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Buttercup Class – F2

Spring Term 2022 

Welcome to Buttercup Class!

A very big welcome back to Sitwell Infant School and Buttercup Class in 2022!  As the weather is colder now, please make sure that all children's clothes have names in - including hats and scarves as these can easily go missing!

We have some very exciting times ahead of us during this school year so here is some information to help you!



Out topic this term is Who's Who when we will be finding out about real life superheroes such as the police and fire service, as well as thinking about all the superheroes who help us at home too! We will continue to set some maths/phonics homework activities week to support and consolidate children's learning via Google Classroom.



Our school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.00pm. Please use our class door for drop offs and pick ups. If you are late arriving for school in the morning, please use the main school entrance.

Our lunchtime is 12 - 1.15pm every day. If you are having a school lunch, please order it online before you arrive at school each day.



Physical Education

Our PE day is Thursday when we enjoy sessions with Live Learn Sports which is always great fun and helps to keep us fit and healthy too! We will need our PE kits for these sessions - a white t-shirt, black shorts/leggings/joggers and black pumps or trainers. All PE kits should be named and are kept in the blue PE bags we have provided. These are kept in school during term time and will be sent home each half-term holiday. Children are not allowed to wear jewellery for PE so please make sure ALL earrings are removed on Thursdays. We are learning to be independent in getting changed for PE, learning how to dress ourselves and look after our belongings - this is something children can practise at home if they find it a bit tricky. Please make sure ALL items of uniform have your child's name in to help prevent things getting mixed up or lost!


Reading Diaries

We love reading here at Sitwell Infant School and we are going to continue to develop our reading skills and learn how to talk about stories and describe the characters and the sequence of events.

Everyone has a Reading Diary with your reading targets highlighted inside. Please keep these in your book bags as we sometimes use them in school. Reading diaries are collected in every Monday to be checked and if you read at least 3 times in a week and fill in your reading diaries (at least 3 entries on the page), I will give you a stamp in your diary. Unfortunately if your child does not have their reading diary in school, I am unable to back date stamps! When you have collected 6 stamps children will be able to choose a prize from Mrs Peart's special prize box! Each week on a Monday children will choose a reading for pleasure book to take home and share with their families. Please remember to bring it back into school the following week so we can change it for a different one!  Children will also take home a copy of the guided reading session book they are reading in school. Please keep them in your reading bags as they are changed on the days children read with adults in school.

As children progress with their reading skills we will let you know their new colour band of reading books and highlight the new relevant reading targets in their diaries to help you support them with their reading at home.

Everyone also has a Poetry Journal. Each week on Thursdays we will collect these in and add a new poem to this journal which is linked to our learning. These poems are for children to share and talk about with their families.


So as you can see, we are going to be very busy in Buttercup Class - exciting times ahead!


Please let me know if you have any queries or questions. Our class email is

Mrs Hague x