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Transition Plans

As we head further into the summer term, I wanted to share with you plans for transition for all children this year. As you are aware, the COVID restrictions over the past two years have meant that children haven't been able to properly complete transition visits to their new classrooms and this has been completed when we returned to school in September. 


I am pleased to confirm that we are planning to return to our usual transition model this year, where children will be able to spend time learning and playing in their new classrooms before the end of the summer term. This will allow them to get to know their new surroundings and the members of staff in their class; hopefully alleviating any worries or concerns they may have before the summer holidays. Due to us having a mixed Y1/Y2 class in KS1, we mix the F2 and Y1 classes each year to create five new classes for Year 1 and Year 2. Before we begin to group our children into their new classes, we will ask them to choose two friends they would like to be with. Our aim when creating new class groups is that they will always be with at least one of their friendship choices when they move into a new class. We do find that they are normally with a small group of their friends, but we cannot guarantee they will be with everyone they want to be! 


Please find below the key dates and information about transition:


Friday 8th July

Record of Achievement

Each child will come home with their Record of Achievement, which will detail their end of year assessments, attendance record and a class 'Pen Portrait' will also be included so you and your child are aware of the new class staff team. 


Wednesday 13th July - Friday 15th July 

Transition visits

All children in school will move up to their new class for three full days. You will bring and collect your children as normal and we will organise them into their new classes once we have taken the register in their existing classroom. Children will then return to their class at the end of the day ready for collection at home time. 


Wednesday 13th July - 3-4.30pm

Parent Walkabout 

Parents are invited into school to speak with their child's class teacher if they have any questions about their Record of Achievement, as well as spend time visiting their child's new classroom. 


Year 2 children

Please note that if your child is in Year 2 and is leaving Sitwell Infant School in the summer, there will be a letter sent home tomorrow with full information about transition for you and your child to Sitwell Junior School. 


We hope you find this information useful. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Thank you for your continued support.