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Physical Education

Lessons in physical education aim to promote healthy growth in children and develop their physical skills and agility. Physical education includes basic movement, dance, gymnastics and games with opportunities to use large and small apparatus. Each year the children enjoy many and varied sport activities and a whole school Sports Day. We have achieved the Active Mark Gold award.


It is important that children take part in 2 hours of PE a week. We encourage them to work as a team in individual sports and games, for example basketball, football and hockey. Children have the opportunity to perform dance to other class groups, and we often incorporate this area of PE into our Christmas performance. For indoor PE children need a red T-shirt, black shorts or leggings and a pair of black pumps. For outdoor work the children need a pair of jogging bottoms, long sleeved jumper and a pair of trainers. All of the PE kit can be kept in a drawstring bag, which can be hung on the cloakroom peg.


All the children are expected to participate in physical education unless they are excused for medical reasons. If this is the case a note from the parent is required.