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Road Safety & Parking

We have had several reports this week about parents and carers who are not driving or parking safely around the school entrance. It was reported to us that a child was nearly hit by a car on Wednesday at the end of the school day due to a car reversing on the road. We have also seen irresponsible parking where families cannot walk on the pavement due to cars being parked there. This kind of driving and parking is not acceptable on a busy road such as Grange Road, and we are asking all parents to ensure they do not do this moving forward. Please help us to keep our children safe.


We also had a report yesterday of a parent being rude to others, including swearing, and this was about parking outside of school. Sadly, this was in front of one of our children. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Thank you for your continued support.