks!


Noah has been having lots of fun at home, playing outside a lot with Seth. u too. They made a rainbow for their window and have been weather watching too each morning and writing it in their books. Noah has also been writing letters to his family and posting them each day. What a lovely way to keep in touch!




A few photos so far from your friends in Class 8 - Who can you see?

Noah really enjoyed exploring 2D & 3D shapes
Working as a team to bake and learn about weight
Number splat time! Stanley loves number games
Working hard at Phonics time!

Hello Everyone!


We hope you are all okay and are having lots of fun at home with your families - especially in this beautiful sunshine! We are missing all of our lovely children in Class 8 and can't wait until we are all back as a team again. We would like to thank you all for working hard and being so brave dealing with all of the changes that came during your last week in school. Mrs Hague and Miss Todd said that they had lots of fun with the Class 8 children who were in their classes and that you were all Sitwell Superstars!


Some of your grown ups have been in touch and have been sharing lots of lovely messages about exciting activities you are busy doing at home. I am going to share photos and news on our class page whilst we are not at school so that we can all stay in touch and see what everyone is up to. I will also share little bits from home as I know you always like to find out what Ada has been up to!


Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and continued support.


The Class 8 Team



Spring 1 - It's a Kind of Magic!


This half term, we enjoyed beginning our topic looking at superheroes and what makes a 'hero'. We read the story of, 'Super Stan' and began to talk about the 'heroes' in our lives - our families. We then began to think about real superheroes such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, vets etc. Each week, we focused on a new group of people who help us and found out about what they do, what equipment they use, what uniform they wear and if they use a special vehicle. In Week 5, we enjoyed learning about the School Office members of staff and Mr Green. We talked about all of the many important jobs they do for us at school and even went to the office to ask Mrs Darkin and Mrs Roper questions about their job to find out even more information. Mr Green was very kind to take us to the boiler room to show us all of the important jobs that he has to do in there to keep the school warm and safe.


We have also been busy making our group 'People Who Help Us' vehicles by using recycled packaging and containers, bottle lids and food pouch caps, lollypop sticks, foil and wheels and axels. The children really enjoyed working together to share their ideas on how they could make their chosen vehicle. We gradually worked on our models over the half term, adapting our ideas and building on new skills. Take a look at our fantastic finished models on display in our classroom.


In Maths, we have been learning about height, length and size. We have been practising to use the correct terminology and developing our vocabulary to describe an objects height, length and size e.g. I am tall but I am shorter than Mrs Cowan. We have also been learning about money and the value of our coins. We have matched our coins to the correct number on our number line 'Connie the Caterpillar' in our classroom to help us understand the value.

Autumn 2 - Celebrations


We have had such an exciting half term. We have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas concert performance of 'Shine Star Shine' which all of the children really enjoyed taking part in. There were lots of new songs to learn and lots of our children were very brave and even had a speaking part! We hope you all enjoyed our performances.


In Maths, we have been learning all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes by making firework box models using recycled food packaging, foil,  shiney paper and lolly pop sticks. We have also enjoyed exploring data handling. We decided to vote on the decorations, party games, food and the dress code for our end of year party. The children enjoyed finding out which option was most favourite and also enjoyed using their own ideas to create their party.


In Literacy and Understanding the World, we have been finding out about lots of different celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Halloween, Eid, Christmas, Hanukkah and Birthdays. The children have enjoyed finding out about each of the celebrations, who celebrates them, how they celebrate them and why. We discovered that we all celebrate different celebrations but there are lots of things that are similar about the celebrations such as people tend to wear special clothes, people may receive special gifts, people may eat special food etc. As we were finding out about different celebrations, Reverend Karen invited us to visit her Church to find out about where Christians worship and to learn about the story of the Nativity. We really enjoyed looking outside and inside the Church and even performed one of the songs from our Christmas performance for Reverend Karen. She really enjoyed it! The children were all incredibly sensible walking to and from the church - the adults were very proud. We also enjoyed looking at all of the different buildings and houses in our local area, spotting different vehicles and some children even talked about where they lived nearby. 

Autumn 1

'Proud to be Me'

Hello and welcome to Class 8!


The children are quickly settling into Class 8, exploring their new classroom and making lots of new friends. We're excited for all the fun times ahead this year and all of the new learning we will be doing.


Our first topic of the year is 'Proud to be Me' where we will be learning all about ourselves.


In Maths, we are going to be doing lots of counting forwards and backwards as well as learning about the numbers 1 to 10. We will be looking at how we can represent these numbers in lots of different ways, including the numeral, word, dice, and tallying. 


In Literacy, we are going to begin by learning about Rhyme. We will be listening to familiar songs and rhymes to spot different rhyming words and collect them on our Rhyming Wall in the classroom. Keep an eye out for all of the rhyming pairs that we are going to find!


In Phonics, we will begin by learning about listening to sounds, hearing initial sounds and then move onto learning about the different sounds of the letters of the alphabet. We will learn how to pronounce each sound and listen for the sound at the beginning, middle and end of simple CVC words.


In Handwriting, we will practise how to write each letter using cursive letter formation. You will be able to find videos to support your child on our website under 'curriculum support'. To support with our handwriting, we will be doing lots of fine motor warm ups and finger gym activities to help strengthen our muscles and support our pen control and grip.


We have had our first PE lesson with Live and Learn and thoroughly enjoyed practising our ball skills. Class 8 will take part in indoor PE sessions every Tuesday morning with Mr Jenkins and Mr Hiner. Please remove earrings on this day. As part of PE, we are practising to get dressed and undressed by ourselves to develop our independent skills. Please can you support your child by practising this at home.


We have enjoyed exploring outdoor areas each day, using the bikes and climbing equipment to work on our gross motor skills. We hope that we can continue to enjoy the outdoors to its full potential before the bad weather arrives! 


All children have been given a reading diary and book bag. Class 8 are very excited to start reading - if they read 3 times or more at home, they will get a stamp. If they collect 6 stamps, they will win a prize! If your child has read their book and would like to change books, please select a new book from the bookshelves on the corridor. Please select from the 'pink' level shelf until your child has been assessed. I will update your child's reading targets in their reading diary when assessments have been completed to let you know which colour band to select.


The children have had a brilliant start to school and we can't wait to get to know the children even more and look forward to all of the exciting things we have planned for this year. It's going to be great!


Mrs Cheetham, Mrs Wasilewski, Mrs O'Brien, Miss Hopkins & Mrs Rodgers 😀