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Information and Communication Technology plays a vital part in the education of young children. Technologies are developing at a rapid pace and children are eager and enthusiastic about developing their expertise with a wide range of equipment. We recognise and value the importance of teaching our children new skills which they can build upon in the future, and pride ourselves on our innovative approach to using new technologies within the classroom. We follow the programmes of study for Computing in National Curriculum. Children are taught about safe internet use throughout the year, in line with the Relationships and Health Education curriculum.


Each classroom is equipped with at least 2 PCs, a digital camera. The children use these computers and cameras in order to create pictures, text, videos and store information. They also learn about algorithms and use them within simple programs. There are listening/recording station with earphones for children  to use to support literacy and listening skills. We also have an Interactive Touchscreen in every classroom, which further develops the children's computer expertise and supports teaching and learning. 


We have 15 laptops that can be accessed by each class, to teach computer skills and  applications to whole class groups or small groups. We have 15 IPads that are being used in all curriculum areas creatively within the classrooms. BeeBots are also used to help the children to experience  estimating and programming movement and direction.