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Special Mentions

Every Tuesday in school we hold our special 'Special Mentions Assembly' where 1 child from each class is chosen to take part in assembly due to their outstanding behaviour relating to one or more of the golden rules (which you can read about here). They sit at the front of the hall and talk about how they have followed the golden rules and the impact this has had on others in school. For example, they may share some work that they are proud of and have worked hard on or they may talk about how they have been kind and gentle, helping some of the younger children in school. Assembly begins at 2.20pm, which is a change from the previous time of 10am. We feel that the assembly is best held at the end of the school day as this often makes it easier for parents to attend as it is just before the close of school. 


We also celebrate other good news such as children who have been awarded raffle tickets and those who have achieved Bronze, Silver or Gold awards for following our golden rules (click here to find out more), along with a certificate for the class with the best attendance! Sometimes we even sing a song for the parents and grandparents who have come to watch!


Special Mentions from home:

In our Special Mentions assembly each week we are also keen to share a 'special mention' for children who have achieved something special outside of school. This could be something musical, sporty, an achievement at a club or something else! Recently, we have had children who have been invested into Beavers, children who have won a Blue Peter badge and children who have been like the Determinator and kept trying hard at something until they could do it. All things to be very proud of!