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Remote Learning

Please click on the document below for an overview of our Remote Learning package:


During a class bubble closure or a full school closure, remote learning planning, activities and pre-recorded videos will be accessible via the Class News pages and the Video Resource Centre, both of which can be accessed through the 'Children' section of the website. There will also be a weekly catch-up virtual session, where the children will be able to see their friends and class teacher altogether. 


Following parental feedback, we will be moving to Google Classroom after the February half term. Google Classroom is a digital learning platform created by Google. This platform ensures that children are given the best opportunity to continue learning remotely, at home, and all the resources, activities and videos will be available in one place every day. We hope this will make things easier for parents to access. The weekly catch-ups will move onto Google Meet, as this is available in Google Classroom.


Once a week, printed paper packs, which include a weekly overview and activity booklets for each subject, will be made available at school. Parents just need to make an appointment to collect their packs with the school office. Children can then access the videos on the Video Resource Centre/Google Classroom which will link to the learning and tasks in the paper pack. Once the children have watched the video/parents have taught the lesson, they can complete the tasks that have been set, either on Google Classroom or on paper. 

Google Classroom - how to download the app on an iPhone or iPad

A short video to show you how to download the app for Google Classroom on an iPhone or iPad.

Google Classroom - how to log on using a laptop or computer

A short video to show you how to log onto the Google Classroom platform using a laptop or computer.

Accessing each day's learning activities... handout

Google Classroom - how to access each day's learning activities

A short video to show you how to access your child's learning activities each day on their Google Classroom.


In the first day or two of children being sent home/school being closed, remote learning will be available on the website/Video Resource Centre for children to complete. After February half term, this learning will be moved over to Google Classroom. 


Class teachers plan lessons according to medium-term plans for all subjects. We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. We have had to make adaptations in some subjects, which are dependent on the availability of specific resources that may not be so readily available within children's home environment.


All children who are learning remotely will be expected to engage in teaching and learning activities that we are providing every day – this is to ensure continuity and progress in the learning they are undertaking. We ask that parents keep in contact at least once per week and send in photographs of the learning that is taking place within the home. This will allow the class teacher to monitor your child's learning and progress and give meaningful feedback to support their progress. 


During any live meetings, we expect all children to adhere to behaviour expectations as outlined in our Behaviour, Discipline & Self-Esteem Policy. Teachers will remind children of behaviour expectations as and when needed and may speak to parents directly if their behaviour causes concern during live meetings. 


Class teachers will also take registers of attendance at live meetings and log contact with parents and children to monitor children's engagement. If there are any concerns over attendance or completion of learning, your child’s class teacher will get in contact with you. Of course, under the current circumstances, we understand that there may be times that your child cannot attend a session. Please attempt to notify your child’s class teacher if this is the case. 


Please find below an example timetable to help you organise the school day whilst your child is learning at home. This give a guide to timings and websites/activities to further support your child's learning and development. 


We understand that supporting children with remote learning can be very challenging and places a tremendous burden on parents and carers, especially in families where there are multiple school-age children. The school intends to support you as much as we can. We will send regular emails and make phone calls to check-in with children as and when needed. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel you need further support or to ask for advice whilst supporting your children at home. 


To facilitate online learning, we would ask that parents support their children by:

  • Where possible, providing children with a workspace that is quiet and safe, with an adult nearby to support.
  • Providing additional support to access live catch-up sessions on Zoom/Google Meet to ensure they are accessing this safely.
  • Making sure your children behave appropriately in live sessions.
  • Ensuring face-to-face communication is only between teachers and children.
  • Communicating with teachers each week, using the class email address or via telephone.


Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean extensive written comments for individual children. There are other valid and effective methods, some of which are outlined below:

  • Feedback on learning tasks will normally be given via email, following parents sharing of children's completed learning activities. Class teachers may also give feedback on learning shared during the live catch-up sessions, if appropriate. 
  • Children may be required to complete quizzes or short assessments marked automatically on digital platforms.
  • Children will also be able to submit pieces of learning on Google Classroom, including pictures of their paper-based learning or digitally created learning, which school staff will provide feedback on (verbal or written). For some learning, there will be a deadline for submission; children should be encouraged to complete the learning by the given dates.


For children with additional needs, the closure of school and switch to online learning can be challenging, particularly for those who rely upon a consistent routine. We recognise that some children, for example, those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home.


Some of these children, including those with Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP), will have been offered the opportunity to continue learning in school (in a year group bubble). This enables them to continue to access their personalised curriculum with the support of school staff. They are then also able to utilise the sensory resources and facilities at school that are so crucial to their learning and development.


In addition to this, to support families to deliver remote education for pupils who may require further adult support, we will:

  • Differentiate learning activities so they are accessible to children’s needs.
  • Adjust pace and / or difficulty of sessions as required.
  • Respond to the needs of children and families on a case-by-case basis.
  • Provide resources/visuals to support online learning where possible.


We recognise that some children may not have suitable online access at home. The school has access to a limited number of devices for loan to families to support home learning following a donation from a local charity. We have surveyed all families asking them to communicate with the school if they need support with technology provision (devices and internet). Devices will be distributed to every family who request a device, if possible. Devices will be on loan and parents will be asked to sign a loan agreement for the period of time they are using the device. For those who require internet access, we have procured enhanced internet packages through the Department for Education.


If you need a device or internet access to support your child during this time, please inform us through the school email address: