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Mathematics is taught daily throughout school. The lessons are designed to teach the National Curriculum objectives in Key Stage 1 and the EYFS framework in Foundation Stage. Lessons are planned and delivered to support children in developing and extending their mathematical skills in a range of different areas including number and place value, calculations, shape, space and measures.

The strategies we teach children to solve calculations are outlined in our Calculation Policy. We adopt a mastery approach which is designed to help children develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of Mathematics at each stage of their learning. We provide children with lots of concrete, practical experiences and then progress to pictorial and abstract representations. 

In order to become capable mathematicians, children must have fluency in their skills but also be able to apply their skills in a range of contexts. We are passionate about teaching children problem solving and reasoning skills and supporting them in becoming logical, independent thinkers with number sense. These skills are particularly focussed on during our 'SIA' (Sitwell Intelligence Agency) lessons. Opportunities are also given for children to consolidate their learning through purposeful homework which is posted fortnightly on the class pages of the school website. 


Parents and carers are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's development in Mathematics through:

  • Curriculum meetings
  • Open evenings
  • Teacher feedback
  • Annual reports to parents
  • Maths homework


If you have any questions about how Mathematics is taught in school, please email your child's class teacher on the class email.

Sitwell Infant School Calculation Policy

Sitwell Infant School Mathematics Glossary