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Behaviour @ Sitwell Infants

At Sitwell Infant School, we have very high expectations of behaviour - from everyone in our school community! At the very heart of our behaviour policy (located here) is six very simple golden rules. Every educational community needs rules or school values to live by. Our rules are specially developed for children as they encompass the key broad moral values which we believe will enable our children to develop and grow into respectful, kind, gentle, hard-working, honest and resilient young people. The golden rules are consistently used within each year group in school and because they are clearly depicted, discussed and embedded in our classrooms, children develop a great picture in their mind of what good and respectful behaviour is. 


This year, we have created new characters which we will use to further embed the golden rules throughout school. Each character relates directly to one of the golden rules and will be in each classroom to support children to follow each golden rule. This has happened following feedback from children through their school council work. We decided to call the characters 'The Sitwell Superheroes' as our children wanted them to be super - and it is alliteration! You can find all the information you need about each of the Sitwell Superheroes by clicking on their picture below or by looking out for them around school!

Please find below further information from our parents meeting about behaviour management strategies used in school, including the Sitwell Superheroes. 

High Five strategies